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FTC fines YouTube $170M over privacy violations

FBN’s Susan Li on the FTC fining Google over allegations YouTube violated Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

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  1. When will they be brought to account about the minds that have made children especially sick?

  2. Now they need to look into the censorship of conservative channels.

  3. Now the question is where should all these fine goes to.

  4. 170 mil… their execs probably whipe with toilet paper worth three times as much.

  5. Is that what our privacy is worth? I’m about sick of Google

  6. Pay damages to the parents.

  7. David Dobrik needs to be removed from YouTube for his "put a puppy in a microwave" or "see this actress" when its a GD porn star? What parents need little kids watching this….But the $ is just to good and YouTube/Google can't be moral enough to say this is wrong.

  8. So we the violated get none of the money. How democrat like!

  9. This means nothing to Google,it's like paying 10 bucks,they need to sue for billions of dollars,and threaten to shut them down if they down stop.

  10. Just like suing Google. They own YT.

  11. who gets the fine money and where does it go

  12. CEO should be made to step down,same as the CEO of Uber.

  13. Why is the government profiting because a company violated the privacy and rights of citizens? They are no better than the ones they seek to punish. If they had been paying attention to business practices early on,there would have been nothing for which to punish them. FTC employees at the time of the violations should be fired. I think the delay in something happening is because those employees were waiting to see how much under the table grease would flow to make it go away.

  14. Sorry but that's like me stealing your info selling it for ten dollars and then only getting fined 20cents for the crime. It's all like the companies dumping waste saving millions but getting fined thousands. Sounds good but means nothing

  15. Federal Trade Commission needs to up their game.

  16. When people find out what GOOGLE and YOUTUBE have been doing they will ALL have to be put in Witness Protection Programs. People have NO IDEA what google has been involved in. It is ABSOLUTELY DIABOLICAL.

  17. Now get them on all the censorship.

  18. more fines coming for google, bias is the charge

  19. They should have fined them not $170M but $170B that would hurt them more than a few hundred million or if you really want them to sweat jump it to $170T that would drive the price of their stock down and really hurt them.

  20. Nonsense, as everyone out there sells our data to everyone else. From our Doctors, Dentists, places where we shop, or even visit on the web. They then coordinate that data to present a picture of your interests that will be used for presentation of goods or services that your interested in. They do not actually know your age. If you as a parent do not like this then keep your child off the net, as YOU are the responsible party.

  21. And the victims received how much?…. If the fine was 170 million, how many billions did YouTube make selling off your private information?….Who went to jail over this?….Where is the justice?

  22. It's time to break up these companies

  23. YouTube is guilty of acting like a god. We need REAL competition. Plus, it needs to be regulated.

  24. Make a billion, pay 170 million fine…good trade.

  25. How about their rampant censorship while they claim protection of a platform?

  26. Break them up, designate them as a public utility and make it illegal for them to remove ANY videos or BAN anyone, unless a video is breaking an existing law. There is no such thing as hate speech, it's all free speech.

  27. Al Capone… The only question is, what was the real reason?


  29. Break up the media and the social media monopoly!

  30. Wow talk about sand off a beach

  31. YouTube and Google are not fair across the board. They welcome you if you are a liberal. Go Trump 2020.

  32. Should have been 170 billion, to be proportional to the number of times they have censored anything negative about the mindless Democratic party.

  33. That's like a $1700 fine for someone who makes 100k a year

  34. Lol and again Google thinks they can get away with what ever they want

  35. Another reasons my Susan Wojak(idk how to spell her surname) is the shittiest CEO of YouTube.

  36. Where does all this money go? Who gets it?

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