FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried's 'PR blitz' blasted by critics

IDX Digital Assets chief investments officer Ben McMillan discusses Sam Bankman-Fried speaking at the New York Times conference amid FTX fallout.

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  1. Protection from Police State

  2. Where is the money coming from for this scumbag to prance around all over the country trying to cover his @$$

  3. Only has to do is make sure the big guys paid off justice system spent years investigating it

  4. LOL As if his parents would give him a 'stay off twitter' option. THIS IS STAGED, PLANED!

  5. I'm just a defenseless MIT graduate who F'd up….. MIT didn't give me the proper education to see how incompetent I was while running FTX …. neither did my parents

  6. He's not in jail yet???

  7. well hes not in jail.. so apparently it works.

    lesson learned: if you are gonna commit a crime, donate as much as possible to the dems and the rhino's

  8. Fk this dude, what kind of privilege he's getting..send him to prison .
    White privilege at its finest.

  9. Bit coin……..yeah you got that right….
    Doing things this way – you will be torn to bits – and left with nothing but a few coins…lol…ya goofy m8te from Australia

  10. Listening to this Fox News talk about crypto vs ftx is so cringe. I love Fox News too lol

  11. Let's not forget the Gravity of FTX . She's getting off the main topic we are talking about SamdbankmanFried. And all the scams within his fabricated Balance sheet. She's a paid off as sidetracking main topic Sam.

  12. I would spend my last dime to find Mr Bankman, corner him & take care of it myself. 27 yr old POS

  13. He is a fraud, nothing can change that!!!

  14. I don't know who needs to hear this! Stop relying on the government and savings. Invest some of your money if you want financial stability, the pandemic has thought us the importance of having several streams of income.

  15. He’s a puppet a scape goat and the real criminals are keeping him out of jail

  16. Hes going to hide in Israel and never be extradicted.

  17. Message the user above to get back all your stolen funds he helped me recover all my funds back.

  18. The nakedness is exposed above all in the liars. SBF was naked right before your eyes and you didn't see it.

  19. Unbelievable that this low life SBF can ba allowed to be given a public platform. What was worse were the morons applauding him.

  20. Crazy he’s doing interviews without a lawyer. Bernie Madoff got 150 years haha

  21. This bloke needs to get his "you know" under control . . .


    Any and every time there’s a scam message (you know what I mean) please take time to down-vote and report it – that way yoo-toob might get round to stopping the curse. Thanx