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Fuel storage facility erupts in fiery explosion l ABC News

Firefighters managed to contain the blaze and no one was injured when a fireball created by explosive chemicals erupted at a Nustar facility in Crocket, California. READ MORE:

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  1. ABC – Always Broadcasting Crap

  2. Not in Istanbul or Syria?

  3. Notice the difference between "ignition" of fuel oil and "detonation" of HE… ABC "News" portraying a Fun Shoot in the US as Turkish firefight against the Kurdish Forces! This is fake and easily seen as NON-MILITARY explosives "Ignition", not MILITARY HIGH EXPLOSIVES "Detonation" due to the extreme burning of fuel oil seen in the video ABC chose to air as something called "The TRUTH" .. being an ex-pyrotech here are some things to help in ABC's next "News" story, 1st Hire an ex EOD from the military, next buy plenty of Tannerite, 3rd buy plenty AR's, AK's, bumpstocks n ammo, in case you have no idea you'll need "tracers", that's the little glowing bullets the ABC editor sees coming out of the round pipe on the "weapons of war" called a "barrel" ps it's not like a 55 gallon barrel or rain barrel… if you're going to lie cover the bases ya idiots… what one ex military man could have done for that fake story, we might have believed ABC, ewww you almost got away with it!!!!!!!!!

  4. A year from now who wants to bet they'll use it for a war they want us involved in?

  5. You sure this isn't the Kurds getting massacred by the Turks ABC? You fucking LIARS!

  6. Missed a chance to use this as combat footage.

  7. I'm amazed ABC didn't say it was a Turkish attack, ( like the other fake video ) lol 🤣

  8. the planet in Crocket isn’t that far from me

  9. California sure loves it's fires.

  10. Let me see, can I really "trust" the media this time, or will I learn 3 days later that this happened in Pakistan?

  11. Sure your don't want to use the Kentucky firing range footage again, ABC? It's just so compelling!

  12. Ethanol cannot be pumped through pipelines. Requires tanker trucks and storage facilities.

  13. Well, no electric and now no petro. Hhmmm. Drop a draw 4 card and skip u back to me… wait for uno…

  14. Looks like my toilet after Taco Bell 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Did you guys doctor this video to!?

  16. California is F’n up. We can’t take care of our world unless we take care of Cali and their fires.

  17. Democrats, antifa, global warming terrorists, etc etc etc etc, look no further for the cause, as their leftist ideology Fails so will their behavior.

  18. Nobody died, you should be happy. Only bugs and little critters… no damage to humans, RIP & Free the Bro.

  19. Sorry, but that was COOL!!!

  20. I.S.A.A.U. … I don't think the Americans appreciated this one.

  21. This makes 3-4 fuel sites “exploding “. Some needs to look into terrorism.

  22. I bet Greta thunberg is furious

  23. i was visiting a friend, 5 min. from there..Explosion was Great..then a Huge fireball/ Black Smoke.I think the Earthquake we had, the day before, contributed…

  24. Funny how earthquakes seem to shake things up.

  25. That was sweet! I love chaos and disorder.

  26. Looks like Syria, I mean Kentucky. Oh, much worse, California.

  27. What the hell is wrong with energy companies in California? It's always a disaster with them. Wildfires, explosions, ruptured lines, fraud… No wonder everyone out there is a hippie.

  28. hey, wait a minute-this video is of a gun range in Kentucky!

  29. Anunnaki are fighting back…Go watch Black Sonrise Channel on "Guess what's going on" Oh yeah the warrior from SATURN are here already and fighting in Morocco and in Russia

  30. 2 parts ethanol 1 part jet fuel = the spill was Vitali vodka.

  31. ABC = flipping joke. Is this one a local gun shoot event too? Flipping liars!!!!

  32. The news loves big explosions! If there is no picture there is no news nowadays.

  33. Let California burn… It's the "Alien" hatchery for psycho "progressives" and homelessness and super rich self important a**holes. It's basically a giant dumpster fire. Let the trash burn.

  34. And we're sure this isn't just footage from a shooting range right?

  35. Haha. Sodom and Gomorrah continues to receive Gods' wrath and they are still clueless. #AngelofDeathIsUponYou

  36. PG and E be like "Don't look at us! The power was shut down here!"

  37. Funny seeing cali on fire yet again

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