Saturday , January 16 2021
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Full Barrasso: If We Don't Replace A Justice, 'We Would Be Breaking With Precedent' | Meet The Press

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) tells Chuck Todd that Senate Republicans aren’t being inconsistent as they press ahead with a Supreme Court nomination in the final year of a presidential term, during an interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Barrasso: If We Don’t Replace A Justice, ‘We Would Be Breaking With Precedent’ | Meet The Press


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  1. I agree but that is going to take civil war

  2. Chuck: STOP MAKING NOISES WHILE YOUR GUESTS ARE TALKING. An interview is different than a conversation. We don't need to hear your "yah, right…"grunting in the background! Sooooooooo annoying!

  3. Barasso🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. Hey everyone vote blue so the rules can all be changed….Oh Wait, you better have a little chat first, with escapees from Laos, Viet Nam, Cuba, China, N Korea…….but I am wasting my time….those that think Left won't understand until… day!!

  5. Chuck Todd is the worst interviewer in politics

  6. Plus arent the se n.v ators supposed to listen to all voters not just their 38 percent of their base? When do you think we became so separated as americans that our government has now just done what they want not what the voice of american people? I'm just saying I thought being a adult is about compromise meet in the middle, our country might have been moving slowly forward but we were doing it together as Americans now it's more like watching cult followers.Its sad

  7. I'm not sure I understand what you mean during last election cycle mitch mc said that they wouldn't bring any nominee to the floor, during a president lame duck year right? So why are they rush this thru? Its showing that Republicans feel li kin e americans cant be smart enough to vote for "45" so they arent giving americans the decisions to make a choice right

  8. Absolutely. It has been done many times.

  9. The President puts in the Judge. Trump can and should put one now.

  10. That was when a democratic President Obama wanted to do his duty to select a supreme court justice and had 11 months left in his term and Moscow Mitch and all his G.O.P. cronies would not even speak to candidate Garland and said it should be up to the next President to select the Supreme court justice because it was a presidential year election but now the crooked Moscow Mitch and the crooked G.O.P. senators are trying to ram another judge down our throats when there are only 38 days to the election the Dems need to fight with all the tools to keep this from happening and they lose the fight but win the Senate and the WH they need to increase the size of the supreme court to 15 judges and admit Puerto Rico, and Virginia as new states.

  11. Aww Chucky's head is exploding! I can't stand him & his smug look, he is a total partisan. There isn't a journalistic bone in his body! He makes me sick! Democrats can't stand it when we don't acquiesce to the MSM bullies! I've had enough of them! They do not tell the truth! They cherry pick & cover-up the left's atrocities & "reveal" made-up BS!!! ………….F'n LIARS!!!

  12. You are such a liar why people watching you Democratic liars media liars vote Trump 20/20


  14. In his words, the Senate already broke with precedent.

  15. They simply invent bogus arguments to justify the injustifiable

  16. The average American can understand the facts as they are. 1. Republicans have the Senate. 2. A vacancy exist in the Supreme Court. 3. Sitting Presidents Constitution obligation is to appoint a successor

  17. It may not do any good in terms of preventing temporarily a vote on the supreme Court Justice but I am still glad to see that reporters like him are holding these republican politicians accountable for their lies in now allowing DTrump to pick and push through a vote on a supreme Court Justice so close to the presidential elections when they completely prevented BObama from doing it during his last year of his last term!!

  18. I’m ashamed that he’s my senator

  19. Fill that seat… after all the BS Trump has had to go through, ha, Spying, Sabotaging, bogus Impeachment… anything and everything including the kitchen sink… hopefully he will fill another or two in his next term….

  20. It doesn't matter what Republicans or Democrats opinions matter…….The Constitution requires and expects the President to nominate a SCJ .

  21. Sen. Barrasso shreads Todd!

  22. They will look u in the face and lie……THAT'S GANGSTER!!!!

  23. Poor Wyoming what a liar he is.

  24. Someone wire me a billion dollars, I'd be more than happy to cash out this pathetic senator.

  25. Gotta fill the seat. It's the Biden rule. Cmon man.

  26. All great points. Fill the seat.

  27. Tit for tat , accept it 👍

  28. Vote John rat out! Shameless John.
    Wyoming residents, time to vote for Justice and vote John out! Else, one day, John will kick you out! Beware!

  29. Barrasso such a hypocrites/LIAR just like Con Don

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