Full bodycam: Nashville police encounter school shooter

Body camera footage of the Nashville school shooting shows the police response as they enter The Covenant School and the moment officers encountered the shooter.

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  1. This community cares more for their kids than the Hispanic community of Uvalde!

  2. Emphasis on legally obtained guns to advance the gun ban agenda but hiding the fact that this creature (can't tell it's a he or she) is mentally unstable

  3. no hate towards good people but I actually dont care about the victims in this situation, she should've gone to a public instead. those are the worst

  4. Watching this made my body ache. I couldn’t imagine the fear those kids and staff felt and how the parents felt knowing this was taking place. It’s so terrifying

  5. PLEASE! dont show this body cam to Uvalde police officers…..

  6. This is very sad 🙁

  7. No nonsense in TN. Get'em!

  8. Be polite to her pronouns, at the very least.

    Was/were when referring to her from now on lmao!

  9. Bravo!! Thank you for taking that POS out!

  10. Officers were outstanding and put their own lives on the line. No one "flagged" anyone and when came to the threat, they removed it. I wouldn't be surprised if they were military prior to becoming Officers. 86,000 IRS agents budgeted for???? How about Officers in our schools.

  11. When did the shooter change shoes? Before she got killed. She knew the school but doesn't know where to go in the video of her entering in the school

  12. This is what happens when men are told it’s ok to be weak

  13. Those cops deserve a raise, they went in, searched the building, and stopped the shooting. Rest In Peace to everyone killed in the shooting, they probably just went to school, thinking it would be a perfectly normal day, but they never came home.

  14. The confused alfabet people need some very serious mental health help

  15. Weird the video glitches when the suspect is shot. Is that intentional?

  16. Too bad tRump is anti law enforcement, he could have set an example during the Jan 6th attack when he let cops get assaulted

  17. Absolutely no logical reason why anyone needs 7 firearms, that's why we need tighter gun control including background checks, mental health evaluations, and restrictions on numbers and types of firearms you can possess.

  18. Dang brave police bad president to let guns.

  19. Hope she felt great pain from the first few bullets entering her body. What a sick person to shoot children and unarmed adults.

  20. no disrespect to the good and pure people out there but I dont care even if people are experiencing something like that. society deserve it, society is not good. humanity is not good.

  21. So much for defunding the police . Another great proposal by ignorant lefties . God Bless law enforcement 🇺🇸

  22. It's beyond shameful we couldn't get a similar response effort from Uvalde PD

  23. You don't even get to see them get shot. This footage is wack af

  24. Uvalde PD could learn a few lessons from this. Like how to open doors.

  25. Trans terrorist. 😡Thank God for those brave officers. 🇺🇲👍🏻

  26. that almost was almost convincing, not


  28. Transgenders shouldn't be allowed to buy firearms. No one with a mental illness should.