Friday , November 27 2020
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Full Brennan: Republican Senators Are 'Running Scared' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Former CIA Director John Brennan talks to Chuck Todd about the political “instability” of the United States in the wake of ongoing investigations into the president.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Brennan: Republican Senators Are ‘Running Scared’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. What if a serial killer convinced the whole Nation that the cops were wrong and corrupt?AND THEN, convinced everybody that killing people was in fact NOT A CRIME…? And it was perfectly normal and OK to do..?
    THIS, is what Trump is doing.

  2. NBC just change your name already to CIA Shill.

  3. You know how this is going to turn out when MTP has John Brennan on as a commentator….

  4. Poor John brennan you can tell when he lying his lips start to move

  5. Good rule of thumb. When the host starts shaping the narrative instead of simply framing the situation before he asks the first question, it's probably propaganda. If any CIA is involved, it certainly is. Truth content 0. Shame on NBC again.

  6. 3:38 2004…listened to Rush Limpbought & Twisty Michael Medved. And even SAVAGE for about 4 months on the AM radio in Huge Minneapolis. THEN one little weak Left wing Progressive station began about then. After a few weeks I realized those right wingers sounded great until you look at what the facts are as described by the guests lefty hosts had on that know the subject matter more than those 3 popular opposite lander talking heads ever knew.

  7. `no longer a democracy as long as an autocrat is in control` that is shocking stuff.

  8. Nice hard hitting journalism Chucky.

  9. Brennan and Chuck look scared. We are not confused. We are not buying this crap. Trump will drain the swamp and he will be re-elected. House needs to vote and we need to have the trial in the Senate. Bring it on! Go Trump!

  10. Do democrats give a lick about any subject other than election?

  11. How interesting to see these two scared. They cannot trust the IC right now? That’s good news. Let’s see if the DOJ has the guts to indict Brennan for using the intel resources as a political weapon for Obama/Clinton back in 2016.

  12. Geez kissing Brennan's butt! Ask him about his crimes?? Those are not made up??

  13. John Brennan should be in prison. Him n the other Dem cronies are running scared

  14. "No longer a Democracy!!!" Civil war is brewing between those who are blindingly following a delusional dictator and those who value the freedoms of living in a democratic society. Are we really going to further allow this Hitler of the 21st century to ruin everything but greed in this failing "Great experiment?" Wake up Americans and know this IS the test!

  15. NBC is clearly CIA run .. rogue-CIA run … They recruit from CIA blantantly … Anderson Cooper another – all from the Farm ..

  16. Only make a decision about Brennan when he has been properly investigated by AG Barr, unlike him who is always condemning Pres. Trump without any evidence.

  17. What a load of trash. Truly fantasy channel now – appalling.

  18. Brennan has a reservation in Leavenworth 😎

  19. Brennan it's not you . you are only a target because your a celebrity now and recognized II as well as associated to The Intel community. To Trump it's all you Rhinos; not much about his words. You can mean tweet him. !!! 😆 Exposure. Go act at Hollywood , take a break.

  20. Be careful you don't show up on the "Disposition Matrix" you created John.

  21. Brennan 💀 your time has come

  22. Cia needs to stop selling dope

  23. The American public understand the deep state and intel community is running ops to overthrow an elected president and do it in cahoots with the media.

  24. This guy is what we should be fighting not believing

  25. Commie Brennan forgets how Mussolini was dispatched.

  26. Country sponsored intel community is laughable. These people are wannabe intelligence. Der faces and et ceteras.

  27. The left is honest on all matters and the right is wrong on all matters why even watch meet the left

  28. That’s a fact!!! The intelligence agencies get way too much crap. It’s usually the case ppl won’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. I hope the moral in those agencies remains stays high. There’s a lot of us who greatly appreciate you.

  29. Brennan is scared. He should be.

  30. "… false information out there that people take as Gospel…"… e.g. Gospel.


  32. Anybody who work for the CIA is a traitor to this country and an enemy combatant.

  33. GOP Position: Only Poor, Powerless Immigrants Must Obey the Law.  And “Drain the Swamp” only means get rid of Democrats, because CORRUPTION by DJT & His Half-Acting-Cabinet (RE: members 0% independence) now LEGAL.  Once illegal immigrants follow the law, so will the President.

  34. Brennan is just another lying commie.

  35. America truly needs the second Whistleblower needs to go on the record.

  36. Those who have any integrity and intelligence appreciate the fact that Mr. Brennan speaks up honestly.

  37. Why should Trump trust the "Intelligence Community" when they spied on his election campaign and allowed a fake dossier to be circulated and used to get the FISA warrant to spy on his campaign?

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