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Full Buttigieg: ‘Getting Rid Of The President Is Not Enough’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Presidential candidate and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) talks to Chuck Todd about the current state of the presidency and his 2020 campaign.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Buttigieg: ‘Getting Rid Of The President Is Not Enough’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Booty gag, you’ll never be president of anything. All the way up to 4%, awesome Peter. How many times will you have to restart your campaign before you figure it out ? Crime in YOUR city – highest in 20 years. 25% of people in YOUR city living in poverty. You can’t even run a small city much less a country. You’re a joke.

  2. Not one question about Comey and the recent IG report? Beto’s mandatory gun buy back program/confiscation? Harris’s plan to govern by executive order? The movement to abolish the constitutional way we elect presidents? The push to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court? Another dropped ball by MTP.

  3. Pete Buttigieg is very articulate. I wish he would run for the House of Representatives or the Senate first. He is still young, I think it is pretentious for him to try to jump from mayor of an obscure small Midwestern town to the POTUS. But Congress, or as governor of Indiana perhaps, would be truly wonderful. This current administration, which has brought so many unseasoned and non-qualified members, is a disaster. Please Mayor, be a real ally. Run for Congress or Governor.

  4. Pete can’t even handle a dying town

  5. this guy is a vile moron
    chasten ? wtf ? i just puked

  6. this guy is a vile moron
    chasten ? wtf ? i just puked


  8. I don't understand why Buttigieg has to tell me that he has this set of values when he can talk policy details and make those things intuitive. People are done with his 90s style approach of speaking on terrible philisophical platitudes and want to hear solutions and ideas that will benefit people. It's almost like he's lowkey trying to insult the intelligence of the people by telling how accomplished he is and not giving us anything to vote for if we vote for him.

  9. "Full Buttigieg" That's part of an actual headline. Let that sink in.

  10. There is not a single democrat candidate that is worth a dime! Sad to see none of the potential great options in the democratic party want to run with these clowns! Guess I cant blame them!

  11. There’s so much to like about Pete Buttigieg. Most importantly, he is honest, authentic and has integrity. He is grounded in core American values like equality, freedom and true democracy. Those good values will drive his policy decisions.

  12. Pete is a smart articulate honorable guy and would make a fine president. Unfortunately, too many red state voters aren't mature or forward-thinking enough to see past his youth and that other thing.

  13. "The Full Buttigieg," said Butt-Head to Beavis

  14. It would be a sisyphean task but he's the best at plugging the hole of this sinking ship

  15. Only cowards and homosexuals would vote for this POS.

  16. Make your country poor! Bring crime to your community! Mayor Pete for Prez! NOT! 🤮🤢🤮 He’s ruined South Bend! Not our country also Peter!

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