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Full Countdown: Shane Warne's 50 best wickets on home soil

The King of Spin, Shane Warne took a total of 453 wickets representing Australia on home soil, and we’ve narrowed it down to this half-century as the best of the best. Enjoy!


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  1. Australia: we have KING

    India: heh! heh! We have GOD

  2. Wicket no. 49 should've been ranked higher

  3. I know this is a Warne video (hail the great man) – but geez Healy was a phenomenal keeper. look at some of his work here.

  4. Thank you cric Australia for uploading all 50 wickets…..

    I would love to see the detailed highlights of commonwealth Bank series finals between India and Australia…. 2008

  5. The best 26 minutes i might ever spend on YouTube!

  6. I expect at least 10 Daryll cullinan dismisals here. He was a Warne bunny.

  7. They say MacGill spun it more than Warne but I disagree. The Chanderpaul wicket was proof.

  8. That Chanderpaul ball was insane.

  9. This much amount of spin should be illegal

  10. How about 32 to Inzi. This man produced such beauties on an everyday basis

  11. I wonder indians played him very well. In this all wickets there is none batsman from India…The fav four of india handles him vry well specially sachin

  12. Who will win the 1st odi
    Pakistan – Like
    Sri Lanka – Comment

  13. My birthday twin….. Happy belated birthday legend🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉

  14. I am the next warne Pls Give me chance

  15. Shane Warne can hit the middle of middle stick by pitching the ball anywhere on the 22 yard. True genius💯

  16. Are you kidding me .it is quite impossible to spin like that .I still can't believe that Shane warne could really turn the ball like that.Any way he is legend .And those who does impossible things possible is true legend

  17. Who is the best spinner?
    Shane warne – 👍
    Muralitharan – comment

  18. Imagine seeing a ball weave around your body and hit the stumps

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