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Full day of Eating – Extreme Fat loss Diet – Lose 10 Kg

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This is Indian Style Extreme Fat Loss Diet. Indian Meal plan to lose weight fast. How to lose weight fast in Indian style.

In this video I will share with you a practical full day diet plan which can easily make you lose 10 kg. This is extreme fat loss diet. This isn’t any fad diet but a well balanced low calorie Indian diet plan. The recipes in this diet are very simple, very Indian, nothing Fancy. As it is a pure vegetarian diet, anybody can follow it. Not only I will show you the meals but also how to prepare them.

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I wish you good health.
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    I wish you good health.
    Fit Tuber

  2. Turmeric may gv u pimples or cut the toungue too .. isn’t!!!

  3. Oats mek itna sb milaoge to khaneka faida kya😂upr se masala oats

  4. unhealthy diet plan ..
    ur target should be 3 to 4 kg loss in one moth
    in this diet plan u will lose ur muscle too

  5. How to loss weight after delivery…is this applicable….

  6. Your sexy bod makes my huge monster private hard like hell… Give me a piece of that

  7. please give menu for whole week for weight loss. this video is very good but I want a weekly plan

  8. 2,,,3 chezain karain bs yar,,,,,,khana jo b bnaen matti ki handi mai bnaen,,,,aur pink salt use karain,,,,aur bhuk lagay to khaen aur bhuk thori say rehti ho to bani piay bagair khana chor dain,,,,,bs,,,,,,,ap fit hain,,,,,,,,

  9. Hi I am doing weight training but also want to cut belly fat, plz suggest

  10. You really need not to do anything shown in video. You just need to avoid sugar and fried and little walk enough.

  11. You really need not to do anything shown in video. You just need to avoid sugar and fried and little walk enough.

  12. Used to eating Dosa, quantum of your breakfast wont even satiate 1/4th of my morning hunger.

  13. Simple ha bhi log consume 1500 kal from balance dight to reduce 1 kg per week

  14. Samosas is the best fat burner.

  15. Vivek apne mere ek bhi comment ka jwab ni diya

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