Friday , January 15 2021
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Full DeWine: 'We're Going The Wrong Way' On COVID Infections | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) talks about the importance of mask-wearing and increased statewide testing.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full DeWine: ‘We’re Going The Wrong Way’ On COVID Infections | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Always follow science…. DeWine learned that lesson way to late…..he wanted to please the the Orange superspreaader….DeWine didn't do his job for fear……

  2. Give it a rest DeWine. Did u ever think maybe Trump and team set up at debate. If that was ever proven some folks would go to jail. Short of an N95 mask your policy is a feel good. You have lost my vote and I was a fan for years.

  3. Fake Planned-Demic Virus will be found out sooner or later.

  4. In the middle of the night, Governor Mike DeWine signed an order creating FEMA camps for asymptomatic Covid patients… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

  5. In 2017, 9.22 million worldwide died of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, lower respiratory infection, and other respiratory diseases.

    This was a standard year; every year we see much of the same. We don’t close down a single business, we don’t wear masks. We go about our daily lives as if nothing happened.

    A virus comes along that is less harmful than the flu if you’re under 60 and healthy, and we destroy the entire economy and make life 1,000 times more difficult for 300+ million people.


  6. He has to please the beast in DC

  7. Get out gov of stop hurting are jobs

  8. Dewine WILL be voted out of office and/or be arrested for spreading terror and lies. We aren’t going to take it anymore! He’s not a doctor nor is he smart. He has an agenda and it’s called Agenda 21. We aren’t stupid. Wake up.

  9. 私を助けに日本の入館まで来てくださった方に似てますがその方は誰だったのか気になります。。。。。。

  10. Dewine doing what he's best at. Driveling on and dodging the questions.

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  12. Mask issue is a political weapon being used to make himself look good even if it is safer to wear one. Covid 19 attention will die down after November election.

  13. The Republican govenors who did not defer to Trump look strong and confident now,
    the ones who tried to follow Trump's lead, like DeSantis, appear weak and confused.

  14. Dewine needs to be investigated about the corruption of the bailout of the nuclear plants how can he not know it's nuclear power plants in his state

  15. Honestly, it's mostly older people I've seen refuse to wear the masks.

  16. Governor and Thief RINO DeWine. What’s wrong DeWine had to take a day off of fear mongering to cover your tracks from the FBI Investigation on your partners in crime.

  17. What’s wrong RINO DeWine FBI have your corrupt buddies?

  18. There is no virus.. They have not isolated any virus!! Look it up!! This is a 40yr. Plan world economic forum, agenda 21 2030 look them up read their page! Trust stamp is rolling out now in africa! You can't afford to be lazy an accept what these criminals are telling you! This vaccine will sterilize you and your kids an modify your genes!! There are no testing. Please please I have nothing to gain from this.. They do!! Do not take this vaccine
    Stand up research fight back!

  19. Hear in our country.Belize Central America.We get charge $2500 if you don't wear one.Or have one on.

  20. Thank you Chuck Todd!! Excellence one again!!

  21. The whole nation got to witness this Ohio Governor DeWine…been elected to most state offices, you think he'd be braver…..Governor's John Kasich and Ted Strickland….Ohio wouldn't be where it is now…they cared about their constituents and they possess courage….I don't know why a 73 year old (Dewine) would be so afraid to do the right thing….thank God, businesses stepped up with wear a mask in stores….they are trying to save lies….its pretty sad when a Governor wouldn't…..its a pandemic Dewine….you are a disgrace!!

  22. Actually, MASKS DON"T WORK! "There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles."

  23. Meet the fake news . Sad crap going on.

  24. Governor DeWine is a good man looking to do the right thing at a very tough time in politics. I'm not saying give him softball questions, but don't forget that he is on our side when it comes to the pandemic.

  25. Dewine is a petty dictator who needs to be stopped. He has had a state senate resolution rebuking his abuse of power and 2 judicial rulings against him and Amy actin. Tyrants fall. Ps don’t look into his lazy eye lol

  26. Better check with TRUMP.
    He is in charge and responsible for this.

  27. Accumulated carbon dioxide (CO2) in your lungs can cause headaches. Use your search engine to get details on "headache migraine and mask use". * * Using a COVID-19 mask causes lung CO2 levels to rise causing headaches. According the Association of Amercan Physicians and Surgeons COVID-19 mask use does NOT stop the transmission of the COVID-19 virus because ALL mask fiber spacings (> 0.3 micron) exceed the COVID-19 virus size (0.12 micron). Verify these facts yourself. Thus, you can voluntarily OPT OUT of wearing masks legally because 1) masks do NOT stop virus transmission and 2) masks DO cause CO2 to accumulate in your lungs resulting in headaches, including migraines. So OPT OUT legally and explain why if anyone has a problem with that.

  28. Pay attention kids, Dewine is a prime example of what happens when you get blindly addicted to wealth and power. The constitutional rights of others restraining oppressive government cease mattering to you.

  29. It's not a "culture" to wear a mask during a pandemic like this. It's about safety of Americans and their families. This Governor is so PRO Trump I thought he was interviewing Trump himself. Sad sad sad.

  30. RINO DeWine glamming it up in the Liberal Media while his strategy is failing.

  31. Gov. DeWine is going to wait till the numbers go up before requiring masks. What is the number? And when he does order masks we still have about 2 weeks for people that already have to still show symptoms and die. How many more? And the people that do care about others and wear masks are still able to get Covid because of the people that didn't care And all because agent orange and his VP are threatening him. How they value people. Too many governors are waiting till the numbers go up. It is sick.

  32. Very little leadership coming out of the WH these days. Maybe they're mainly sitting downstairs in the bunker, wearing masks, and plotting their next election campaign move … 😉

  33. I'm a stout Republican but I will not be voting for DeWine come election time. To me, he has just been throwing his weight around too much and is easily panicked. Right now, there are (supposedly) 69,684 confirmed cases in Ohio. Let's look at the population of Ohio: 11.69 million. So let's do the math:
    69,684/11,690,000 = 0.59%
    This is a reason to panic?? DeWine is really showing how much of a paid shill for the government he is.

  34. This guy needs to stop going on liberal news shows and bashing the state!! He’s been listening to an abortionist for public health information!! What a joke. Testing in only bad neighborhoods… why?

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