Monday , November 30 2020
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Full Engel: Turkey Is 'Acting Like A Russian Ally' | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) talks to Chuck Todd about the ongoing impeachment investigation and about Turkey’s attack on American allies in Syria.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Engel: Turkey Is ‘Acting Like A Russian Ally’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Too late to say you did good Trump. People have been killed and their blood is on your hands. Babies. Now you feel good Trump.

  2. Just impeach the Kurd murdering FAT RAT and make America great again!!!!

  3. It is interesting how Turkey could get into the Soviet zone of influence after the Second World War? Amazingly chatty people who don't care about arguments. Even if they entered the Soviet zone of influence, were they supposed to hate the USSR or Russia? Mongolia asked twice for joining the USSR but was refused … By the way, Europe was divided by Churchill and Stalin at the initiative of the first and not without US approval.
    So who should be thankful to those who fell into the Soviet zone of influence? Were Britain and the USA the best friends USSR of WWII? So what is the congressman accusing of Turkey ? The USA refused to sell the Patriot and accuses Turkey of not wanting to buy the Patriot. If you do not buy American made, you are not a friend of the USA … Where is the logic? The dictatorship of the USA shows its true face. Why can’t be a friend of Russia, congressman?

  4. Trump didn’t make Turkey an Ally or make Turkey a member of NATO this was done before he was elected. If Trump went against a member of NATO the same critics would still be blaming him.

  5. Way to go Chuck Todd and NBC News for such one-sided depiction of Turkey's actions. How he kept asking whether Turkey is still and ally and whether they should be kicked out of NATO. It is very obvious that Mr. Todd has quite a bias against Turkey. Let's reverse the question and ask:

    1. Did U.S. act as an ally of Turkey when they chose YPG as their allies in Syria and provided them with arms and training even though they knew their ties with the terrorist organization (as designated by U.S. themselves) PKK?
    2. Did U.S. act like an ally of Turkey in the aftermath of Turkey shooting down Russian jet in the middle of Syrian campaign started by Obama?
    3. Is U.S. acting as an ally when they have been harboring the head of FETO terrorist organization Mr. Gulen for decades now?

    Alliance is not a one-way street. You reap what you sow dear biased Mr. Chuck Todd, Rep. Engel, and NBC News!!

  6. When asked if there should be a movement to kick Turkey out of NATO, Engel says: "How do you have a NATO ally who's in cahoots with the Russians, when the Russians are the adversaries of NATO?" It's a fair point. Makes you wonder, though, if this point is brought to NATO as an argument for kicking out Turkey…how long will it take for NATO to start questioning whether they should kick out the US, as well? The Traitor-in-Chief needs to be gone from the White House before he destroys every alliance and every bit of support our country currently enjoys. Now.

  7. Trump and members of the GOP are heavily involved with Russians. The GOP is un-American as can be in Florida. From Rick Scott to DeSantis.

  8. every time a repulsive gets the high chair the kurds get kicked in the teeth
    ever noticed that?
    daddy bush kicked them in the teeth
    baby bush kicked them in the teeth
    and heres Donnie dementia…kicking them in the teeth

  9. Hypocritical and stupid Yankees, you need Turkey and the Bosphorus. Turkey will only be glad to leave your alliance. You are no one else in the Middle East .Your primitive missile defense is not able to protect any country, so Turkey bought Russian weapons.

  10. Many countries destroyed by the name of democracy, and after becoming democratuc country and killing their ruler , they all became more backward and unpeaceful country.

  11. Didn't Russia side with Syria against the Turks? What are these idiots talking about? Clearly, misinformation…did they not get the memo? lol

  12. Turkey vs Kurdish Marxist

  13. Ironically euro-american establishment supporting Marxist ypg against refugees repatriated in their own homeland. Propaganda disinformation

  14. tRuMp is an ally of russia….we need to call it like it really is, it's as plain as day.

  15. I just do not like people stopped in the highway and get executed. Let's bomb Turkey out of Syria.

  16. President Barack Obama nominated Yovanovich in 2016 to serve as ambassador to Ukraine so 7 years does not a career ambassador make.

    I remember being told in Civics class that ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the current president. Besides Yovanovitch being a Obama hold over, she also disagreed with Trump's policies – a no-no for the representative of the administration so she should have resigned rather than have to have been sacked.

  17. Even the Aussies who have fought alongside of the US for the last hundred years are questioning whether to depend on us backing them up.

  18. Erdoğan is a bad guy… no wonder why Donald Judas Trump gets along with him.

  19. From the movie Inception. "Never create from your own memory, always imagine new places". This is the ploy of the Trump team. They create new scenes to insert their reality and solutions to formulated conflicts. They never speak to the real where they can be confronted and overcome.

  20. Todd is an insufferable SOB who would promote the actual suffering of millions of Americans if it meant even the most remote possibility of Trumps removal from office. Todd's obsession with Trump is synonymous with Weinstein's obsession with women. Todd is a Mutt, who hides behind his microphone and camera, fostering any and all rhetoric necessary to invoke chaos, divisiveness and hate amongst Americans. Keep your eyes on Todd when Barr starts arresting the traitors involved in the attempted coup

  21. Turkey is like a double agent, cross road country between Europe and Asia. Flip a coin per issue on which way they will fall.

  22. How is attacking Syria a characteristic of a Russian ally? This guy is off his gourd!

  23. If you continue to think that NATO members must always act like allies, then eventually you will have no allies. The US can no longer hold back the regional strategic interests of its Muslim allies. If it continues to resist this reality, its only ally in the ME will be itself acting like an ally.

  24. pUTIN'S russia is dancing in the streets over their success with treasonous trump!

  25. Pop Quiz – Which three commentators below are among the top Fake News commentators? Choose three:
    A- John Doe #1
    B- Joe Scarborough
    C- John Doe #2
    D- Rachael Maddow
    E- John Doe #3
    F- Chuck Todd
    ( If you guessed B & D & F — Take a victory lap. Now, start cramming for the next Fake News pop quiz)

  26. Kick turkey out of NATO. ASAP.

  27. Sleepy eyes chuck todd supported the so called free Syrian army as Obama armed them to the teeth and called them “democracy loving heroes”. Now he is saying they are supporters of isis attacking the Kurds.wehabe know that the crooked democrats, unfree press, and deep state supported isis for many years. But now sleepy eyes chuck todd and the demented Democrats admit it!!

  28. President Donald Trump is making a real bad real estate deal in northeastern Syria selling out the land and the people on it real cheap.

  29. Turkey 'Acts Like A Russian Ally'????? Turkey IS a Russian ally!!!

  30. Wait, so let me get this straight. Turkey just lost it's last remaining ally, the US and EU, over a few armed Kurds? Who exactly does that leave? Pakistan and Azerbaijan? My God, these people are worse than Germany during WW2…

  31. Traitorous Trump has always been Putin's Puppet. Not one major foreign policy policy decision that the imbecile has made has benefited anyone other than Putin. America' hasn't been the benefactor in any. Can it be more obvious?

  32. No vote needed for an inquiry. Stuff needs to be kept secret so that it can be accurate. Everything will be public when it goes to the Senate. So Reps need to shut up and go with the process. Stop trying to delay and obstruct.

  33. You thoroughly deserve the fake news moniker for this one. Absolutely unbelievable the lies you are telling the world.

  34. "Turkey is acting like a Russian ally"….Odd then that Russia is ordering their 'ally" to leave Syria…with a thinly veiled "or else" in their comments. Likely a bluff on Russia's part…but it shows they aren't allied with Turkey.

  35. First it was white supremecy, then illegals, then stormy daniels, then tax returns, then russia collusion now ukraine hoax! God Bless Trump!

  36. Kurds have always been willing to fight alongside the United States to protect the Kurds. They never stand up with us to fight other wars. Now they need to fight there own wars.

  37. The Middle East is NOT OUR PROBLEM!



  40. Satan kingdom building open your eyes, Zionist Machiavellian Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel 😜 it's better for the Zionist Evangelical backing to allow Trump to sacrifice the Kurds for personal gain than take a chance at losing the American taxpayers blood and treasure to continue to fight Israeli Zionist wars in the middle East 🙊 🙉🙈 🤫🤑🤫 🤑

  41. Libtard morons complain about betraying our ally but have no idea supporting the YPG is betraying our #1 military ally.

  42. The Kurds have a big fat chunk of Syria they didn't have before. If they dump their terrorist factions and make peace with Turkey, they will keep much of their gains.

  43. with such friends (United States), who needs enemies…

  44. Our Commander in Chief needs to be dishonorable discharged!

  45. Congress can declare war on Turkey, then give the Kurds the homeland they richly deserve, from Syria and Turkey.

  46. Engel is a great agent of Israel…oops I mean representative of Congress

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