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Full, fast and straight: Unplayable yorkers compilation

Is there a better sight for a fast bowler? Get ready for some red-hot yorkers from Brett Lee, Mitch Starc, Shaun Tait, Lasith Malinga and more!


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  1. Yorker without Malinga is like
    Me getting gf😂😂😂

  2. At 2:25
    WASIM AKRAM is drunk

  3. Malinga will always be the king in bowling Yorkers…

  4. Although that Wasim delivery was unbelievable, I don't think it was out. Umpires call impact on front pad, missing leg by quite a bit.

  5. I wonder why bumrah is not there

  6. I still remember Starks bowl hitting stumps Vs New Zealand in league stage in 2015 world cup.

  7. Any Yorker compilations is incomplete without starc's incurling yorker to stokes at WC-2019..🔥🔥💪💪

  8. cant believe shoib akhtar isnt in this

  9. Now add natarajan to the list

  10. My comment is 800th comment of this video

  11. God :How many replays do you want..
    Cricket Australia : yes

  12. I love Yorkers and direct hits.🥰😘

  13. Natarajan from India will be in updated list

  14. How does What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott engage a teenage audience?

  15. Tait's stump braking sound was more good than all others yourker.

  16. Just day-to-day life for Lasith Malinga.

  17. The Gillette Stumps Broke Sounds!!!

  18. Where is bumbrah yorker

  19. What about
    "boom boom bumraha "

  20. where jasprit bumrah's Two back to back yorkers against bangladesh in ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019

  21. Shoaib Akhtar does not needed to be in the video. He is in it a whole video

  22. Best yorker in this video 1.08

  23. Please hold the clips till we get to see the speedo. Watching a yorker compilation without knowing the speed is horrendous. 😂

  24. These are so satisfying to watch!

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