Monday , January 18 2021
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Full Hillary Clinton: Republicans 'Made A New Precedent' To Wait On Supreme Court Nominations

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks about introducing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to President Bill Clinton and Republicans move to replace her.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Hillary Clinton: Republicans ‘Made A New Precedent’ To Wait On Supreme Court Nominations


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  1. She has opened doors in the demonic island with children's adrenal glands

  2. She got to work right away in the oval office, she was a trooper to bill and a monica replacement

  3. Mabey hillary would have won if she wasn't so helpful to migrants verses american born

  4. Hillary and badger were lovers

  5. They cannot under estimate the powers of the people, we are the people of the United States will stand up with our country constitution , this country is the land of liberty freedom democracy integrity, we will have our votes counted not the illegal votes.

    We will continue support and standing with our beloved President Trump.we will win…. win win.


  7. Most people realize Hillary is insane.

  8. Thank you Hillary for recommending Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Bill; it was an Honor having her on our Supreme Court for all those years and having someone to speak for us women and change the world for us women. From equal rights for women and the right to have the decision about what happens to our own private bodies and making those decisions ourselves and having someone to help us break the glass ceiling in many ways; I as a woman, greatly appreciate it. You helped us women a lot more than people realize. I also voted for YOU in 2016! Not Trump. But at least that obnoxious windbag will be out of the White House SOON!!!!! Thank you for getting us to where we are tonight!!!! Biden's Victory celebration !!!

    Yes, since Bill Clinton lie under oath, since Obama gave CASH to other country, since Obama PROMISED INMIGRATION REFORM, and gues what NEVER EVER kept his promise, since Secretary of State, DID NOT take care of Benghazi, and our Ambassador was killed, since thousand, and thousand of e mails were "erased", since the previous government and the media covered all these atrocities, yes, the SYSTEM WAS BROKEN.
    Is time to fix all this mess, In 3 and a 1/2 years we have seen a difference.
    Trump is doing great job.

  10. Hillary is one pathetic bag!

  11. I'm beyond grateful this foul and wicked creature is not our President. I hope everyone out there who loves this country can actually say that because sadly some still don't understand how big of a bullet we dodged.

  12. 👿🍕 🧙‍♀️ 🤮

  13. Why is this lady NOT in Guantánamo bay yet??? And how did she get her hands on Adrenochrome she looks 20 years younger?

  14. Where is my comment? Am I on Twitter? Put it on or I send it to a news that will print it.

  15. Hillary is such a sad looser.

  16. She is one hateful, vindictive woman.

  17. She set Trump up about Russia the truth has finally been told and her lies can't hurt our President anymore.

  18. Lol people in these comments are full with such CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) and yet you accuse us democrats of being so dramatic about Trump

  19. Hilary should be to the court . She is dangerous

  20. Hillary, regardless of if it's justified or not people hate you. So much so that you only make us on the left look worse by association. Step back, retire from public speaking. It's the best thing you can do.

  21. Does the new "hocus pocus" star Madonna, Jane Fonda and HRC?

  22. Please keep your hair like that it looks so pretty 💖

  23. Crook why she not in jail with her husband and Obama also biden and others


  25. The Feds are coming for you Hillary. I hope you like Lesbians and bars……jail bars that is.

  26. Remember when she fall and clone appeared. Suddenly smaller and kittle conference with press. Adrenochrome withdrawals

  27. All staged ore-recorded. Hillary cloned

  28. Hillary “the criminal mastermind” Clinton is a private citizen NO BODY why does the MSM keep giving her a platform to speak.

    Her husband, a former POTUS gets less airtime.

  29. She has a wiggle problem adrenchrome withdraws???? Lets see you hold your hands up

  30. Notice the end of the interview, this moron is talking to himself. Obliviously responding to whoever is talking to him in his ear piece. These are all evil doers. Hilary is the leader of the pack. The entity behind Hilary is governing the rulers of the darkness, hosts of wickedness of our time. And these news entities are their minions. Thank you Jesus for opening our EYES. The armies that are protecting us and surround us are bigger and mightier then what's at hand. Praise the lord.

  31. Hillary Clinton: Evil in the flesh, horror; pathological liar; criminal; soulless.

    BUY Palantir stock….The Clinton Foundation is one of its major clients…along with FBI, CIA, NSA, Merck, Airbus,etc Worth more than 9 a share

  33. Good grief, 4 plus years on Hillary….stop the nonsense republicans, you're just toothless morons shouting at the sky. Just sick of the whining. You, AG Barr, Senator Graham and even the President are high on 'hot' air. Go away!

  34. Shameless and Godless sold soul to devil.

  35. And a, and a. Man kooks bad. Bags under eyes. Lookin old

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