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Full Kerry, Schwarzenegger: Have To Treat Climate Change 'Like A War' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Founding Members of World War Zero, Fmr. Sec of State John Kerry and Fmr. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) joins Meet The Press for an exclusive interview to discuss the climate initiative.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Kerry, Schwarzenegger: Have To Treat Climate Change ‘Like A War’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. lol,,both these clowns live in mansions that use the power of most small towns

  2. Wow, more politicans and celebrities telling me how the climate works. Where are the so called scientists that are in this cult??? Oh wait, they are afraid of being peer reviewed, or being found out that there field of expertise is in alchemy.

  3. It was supposed to be 2016, but the planet didn't get the memo..

  4. I think we should step up climate change, warmer weather is much better for the poor

  5. 7:05 The Butcher of Bakersfield makes good.
    "The Running Man" reference.

  6. There are a small number of people who either don't believe or don't care that climate control is causing a devastating effect to the world. One that has the potential to cause mass extinctions which have already started. If these people are either locked up or eliminated, the rest of us can at least have a chance to repair the damage before it is too late. The tipping point that determines if we still have a chance, is moving quickly as we ponder and procrastinate.

  7. This is a waste of time California sucks and everyone knows it liberal policy demolished that once thriving state! Climate change is propaganda to sell cars and other stupid products!

  8. Climate change is a hoax. Debate me on the science. I dare you.

  9. So … if it's a war, is John Kerry going to testify before the Senate about the atrocities committed in that war?

  10. We Did It Before and WE Can DO IT AGAIN ! YOU WILL BE DEFEATED By We AMERICANs [ Enemies of PEACE John Kerry Arnold Schwarzenegger ]

  11. For those who don't believe Trump
    Shame on you
    We have to take care of our home EARTH

  12. LOL. Climate change? Oh that's right. Your failed effort to establish the next "global crisis" you were going to use to extort American's $$$ for. First was Russia and the Cold War, then the War on Drugs (which ultimately could not produce the revenue's you hoped for), then you moved onto Terrorism – you haven't forgotten 9/11 because I can assure America hasn't. The gig is up and you swamp creatures need to face the reality of the topic the World will be discussing in the months to come; treason, sedition, extortion, genocide, and human trafficking which all of you have been busy with. Tick Tock MF's. Your days are numbered and you're first Kerry…. 12/9 IG Report. I cannot wait to see the interviews you will do after your China/Ukraine deals are exposed. LOL. See you then Johnny Boy!

  13. Chuck just wants to hear his own voice every 5 seconds. Shut up and let them talk, for God's sake.

  14. Blah blah blah jobs blah blah young people get it blah blah.

  15. Quit f*cking shopping. We're consuming our home then sh*tting out garbage. Figure out something else to do with our existence other than shopping.

  16. Twice as many Dislikes than likes!🤣 TRUMP 2020!

  17. Man Bear Pig or MBP just wants to get you!

  18. Meat the Press…Not only was that doe-eyed meatwhistle blower Chuckie Todd there, but that surgically-altered, snake tongue licking, whistle-faced John Kerry was too!

  19. Did anyone fact check this?? The last I heard California economy was in the tank. The only thing reaching records was the number of homeless.

  20. Didn't the Obama's just buy a $15 million dollar palace in the Hampton's, at sea level? The guy that declared it settled science, the guy that was in charge of the most sophisticated intelligence network for 8 years… that guy believes in it so much he bought a $15 million dollar mansion on ocean front property? Seriously?

  21. On the other hand, Climate Change the Religion is a massive industry. The US Government has been handing out $billions of tax payer dollars each year for 40 years now. We are talking about a quarter of a $trillion $dollars or more of our tax dollars. And that's just one country. The banks have made a fortune promoting and facilitating carbon trading over the years. Once the government secured $massive public funding for years to come in the 1980's, the industry quickly followed and has not looked back. Yet after 40 years we are still waiting for the extreme change… where is the catastrophic change we have been promised over and over?

  22. Suspect the issues Fmr. Democrat Presidential Candidates like Gore and Kerry has taken up since leaving their campaign trails.

  23. There is compelling evidence based on ice core temperature and CO2 estimates that over the last 400,000 years CO2 does not drive temperature, it actually follows it. That is, as the earth warms or cools through its natural variable and cyclic nature, CO2 follows that warming or cooling by about 1000 years. If the earth warms naturally CO2 will start to rise, and if the earth cools CO2 will start to fall but the change in CO2 can lag temperature by as much as 1000 years. The theory suggests that as the oceans, which hold vast stores of naturally dissolved CO2, warms it releases CO2 much like a carbonated beverage will release more carbonation as it warms. As the earth and oceans cool, the oceans release less and absorb more.

  24. Mother Nature emits a great deal of CO2. The oceans which cover 70% of the earth are continually emitting it. Volcanoes, natural fires and decaying plant life across the planet continually emits it. Breathing animals including humans continually emit it. Each human emits about 800 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere each year simply by breathing. If you work in an office, have friends over to your house, ride in a car,train or plane you are experiencing a great deal more CO2 than exists in our atmosphere. NASA considers a space craft safe with CO2 levels up to 5000 ppm before they will start filtering it out. Our atmosphere is at 400 ppm.

  25. CO2 has a property, discovered about 100 years ago, where it only absorbs a narrow range of the infrared radiation spectrum. The range at which it absorbs also overlaps to a large extent the larger band that water vapor absorbs. What this means is that CO2 warming potential falls off rapidly as more is added to the atmosphere. The next molecule of CO2 added has less warming potential than the previous. The warming falls off logarithmically. As Professor William Happer of Princeton likes to say 'its like painting a barn red, the first and second coats cover more and more, but after that you can't make the barn any more red'. And such is the nature of CO2.

  26. Water vapor is by far the most abundant greenhouse gas. CO2 is a trace gas. 200 years ago before modern industrialization there were 3 molecules of CO2 in every 10,000 molecules of atmosphere. Today after more than a century of fossil fueled industrialization on a global basis our atmosphere has 4 CO2 molecules in every 10,000 molecules of atmosphere. We have added 1 molecule of CO2 to every 10,000 molecules of atmosphere… not exactly extreme.

  27. All life is carbon based, and CO2 is essential for life. Plants require sunlight, water and CO2 to survive (photosynthesis). When CO2 falls below 150ppm (parts per million), plants stop growing. Plants thrive at higher levels of CO2. Each time a plant opens it's pores to absorb CO2, water vapor escapes. As a result, plants are far more water-efficient in higher levels of CO2. Plants are more drought resistant in higher levels of CO2. Corn, wheat, rice and other course grain yields have increased about 300% over the last 60 years due to the little be of extra CO2 in the atmosphere. NASA refers to this as 'CO2 fertilization'. India is not a net exporter of wheat, they can't eat all that they produce. It's estimated that 80% of plants today evolved during periods when earth's atmosphere has 3 to 5 times as much CO2 as today, and as a result those plants consider the modern climate to be in a CO2 drought.

  28. #1. History. I would debate that the history of all things is in massive question. Especially when it is based on flawed theories alone. They believe that life was on Earth millions of years ago. But it's more like less than 12,000 years. #2. Dating methods. They use multiple dating methods which have been disproven in every way conceivable. #3. Belief. They believe in their theories and many people believe in something different. #4. Best guess. The "science" behind it is best guess at this point and is not related to real facts. We have seen times in history which have been far worse than we are seeing now and to say that what is coming upon the Earth is worse than Ice ages, Famines, Plagues, Dust bowls, and Global deluge is pretty preposterous. #5. Money. We know that Al Gore was never as rich as he is now by all the "climate change" money he is getting. I'll think of a couple more points of argument later.

    https://news.stanford.edu/news/2010/august/sun-082310.html The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements
    https://phys.org/news/2010-08-radioactive-vary-sun-rotation.html Solar Flares, Radioactive Decay, and The Age of the Earth
    https://evolutionnews.org/2012/05/what_are_the_to/ What Are the Top Three Flaws in Darwinian Evolution, as Taught Today in Public Schools?
    https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/dubitable-darwin-why-some-smart-nonreligious-people-doubt-the-theory-of-evolution/ Dubitable Darwin? Why Some Smart, Nonreligious People Doubt the Theory of Evolution
    https://www.wired.com/2014/12/fantastically-wrong-thing-evolution-darwin-really-screwed/ Fantastically Wrong: What Darwin Really Screwed Up About Evolution
    https://genius.com/Creation-today-creationists-point-to-huge-flaws-in-evolution-theory-annotated Creationists Point To Huge Flaws In Evolution Theory
    https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/evidence-suggests-biblical-great-flood-noahs-time-happened/story?id=17884533 Evidence Noah's Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard
    https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/evidence-for-a-flood-102813115/ Evidence for a Flood
    https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/05/science/china-great-flood-xia-emperor-yu.html Scientific Evidence of Flood May Give Credence to Legend of China’s First Dynasty
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=882fmumdm9A 90 Minutes of Evidence for the Global Flood
    https://www.newsweek.com/antarctica-discovery-ancient-forest-bible-flood-book-genesis-753747 Antarctica: Can Ancient Flood in Bible’s Book of Genesis Explain Mysterious Fossilized Forest?

  29. If they had bothered to read the IPCC's assessment report they would have noticed what has been observed over the last 170 years is about 1C of warming and 340mm (13.4 inches) of sea level rise… which are neither extreme or catastrophic. 1000 years ago the Dutch solved a real sea level issue with primitive tools, wood, mud and manual labor. The claims of future catastrophic change is just speculation based on a collection of climate models that have a miserable track record of predicting climate. It was warmer 1000, 2000, and 7000 years ago than it is today, and all during periods with significantly lower CO2 levels… and well before humans began burning fossil fuels. From 12000 years ago to about 7000 years ago the earth warmed dramatically (and naturally) coming out of the most recent glaciation period. Sea levels rose 400 feet during that period of natural and extreme climate change. The warmest period of the last 12000 years was ~7000 years ago during the Holocene Optimum. 7000 years ago it was warmer than today and there were 5 million people, no cars or fossil fuel consumption. Today it is cooler than 7000 years ago, there are almost 7 billion people, 1 billion cars and global fossil fuel consumption. The idea that a tiny trace gas, CO2, is driving climate is simply not supported by objective science.

  30. You cannot believe in man-made climate change and God. Climate change believers are a cult of atheists. They are wrong in every measure.

  31. treating it like a war will only make it worse

  32. Two of last centuries models. Nobody cares about an actor and a liar. Interchangable like their offshore accounts.

  33. Kerry should be off stage. for what he didn't do in South Sudan, and because his daughters foundation recieved $10 MM from Salva Kirr. Why?

  34. Trump donates his 3rd Qtr $100,000 salary to The Office of Health Secretary in order to assist with the fight against opioid overdoses (11-26-19)

  35. Climate Change Loons are simply the result of Liberalism.
    Brain Dead Drones with to much spare time purchased by stealing "other peoples money".

  36. Study the issue, climate alarmism is a total hoax.

  37. Leftist agenda, from Reuters news: "One thread uniting popular climate change movements around the world is a push for governments to take social equity into account when addressing the threat – a conversation that should start at COP25, analysts said." If you want to convert people stop making climate change a political opportunity!

  38. Any crazies here that believe in trump and think climate change is a hoax too?

  39. If we are always behind where we should be with Climate Change does that mean the world is just having it’s cyclical warming phase?! If people weren’t on earth where would the world be in terms of Global Warming? How far off would we be compared to now? How far behind would we be? These are stats we will never know.

    But what is the ultimate goal? Taxing the public for what?

  40. The highest temperature since the last Ice Age, (the Neolithic Age), produced a boom in world population! This 'boom' was a result of a golden age in agriculture which produced two harvests a year, unheard of in modern time!

    The fact is that Global temperature in the last one hundred years are TOO LOW!!!!!! CO2 gasses are what plants need to enable photosynthesis, the higher the CO2 the greater the abundance of all plant life!

  41. Dear IPCC, I too have found evidence of global warming, I have noticed that, when compared to December to February, the months of June to August showed a definite increase in temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere! I know that this is based on sound science as you geniuses at the IPCC have compared 1850 to 1900, to today's temperatures, which do, indeed show a rise in Global temperatures.

     I think that there might be a problem though! You see, global temperatures during 1850 to 1900 are, according to the ice core records, the coolest since the end of the last ice age (approximately
    11,650 years ago), and that the temperatures SINCE your reference dates are STILL cooler when compared to the whole of that period.

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