Friday , September 24 2021
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Full Panel: 2020 Democrats Debate Electability Or Big Ideas | Meet The Press | NBC News

Eugene Robinson, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Bret Stephens and Betsy Woodruff join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the new electability debate making rounds in the 2020 presidential field.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: 2020 Democrats Debate Electability Or Big Ideas | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. these guys are such hacks! not even mentioning Yang or Sanders?

  2. NBC is a joke just propaganda for democrats totally opposite of true American people and how we feel only idiots listen, the rest laugh RIP we find our own news now, no more fake news BYE BYE

  3. Why is your Andrew Yang coverage almost nonexistent even though he polls better than candidates you do have on. #yang2020 #yangmediablackout #yanggang


  5. Go big. Go progressive. Sanders or Warren please

  6. Look a hear… All these states are an edible arrangement. They are vulnerable & ripe for the hacking.
    The diabolical forces of chaos & corruption will hold sway in the 2020 POTUS election. As a result it will be the Supreme Court who'll decide & Trump is the prohibitive favorite.

  7. Sounds like they are describing Andrew Yang. 3m:14s

  8. Andrew Yang is the one democrat who can get Trump voters to defect and also invigorate the moribund Dems.

  9. Does Jill swallow Joe's guff?

  10. Keep smoking the pipe dems vs repubs while both parties are on the take. All the candidates should be wearing their handlers patches on their faces, we can decide who to vote for they need not talk. What’s good about trump though I am fan of no president, is that he is not for sale and he dances to his own drum. I think i will vote for him if I am in the mood to vote next year.


  12. Those idiots are fooled by their own fake polls. Trump will destroy them.

  13. Electability is thinkspeak for corporate goon approved.

  14. 1st millieanal leader PM New Zealand Arden, possibly Justin Trudeau

  15. experience did not help Bush 41

  16. Democrats can't even think straight, let alone have there own idea's!

  17. Why do they always tell Dems to worry about the moderates while Republicans play to their base and win?

  18. the dems are competing to be the first loser to congratulate trump on his 2020 victory


  20. Jill Biden, you need to swallow the bitter pill that your husband is never going to be President, and vote instead for the candidate who can defeat Trump – Andrew Yang.

  21. Bret Stevens, what a charletan corporate blowhard. Corporate-socialist phoney.

  22. Still laughing at Trump? At your own peril.

  23. Please losers, vote joe! We can't wait to see you losers cry again when you lose with Joe

  24. You get both electability and ideas with gabbard but the warmonger network is only interested in sacrificing the blood of brown peoples

  25. Where's Vermont
    Where's joe

  26. What happened to treason and collusion with Russia ? Adam schiff ? Anyone ?

  27. Brett Stephens is so virulently anti-Bernie and so is Chuck Todd that they are clearly unable to see what went wrong last time and how they are part of the problem

  28. Macron may be a millennial but his wife is a boomer. Vive Waifu!

  29. F Chuck Todd thinks Hillary would have lost to anyone of the Republican side? That is corrupt and insane.

  30. Impressive that the candidate closest to qualifying for the debate Tulsi Gabbard name isn't mentioned once in corporate media. But you squandrels are in control of the qualifying pulls to make the debate. Please don't talk about Russia interfering in the elections when msnbc and cnn keep stomping out any progressive debate. msnbc is relentless. 7 min segment on the elections on the most important election in this countries modern history #Bernie/Tulsi2020

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