Wednesday , July 28 2021
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Full Panel: Biden Faces Questions Over Age And Gaffes, But Do Democrats Care? | Meet The Press

Jeh Johnson, Andrea Mitchell, Shawna Thomas and Danielle Pletka join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss gun reform following Odessa’s mass shooting and Biden’s gaffes versus Trump’s lies.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: Biden Faces Questions Over Age And Gaffes, But Do Democrats Care? | Meet The Press


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  1. These puppet hack types are clearly out of touch with real America and Americans or they're 100% lying propagandist. Biden has virtually no support

  2. Meet the press 4 Democrats no Republican counter opinions. Biased propaganda by another fake news show.

  3. Biden: Iraq war, sending jobs to China via “trade deals”, crime bill, letting Clarence Thomas become a justice.
    Biden is a republican plant.

  4. This Panel is all Democrats and do not report honest news. They present themselves as honest unbiased news and they are not. Total frauds

  5. I'm tired of confused and clueless old men and career politicians for President. They've done enough damage and still offer no meaningful solutions to fix our broken system. If you're f*d now, you're still f*d with Biden, Warren and any other establishment candidate. No one give a crap about gaffes. It's about ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS. Time for a young and energetic problem solver who connects with everyday people. You all know who I'm talking about.

  6. If you have raced with runners and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in a peaceful land, what will you do in the thickets of the Jordan?
    If sleepy creepy Joe is already worn out in this democratic race, how will he compete in the general elections? If he is stumbling in the peaceful democratic field, what will he do in the thickets of national spotlight?

  7. In the Biden case I say "with age comes wisdom" , and he is the opposite of Trump. The US needs stabilizing and give him four years with a young(ish) VP to take over in 2024.

  8. If we had a mass shooting every day it still doesn't give the govt the right take law abiding citizens guns! Where is the conversation about anti psychotic drugs? All the mass shooters have been on those drugs.

  9. biden is brain dead and so is corporate media.

  10. shib·bo·leth
    Learn to pronounce
    noun: shibboleth; plural noun: shibboleths
    a custom, principle, or belief distinguishing a particular class or group of people, especially a long-standing one regarded as outmoded or no longer important.
    "the party began to break with the shibboleths of the left

  11. Chuck todd is the ultimate corporate shibboleth talking head

  12. Those aren't 'gaffes'. Biden didn't know where he was, didn't remember Obama's name and keeps telling the same unfactual story…even though he's been called out for telling it several times. His 'mental needle' is stuck and the record is scratched.

  13. If Joe Biden Lies the liberal media covers for him and calls it a Gaffe or embellishment. If Trump lies they want to impeach him.

  14. Joe Biden campaign "Do you care? No! then vote Joe" lets not let another corporate shill that has promised the donor class nothing will change win just because of trump. He is Hillary 2.0 please don't screw this up.

  15. Even if I would vote for Biden in the general election, I am not about to volunteer for him or try to convince anyone else to. I can't defend Biden in an argument against anyone who has google and I don't want that reputation in the event he gets elected.
    Its basically the same problem Clinton had. Of course Clinton wasn't running against a 4 year term of Trump, so the eventual nominee will have that advantage. But will just not being Trump be enough advantage to win the general election? That's all a Biden candidacy would have going for it.

  16. biden and bernie make me miss my dead grandpa

  17. Since when is the criteria for electability financial only. There is a tradition that has been establishe is that we the people get to choose the lesser of two evils as president. This is not what the founders envisioned. There are plenty of experienced and qualified candidates who can step forward. If we want to elect another disconnected person as leader then the position should only be ceremonial. Most people in their 70s have not been connected to current realities for years and offer a nice look backward ,but that is all. I think the age limit should be 59 for president,then one term only. Keep it current ,neither Trump nor Beiden have a clue on current realities worldwide,,We are simply wasting time on these people who haven't a single understanding on how the world has progressed.Things change quickly and we need someone who can react with other than out of date solutions. If we do not accept this then we run the possibility of being left far behind on the world stage..Geezers leading nations is foolishness,,they are simply too far behind to ever catch up..

  18. Biden does not care… How did you come to that conclusion of him caring? I was all about Biden… You must not of listen to him imbedding himself into being heroic… We cannot lose these servicemen, but the VP can be eliminated.

  19. The problem is when Trump lies people who like him say they don't care he's lying with a purpose and those who don't like him say he's a lier but he knows he's lying. In other words he does it on purpose. When Biden lies however people who like him and say don't care as well as those who don't like him both groups don't say oh he's lying on purpose but rather are thinking he's senile and he can't help it because his brain is no longer up to the job which is even worse than lying with intent when it comes to politics. That's the problem with Biden's gaffes.



  22. He'll be almost 78 years old if he's elected. Do people genuinely believe he can serve two terms at one of the most stressful jobs in the world? He's already displaying signs of dementia. You would have to be out of your mind to vote for him on that one issue alone. Then there's his atrocious political record 😱. I don't support segregationists and warmongers and would hope my fellow Democrats (at least the sane ones) wouldn't either. That's not what we stand for. And for me I have to look at 2024 too, not just 2020. If Biden were to hypothetically win in 2020 but not run in 2024 due to health issues or old age, it means republicans would have a better chance of winning in 2024 since they wouldn't be facing an incumbent president. Why not nominate a democrat who can win in 2020 and 2024?

  23. Biden does not even know what planet he’s on.

  24. Establishment corporate hacks shilling for corrupt Biden and his dementia. Go figure. I hate trump but hate the dnc & media even more.

  25. Why should we lower the bar for Biden? He's a good guy and he cares..well good for him but it doesn't mean he should be President. Everyone give a look at Pete Buttigieg. He's competent..a war veteran..a Harvard graduate and a Rhodes Scholar.. and he's compassionate.. #PeteButtigieg4President

  26. Nothing is going to happen on gun control unless the Senate is flipped and we dump all the longterm senators.. anyone who voted against, needs to be ousted!

  27. Classic Meet the Press roundtable….Three liberals and one Conservative….

  28. Why are there basically no requirements to be president? Why is there a minimum age but not a maximum age? So you could be a genius at politics at 29 years old and sharp as ever but you don't qualify but someone who's too old to even hold a driver's license and can barely speak at 70 80 or 90 years old qualifies? Okay

  29. Of course people care!! It’s these corporate media hacks that don’t care. #HellNoJoe

  30. Yes, as the Democratic geriatric trio continues to manifest its impending doom for the party hopefully the Dems will be able to field someone who, at least, isn't going senile. Just pick one of the single-digits, at random. They'd be far better off than what's 'leading' now.

  31. Your in "another election cycle" ? When did you leave it? 24/7 for four years.

  32. Okay can everybody agree that there's no way 90% if people want to get rid of guns that's what they're saying and no background checks going to stop the crazy Fox we need to open up the asylums again

  33. Biden has trouble getting words out and can barely complete a thought. When will these corporate sychophants start talking about his cognitive decline? He's had 2 strokes that we know about.

  34. I’m not a Dem or Repub, and I don’t think Biden is up to the job. What comes out of Trump’s mouth and phone is a lot worse though.

  35. Biden is far far too old. It’s hard to watch him speak. Trump will win in 2020- guaranteed

  36. Some very weird people on this show… Where do they find these jack offs

  37. Thank you Democrats for orchestrating all these shootings, Hillary must be writing some hefty checks.


  39. BIDEN is a CORPORATIST. CORPORATISTS legislate in favor of the corporations. Also, I'm concerned about dimentia.

  40. If Democrats come in to the situation trying to us to do everything they want it won't happen. If we come up with a bipartisan bill that everyone can agree on Democrats gonna say we not signing the bill too get everything we cause we as Democrats know better than everybody else.

  41. Biden voted to send that soldier to war. Bernie Sanders did not. Biden should have better class than to ride on the coat-tails of someone else's bravery when he is part of the cause. Biden is covered in blood.

  42. Yeah yeah i want relief from Donald Trump, i so tired of my high wages and lowered taxes

  43. Historically presidential candidates are incompetent. Biden is a clown.

  44. I agree, the public has gotten used to these shootings. Nothing new, move along. Just duck for cover when the shots come.

  45. Mayor Pete all he is thinking about is POLLS? 12 inch POLLS?

  46. Biden would turn the Whitehouse into a Pedohouse.

  47. The same "we're all related all getting old " gang of leftists.
    These people are politically INBRED.

  48. They are aiming for vice pres.
    Biden and the alt/chosen one.
    If Biden were to win the presidency I wouldn't give him 6 months before ……..

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