Full Panel: DeSantis unlikely as real 2024 contender without Iowa win

With the Iowa caucuses just six weeks away, Tim Alberta, Stephen Hayes and Kimberly Atkins Stohr join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss former President Donald Trump’s commanding lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination as the other candidates struggle to catch up.

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  1. Trump wasn’t a CONTENDER either!

  2. These news commentators and politicians clearly think the American people are stupid. They didn’t know how to deal with the truth Trump was speaking about Biden so they decided the best way to control the truth is just say it’s “projection.” Then every other American start repeating….it’s projection, projection, projection instead of considering the words spoken….Maybe they’re right…the American people aren’t so smart.

  3. DeSatan is done, someone needs to tell him. There is only room for one nut-bag deplorable in the GOP winner circle and, for worse or even more worse, that is Trump.

  4. Desantis has no appreciation of foreign policy and his anti-Bahamian rhetoric is distasteful

  5. voters know the attack against trump are directed by the democrats and the white house.
    using everything possible to destroy him.

  6. It’s it amazing that everyone on the left, right, establishment & media are begging for DeSantis to drop out because they know how good he is!!! They say because of the polls, these r the same polls that would have Hilary as president and a red wave in 22 that never happened – DeSantis is a good solid family man, a unicorn in politics!!! He’s a candidate FOR AMERICANS – not for himself, not for the establishment, not for the GOP, not for corporate, not for money, not for pride, not for big tech, not for media…Wake up 🇺🇸 DeSantis2024

  7. The Dictator is well done and is real concern going forward in this or the next Presidential election. He cooked his own goose!

  8. These folks don't decide…the votes decide.

  9. Doesn't have to be this bad, vote 3rd party.

  10. Yet another stark reminder that mail-in voting is rife with issues and a hotbed of questionable election practices.

    According to Lancaster Online, more than 100 individuals in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have reported a glaring problem with their mail-in ballots: the ballots weren’t delivered by the deadline and weren’t counted.

    Now, these angry residents are seeking answers from the United States Postal Office, but does anyone ever get answers from USPS or any other government agency?

    There are still entire trucks of mail-in ballots from the 2020 election without a clear chain of custody.

  11. Nothing says stupid more than a bunch of democrats ranting about others being anti-democratic..pot meet kettle…..LOL

  12. Trump is the KING of projection

  13. America is not a functioning democracy is criminals and election deniers like Trump and MAGA get voted in. Shame on any GOP cowards who will not oppose and condemn Trump.

  14. Voters are not listening to your cr*p president Trump all the way

  15. DeSantis we should admit is a dreamer. A dreamer of Woke and candies. What should we do? GOP = ⚽U2 🐐🐘🙌 (go for it, Joe!)

  16. another black woman with nothing to say thatg hasnt been said 1000 times before. Affirmative action and DEI are the death of America,

  17. evangelicals work for the devil.