Full Panel: Despite legal challenges, Trump still wields power within GOP

Republicans come to former President Donald Trump’s defense despite his increasing legal challenges. “The power of [Trump’s] voice, the power of his ability to rally that base is what keeps Republicans in line,” said Toluse Olorunnipa. He was joined by Stephanie Schriock and Stephen Hayes at the Meet the Press NOW roundtable.

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  1. Very Boring lies …Blah..Blah…Blah..You Can't Stop President Trump

  2. Only the brave can say those brave words. All of you are chickens coward to say Establishment who destroying everything they touch.Trump

  3. You can't win without the black voter's. No Ron

  4. Trump didn't get anything done? lmao. Nobody knew who Ron was until Trump endorsed him.

    Btw; The only one on this panel that seems to get the plot is the woman. Except for the part about Biden's poll numbers. We know why his poll numbers are down. It's because he sucks!

  5. The legacy media treats Trump like a soap opera villain.

    On the next episode of "Trump World." Will The Donald finally see his empire turn to dust? Or does he have a Trump card up his sleeve to see another day? What could the nefarious Donald be scheming? Tune in to find out on the next episode of "Trump World." Only on NBC. 😂

  6. What would happen if DeSantis joins Trump as his Vice President 🤔

  7. MSNBC should organize another discussion called

    " Despite zero evidence, why Dems keep investigating Trump"😂😂😂

  8. Trump is violent & destructive, not the right candidate for 2024. The GOP is failing in all aspects

  9. Boy some truth was spoke at the end and all those hypocrites couldn’t end the show fast enough and said but Trump but Trump 😂😂😂😂

  10. These same people pushed the Russian collusion hoax without evidence. Propaganda pushers

  11. If this was a republican DA going after Biden these same people would be outraged

  12. When BLM rioters was shooting people wearing red hats , these same people called it mostly peaceful protests. BLM rioters was attacking cops and Democrats was supporting it and no backlash from these same people. Ah the hypocrisy is real

  13. Of course Trump still leads the GOP. He was the greatest president ever.
    What, do you love warmongers like Bush and Cheney?

  14. Fine thank you okay 👍

  15. If American know the difference between a Thug and Cruff they will see clearly who have personal mind of a Cruff , Donald Trump is a Cruff in real life, the man is morally weak

  16. Last election I voted for Biden. Worse mistake I've made. I'm goin For Trump unless someone better come up

  17. De Santis is a coward and an opportunist and doesn't deserve to be anywhere near a position of power.

  18. Trump is playing bully, coward and victim. He is simply crying wolf.

  19. By consequences of association, Trump's legal baggage is also the GOP and GQP republican parties' legal baggage.

  20. 6:20 — "…look, this guy (Trump) wasn't effective…" What do you mean? He loaded up the Supreme Court and got Roe v. Wade overturned. Republicans have been promising to do that for 43 years, but Donald Trump delivered! He gave the richest Americans HUGE tax breaks! The greatest tax breaks in HISTORY, and it's all going to trickle down! You just wait!

  21. i love watching msnbc cry when their conspiracy theories failed ove and over again , trump wins again

  22. Trump, probably the best President of the last 100 years, god bless him! And Chuck's hairpiece will fly off his head when Trump wins in 2024!