Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Full Panel: El Paso Attacker Motivated By White Supremacy | Meet The Press | NBC News

Kasie Hunt, Pat McCrory, Eliana Johnson and Eddie Glaude Jr. return to the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss responsibility for attacks on Latinos.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Panel: El Paso Attacker Motivated By White Supremacy | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. the majority of criminals are poc.
    the majority of the country is white


  2. Its the mental health of all murderers.



  3. We need a "Real" New World Order of Trump, Putin and Xi Jumping to confront climate change and human Survival. Phuck Bankers. Like James Brown used to say, "Money won't change you, but time will take you out."

  4. The African American Anti Defamation League is in financial difficulty because of the Black Carcass. Hick!

  5. Wow! Impeach Republicans to stop racism in America! The Russian Internet Research Agency (where there is not even one foreign agent) writes to you again. Neither Donald Trump nor other American Republicans pay us any money for support. The Kremlin is not our boss or sponsor. Putin is not the owner of our Agency. Those who say the opposite just lie about the Agency!

    Donald Trump is afraid to tell the truth about the "Katyn case", so as not to anger the white Nazis in Europe and America. Soviet Chekists shot Polish Nazis and other accomplices of Hitler in Katyn. Moreover, Nazism became a state ideology in four NATO states (in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – openly, draped in Poland) and Ukraine with the connivance and assistance of President Trump and other American Republicans! Great Joe Biden has the courage to tell this truth and fight against Nazism all over the world! Trump made the Polish state political and propaganda Russophobia absurd (too much) for Russia to laugh at Poland and American influence in Europe. Moreover, Polish Nazi jackals equated Hitler and his allies with the United States and the Soviet Union (and their allies)! As a result, Polish Nazis destroy monuments to those who liberated Poland from Nazism. Support the wise candidate Joe Biden, who will stop this absurdity! He is the best candidate who is not afraid to crush the Ku Klux Klan and other Nazi filth all over the world! (Only Democrats can and want to defeat racism and other discrimination in America and the rest of the world.) Entire states (foreign) obey his orders! (Tbilisi, Ukraine and others.) Biden is the most influential American politician in the world who will make America More Great than it was!

    Democrats are real American patriots. Especially Joe Biden. He and other Democrats know that global warming is originally an invention of the Soviet KGB in order to torpedo the production and economies of the capitalist states. (The "Soviet song" about catastrophic global warming is now very popular in America for Republicans to distract naive Americans from Republican political mistakes.) Joe Biden can stop this absurd "warming" song. Soviet propaganda distracted the Soviet people with KGB tales about intelligent creatures (from other planets and galaxies) on our planet. (So ​​that Soviet people would be distracted from the failed economic policies of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.) Flying saucers, green humanoids, ufology, unknown glowing objects, and more. Now, during the presidency of Donald Trump, the American people are forced to eat Soviet myths (and their American remakes) about creatures and equipment from other planets. President Joe Biden is able to stop and expose this anti-scientific fooling! Vote for Biden to know the truth! (Fraudsters are composing new versions of these tales in order to fool peoples in the future.) Ecologist Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov is fighting against the KGB tales in Russia. America must support him to shut Putin's mouth!

    The USA is the Greatest Super-State (and Greatest Nation), which is able to crush China. But Republicans (Donald Trump too) just give up! This is the great humiliation of America! President Biden will crush and subjugate China. Joe needs your support (to do this), American voters! Are you ready, NBC News?

  6. This is MSNBC muddying the water. Sure have an opposing view but at least have a rational one. And Kasie and Chuck pushing back is strictly theater. This guy can't answer why no current sitting Republican lawmakers won't speak out against Trump. He's not in office so of course he's going to at least say White Nationalism is a thing but is disingenuous by shouting out Antifa, like there's an equivalency there. If we are keeping score, which is something Tool Todd could be doing, (Dems have) 1)James Hodgkinson, 2)the attack on journalist Andy Ngo, 3)a teenager had his MAGA hat swiped off his head at a Wataburger, 4) Antifa violence at UC Berkeley to protest Milo Yiannopoulos, people venting at public figures like Scott Pruitt, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Jeff Flake, and have the guy that did something to McCory's car a few years back. (Repubs) Geezus, where do I start. Trump encouraging his crowds as a start. Charles Rispoli, Angelo Varisco, Facebook group I'm 10-15, Christopher Hasson, Nick Sandmann and his ilk from Covington Catholic High School, James Fields Jr., Robert Gregory Bowers, Cesar Cyoc, Dylan Roof, etc and One more thing. What also should be included in the discussion is in 2006 the FBI published a bulletin warning of an alarming number of white supremacists in and joining law enforcement. Mr. Glaude stuck on a panel of white privilege and he's still a gentlemen.

  7. TobilinstlakpromnezbraninastolenSilicuckengdistnetakvalkavitehosenpravdaopravdualesemnezaplatelefonAlesemzaplajineprororeopravdunasilitatchtelikulipenestnatlakresimusimzinekohiprotorevjedelireajilibertikasono

  8. Marvitesprektafolfilpuskaoktatvatdatvitevilentatoklibertivar

  9. "Shut down sanctuary cities"???? WHAT??

  10. Chuck Todd has destroyed meet the press it's now meet the left worthless

  11. Desperate Dems grasping at floppy straws.

  12. u knw i use to like chulk todd meet the press now his show is just like the main stream media just fake news and negativity if all you leftiest dem stop talking about just the wrong doing and putting trump down wen he has done more good than obama did in 8yrs stand united and help fix the problems instead talking about them cause dem hasnt done a dam thing to help the america pepole since they took over the house but bashing trump chulk todd dont get like cnn and have your ratings drop like its hot going to the left just stay in the middle like u use to be sir

  13. Meet the Press used to be an insightful and thoughtful presentation of currant issues. Sadly, it is now a vehicle for socialistic conversation

  14. full panel of white daddy name people black black white daddy name wow the master teaching the slave still. slave will never give that white daddy.name...they act just like white pride…

  15. to better understand this administration, and its policies, simply study the germans in the third reich, same play book aimed at different people

  16. BS BS BS why does every channel use the same words. LOL REDICULOUS


  18. the only true good rational American citizens are ASIANS!…. please tell me im wrong?…. I LOVE ASIANS. I've never had any problem with them. they are respectful, they keep to themselves

  19. Hate tointerfere with your Trump bashing party, but I would like to point out that the El Paso Shooter had on cargo pants when he went into Walmart and normal pants when he was standing in handcuffs. I'd also like to point out that the Ohio Shooter had the same religion as the Democratic Party. I'd also like to say I just love the way Todd looks up at eyebrows when he's talking to watch the lice swinging around on them. I also like him watching him form words with no lips

  20. Mexico is not at war, its not a refugee crises. Why dont we all go invade Hollywood and take over those rich peoples houses because they live better than we do. Thats fair right??

  21. Theres no such thing as White Supremacy, gimme a break.

  22. Did Chump Todd just say all killers are crazy to justify their actions? No one would be in jail for murder if that was the case. He just silenced the only person of color in the table after he spoke the truth. He’s a terrible so called journalist. They need to hire a new host for this show.

  23. Mass shootings, is what white nationalist who couldn't get into the police force do.

  24. It is disgusting how much NBC hates our troops! Now they've got Chuck Todd claiming that anyone who kills people is crazy. So is he saying that our great military is full of crazy people?! Killing men, women and children in the service of American interests is called PATROTISM. Chuck Todd needs to get his head straight.

  25. Mass shooting didn't start with Trump and it won't end with him, either.

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