Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Full Panel: GOP Defense Questions Gravity Of Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News

Kristen Welker, O. Kay Henderson, Rich Lowry and Richard Stengel join the Meet the Press roundtable after President Trump openly called for China to investigate his political rival.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Panel: GOP Defense Questions Gravity Of Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Watching Rich Lowry in this segment seemed to check every tick box in this New York Times article (published only the day before!):


  2. Trump be Trump: A guardrail is a check on Presidential power. I used to think conservatives would want checks on that.

  3. The Mueller report DID say there was collusion but the DOJ spread a false narrative of that conclusion and actively conspired to remove the apparatus of law enforcement to prosecute Trump for it… the swamp runs deep and Bill Barr is King Toad…

  4. Isn’t the reason the Ukraine is so quickly back in the news after Mueller Trump himself? Didn’t he hear about Schweitzer’s book thesis and was so eager to prove he’d been set up in the Mueller probe that he pushed and pushed Giuliani to find dirt that it alarmed senior State and intelligence bureaucrats that led to the complaint? Isn’t it putting the cart before the horse to now blame Democrats again? Haven’t we also seen that before?

  5. The people who watch meet the press must be stupid or ignorant or at least uniformed

  6. The Republicans seem to be forgetting that Trump not only made the phone call, he held up congressionally allocated aid as blackmail. Further, he didn't just want Ukraine to investigate Biden, he wanted it announced publicly and wouldn't release the aid until they did so.
    Just discussing the phone call leaves out a lot of important facts.

  7. He is responsible for his conduct EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. he is in office. Seeking foreign interference in a US election is not an impeachable offense? I will not have this President, any President, dilute the standards of his office to this extent. 12 months from an election has nothing to do with it even if, as he likes to joke, it’s 120 months from an election.

    Come on conservatives, grow a spine! Your prevarications has set back the movement 50 years!

  8. GOP Position: Only Poor, Powerless Immigrants Must Obey the Law.  And “Drain the Swamp” only means get rid of Democrats, because CORRUPTION by DJT & His Half-Acting-Cabinet (RE: members 0% independence) now LEGAL.  Once illegal immigrants follow the law, so will the President.

  9. Why does the Ukraine need assistance??
    Oh, the Obama administration let them get bulldozed.
    Just like the Crimea

  10. Three card Monte is a losers game.

  11. What about ism is a disease, they need a doctor.

  12. Really? No one's going to push back at Rich Lowry's mis-characterization of the Mueller report even a little?

  13. The Mueller Report was very damning. Mueller basically was begging Congress to impeach, but Pelosi and the Democratic leadership dithered away the moment. This allows propagandists like Lowery to claim there was "nothing" in the Mueller Report. It's good that Pelosi has finally opened an impeachment hearing. The delay, however, seems to have emboldened Trump to continue breaking the law.

  14. What about turning Crimea over to Putin?

  15. there is no such thing as "duty constituted" probe with Trump. Lowry is full of it. McConnell ignored all those rules you speak of by obstructing Obama's presidential duty to nominate someone to a vacancy on the supreme court. Lowry picks and chooses what he feel is ethicall or not.

  16. I strongly believe that trump has done things that are so much worse than we know. For this reason the GOP needs to protect him or the entire party is gone.

  17. If I ever see Chuck out n about I’m gonna drop him like a bad habit.

  18. China announced it would not do trump's bidding, but ukraine will…which makes them willing to be manipulated.

  19. Republicans act as though the Mueller report cleared Trump. Mueller testified that if Trump wasn't president he would indict Trump. But I will take it a step further. Mueller did not do his job fully. By his own admission, he didn't follow the money, talk to Trump of his kids. So after doing HALF of an investigation he said he had enough to indict.

  20. The Mueller report proved collusion beyond a shadow of a doubt. What it didn't prove is conspiracy.

  21. I think all the talking heads and those in charge have some serious mental problems.

  22. It is clear at this point that there is a big scandal. And, the white
    house does not have control of the narrative. As long as there
    is no serious economic downturn, the inevitable impeachment
    may not damage Trump that much.

    However, if there is an economic downturn, the impeachment
    could easily destroy his administration. The voters have shown
    that they can tolerate impeachable offenses. But, they will never
    tolerate impeachable offenses during an economic downturn!

  23. O. Kay Henderson is just as stupid as the people she represents. Listen to what she is saying – she is describing an insular bubble that right wingers live in, are desperate to live in, and have no desire to think about anything outside of the bubble. Idiocy is going to bring down this nation. The two right wingers in this segment are totally dismissing the Mueller investigation while ignoring the facts of that investigation. Right wingers are just plain dumb, dumb, and dumb.

  24. investigating the corrupt biden family is exactly what the president needs to be doing.

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