Full Panel: 'Lack Of Clarity Is A Serious Problem' In Coronavirus Response | Meet The Press

Kasie Hunt, Peter Baker, Yamiche Alcindor and David Brooks join the Meet the Press round table to discuss the coronavirus outbreak that has brought the country to a halt.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Panel: ‘Lack Of Clarity Is A Serious Problem’ In Coronavirus Response | Meet The Press


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  1. I was thrilled today when our President put NBC in it's place, Our president has more class than Chuck Todd ever will. It is so clear how NBC hates Trump because HRC lost. If I am wrong let me know. NBC get some balls and just say out right, we hate Trump. You do realize our coasts are Democratic controlled, Why is the out break higher there? Todd I hope you read this.

  2. not long ago david brooks called Trump a sociopath on a PBS show… PBS has like NBC has become so biased you can no longer call it news but just an opinion show… so now he's a guest on meet the press… not surprised.

  3. Trump is a president who can fill the emotions of the people of America

  4. Trump did not have knowledge of any things, only trump knows is too win the election

  5. Do not listen to the furher or his goons. Listen to your doctors the professional's. Not trump . It will just disappear. What a dangerous remark.

  6. How did he ever get elected? $$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  7. Bwahahahaha …. hiding something are we?

  8. I'm sure that line calling the Corona-virus a "hoax" is going to be used in a general election campaign ad.

  9. These guys are crazy. Do you need trump to tell you to wash your hand? Avoid crowd, report when you're sick even though you have been told to call your physician when you feel sick. The govt has approved $8.3Billion. Lots are being distributed slowly but its moving. We are talking about a virus that rocked the world I. 1 month. What I don't hear is these crazy guys suggesting what to do

  10. Looks like the press is wanting Marshal law so the governments can take total control of all Americans.

  11. Chuck I watch your Show everytime sunday, but so deeply disappointed with your guests this sunday.

  12. Yamiche, yamiche when Will we ever hear something positive about president Trump form you? Always negative and critical

  13. It seems White House want to give direction and Information bu t trying to temper their actions so as not to cause pa Nic. Media is CA using unnecessary panic. The anger of media people should be tempered because people are watching them and they influence thinking, feeling and action. It doesn’t Help.

  14. all the press, reporters NEVER called out aggressively to the WH Psychopath that he's LYING, no-one

  15. When I was in China in January.. parents would tell their adult children not to visit them..that’s a big thing in China

  16. This fake news people think we going to believe what they said

  17. Pro tip: No Cure, carry on as such, like wash your Hands and keep your distance, and look out for the elderly
    if by chance you get it self quarantine, there isn't a test on this earth that can change symptoms.

  18. Where is Mitch McConnell!!?!?

  19. Trump: ""I'm all right , Jack"

  20. For Brooks to suggest he wouldn't check on the old lady next door in person is unmanly cowardice and hysteria.

  21. The Republicans are getting away with neglecting their jobs. 😒 Fauci is enabling all of it. He’s placating Trump. They all know what they need to do, but they’re especially using this pandemic as a way of making money. We are their bread and butter.

  22. Before all u people complained this trump garbage, recall he was the president you voted for. He is a bully trash, period.

  23. Worst-case coronavirus scenario: 214 million Americans infected, 1.7 million dead

    The worst-case figures are what would happen if no action is taken to slow the virus, which spreads person to person.
    Disease modelers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention project that as much as 65% of the American population could eventually be infected by the new coronavirus, according to the New York Times.

    The models: According to the report, the CDC shared its models with 50 expert teams, all working to estimate how fast the virus will spread and how severe the cases of flu-like illness it causes will be.

    The worst-case figures reflect what would happen if no action is taken to slow the virus, which spreads from person to person. If this transmission is unchecked, each person with the virus could infect about two to three others, causing the contagion to grow.
    According the Times, the CDC projected that 2.4 million to 21 million people in the US could end up in the hospital, overwhelming emergency wards and ICUs. The number of deaths in some models ranged from 200,000 to 1.7 million. The fatality rate of the virus is estimated as high as 3.5% by the World Health Organization.

    By comparison, about 30,000 people die of the flu each year in the US.

    The coronavirus began spreading late last year in China, and cases have been found in more than 100 countries so far.

    some report have found !

  24. People are going to the hospital for anxiety symptoms. The media has completely lost control of their communications and this is partially due to Youtube.

  25. I asked him 3 times about closing restaurant s he said no but he really meant yes Chuck's very smart

  26. Stop using this as an opportunity to bash Trump. We need to come together

  27. I guess the good news is that despite every effort on Trump's part he has not totally destroyed the ability of the US government to act in the interest of the people. Damaged, but not destroyed.

  28. This is a train alright, a freight train headed right to the voters booth in November !!!!

  29. Every time there is a briefing it seems they keep repeating themselves week after week with nothing seen in communities, Action not WORDS! If they don'y get their Act together. I fear Anarchy is on the Horizon

  30. But, but, but….Hillary's emails.

  31. Just watched V.P. Pence thank the faiths for being daycare for working people and some for not having service to contain the spread of the c.12 virus. So the power is to baby sit and not spread the virus instead of healing as they pretend to have . Its easy to see as these place the power over illness in the hands of government why we are in Rev. 16 the seven bowls of Gods wrath that will bring about the great ordeal or tribulation of Rev chap 7. That a great multitude will come out of to serve the one true God.
    The power of the blood of Jesus is victory over death in a Resurrection not to those who claim great spiritual prowess of which they have none.

  32. Impeachment, huh? Not only a criminal, but a dangerous criminal.

  33. This is the only way to destroy China,
    destroy the 1B1R since the trade war didn’t work, this is what the only super
    power in the world thought, so they proceeded to plant this engineered super
    virus in Wuhan, they did it during the MILITARY WORLD GAMES held in Wuhan last
    year October 18th to 27th. China experts already worked out the family tree of
    this type C new corona virus and hinted that the virus is not originated from
    China but brought into China with special purpose and mission, China don't have
    the A and B types of corona virus, and C type of corona virus is derived from A
    and B type, not only that, China experts also figured out that the current
    virus is not the direct son of type A and B coronavirus but has gone thru
    several generation of changing just be able to become the current virus,
    meaning that this virus is several generation behind of type A and B virus, so
    it is not possible that this type of virus can existed in China, this is why
    the experts said SCIENCE ALREADY PROVED EVERYTHING, just like if there is one
    kangaroo pops out from the jungle of China, this kangaroo is definitely brought
    in by someone rather than originated from China, this virus was bringing into
    China with political motive, and USA got all A to E type of corona viruses, the
    country transplanted this virus onto China will finally hurt themselves worst
    than China as they don’t have the capability of China.

  34. You see a President along with his team releasing direction to the country in a measured way to minimize mass panic and chaos. This panel could have expounded on the directions already given. That it is important that we all focus on Dr. Fauci's call to work together to "Blunt the Curb" by staying out of crowds, using strict good hygiene practices, to self quarantine if you have symptoms and call your Dr. for a free testing referral. You could have informed the public of all of the testing sites opening and where they are or told them not to panic and over consume; which causes other Americans to panic when they arrive to see empty shelves; Americans will not run out of food unlike many other countries. You could have told them that President Trump is right now working tirelessly to coordinate with other agencies how they would respond to multiple variables that could arise; such as the civil unrest your biased "reporting" could incite. When the dust settles, once again, NBC will be seen by more & more people to be the lying panic mongers that they are.

  35. The fat, orange, clown, does not have to be tested. The virus, does not affect, jackals.

  36. Trump is a complete and utter failure. SUPER JOE BIDEN is the answer for more functional government. Jesus give us Dubya…I take him over TRUMP! any day…Regan FDR.

  37. trump isn’t capable of empathy, not to be believed and don’t understand numbers, health or science. No one should look to him for information our country would be sooo much better off if he didn’t speak to our citizens.

  38. Your president disbanded the Pandemic Office in 2018 and don't take responsibility for it. He think he is the genius for everything. He said "Don't worry it will go away"! What kind of leadership he is taking? What a ignorant and arrogant man! I have sympathy for the American people.

  39. "Firm direction" from the government, certainly for the reasons mentioned ….. but the corporate and sports worlds needs this direction from the government in order to justify their shutdown actions to the people who control them, i.e. sponsors, fans, board of directors, owners, players, etc. etc.

  40. Dear Young People: You might be healthy and young and not worry about the virus. But you can still get infected and pass it to others. When there are a lot of infected people in the hospital, this will overwhelm the staff and cause shortage of supplies, and guess what, when you want a check up or treatment, you may not be able to. It happened in Italy. General practitioners. urologists, gynecologists, and all types of doctors ALL HAD TO ABANDON THEIR PRACTICE AND GO TREAT COVID 19 PATIENTS. Why? Because the health system is clogged with COVID19 patients who need to be saved. They will be a priority, not you. And even worse, if doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and have too much contact with patients, they will also get infected. Then they wont be able to work. Do not assume that as long as you and your young, healthy friends are infected, that you’ll be fine and all is well. Society depends on YOU, young people. Thank you for social distancing, isolating if you’re sick, and washing your hands. Please copy and paste and share.

  41. There is a media that has never been supportive of the Trump administration. Messaging is the job of the Fourth Estate.

  42. President is always a bystander.

  43. Recovered 92% Deaths 8% Trump scared forever in history "IMPEACHED" and the Trump Virus scared forever in our pain.
    Trump is a dangerous menace a threat to global security and the health and wellbeing of the whole planet.

  44. Not American here, so no affiliation, well you guys put him in charge few years ago, is a pity you have to go through with it in this crisis of a generation, but in a way I am envious cause at least you guys still get another chance to pick again soon, some places like where I am at, we got no choice… So stay safe, stay healthy, GL.

  45. If you didn't know to tell your friend with a fever to take Tylenol and call his doctor…that's on you not Trump. 😏