Full Panel: Republicans ‘Have Consistently Underestimated’ Joe Biden

Yamiche Alcindor, Ashley Parker, Jen Psaki and Marc Short join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss former President Trump’s call to overturn to the Constitution and his refusal to denounce antisemites, racists and extremists.

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  1. We underestimated the Biden Crime Syndicate's ability to launder bribes from enemy nations.

  2. This must be the Baghdad Bob channel.
    The only underestimation was the Democrats ability to install an unelected puppet in the Whitehouse.

  3. Underestimate what? His abilites to destroy world economy? Lmfao

  4. It's like their humans with a brain running a script. These humans who work as journalists are paid to talk narrative. They're fooling nobody.

  5. Underestimated? Yo media maybe if y'all didn't lower the bar for him every three months and took the same crack at him like you did for the other president, you wouldn't be saying such moronic statements, you propaganda monsters!

  6. I love when democrats and republicans debate issues at the same table

  7. Never seen US talk about nation building, like making the citizen lives better, building infrastructure, reducing the income gap of the ppl etc. US has to learn now for its hegemony cannot go on forever. Other countries are growing up.

  8. Correct! They didn't think in any way that Joe could be this pathetic as POTUS.

  9. Wake up Sleepy Joe!

  10. Biden is a politician that is always underestimated he’s a seasoned vet

  11. The 80 year old genius master in chief is such a great represntative for the liberals. Really shows how good they can get. 😈😈😈

  12. You can really tell a lot about the intelligence level of a country's people just by the leaders that they vote for !

    Back in the 1980's, WHEN THE MEDIA WAS HONEST, Joe ran for president, but had to DROP OUT because he was called out for his PLAGIARISM

  14. Worst president of modern times. Direct enemy of the unions and the middle class.

  15. When Biden runs again in 2024, he should switch out running mates and have Buttiegieg be in the VP slot. Harris can move to Secretary of State or even run for a House seat. The Republicans will lose the house in 2024 and Harris could be the next Speaker. Essentially we would have the 1, 2 & 3 top positions in the country.

  16. At least Americans can proudly say with their head held high they elected "America's Son" that's the best of the very best they have from a nation of 335-million people, that's more than can be said for other countries…4-More Years!!!

  17. Well Joe Biden has consistently been one of the dumbest human beings to exist.

  18. Correction. They underestimated the evil coming from the administration.

  19. I've been saying this for years on end. Joe Biden is the best president USA has ever had! I was a MAGA supporter last year and I was a clown. I recently was talking to my trans 9 month old baby and he said Biden as his first word! I'm currently crying tears of joy however MAGA supporters will be crying tears of sadness when Trump loses to biden in 2024!

  20. Weak Military, open Border, high prices. C'mon man, WTF?