Full Panel: Trump ‘defiant of facts,’ like a ‘bulldozer shoveling falsehoods’

NBC News Senior Legal Correspondent Laura Jarrett, New York Times Chief White House Correspondent Peter Baker and NBC News Washington Managing Editor Carol Lee join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss Kristen Welker’s interview with former President Donald Trump. 

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  1. Trump made her look ridículos AGAIN!!!

  2. Get a beautiful woman to cross-examine him and he will confess to everything 😂

  3. you should ask your panel if they think amendment 14 article 3 applies to Trump? I feel it does and he should not be allowed to run for any office.

  4. You people in the news, scummy, you know what you are.


  6. She didn’t fact check in real time and neither did NBC edit the tape to fact check him after the interview.

    This was journalistic recklessness and unprofessional. NBC was damaged by this as was news media more broadly.

  7. NBC talking about someone pushing false narratives. Now that's hilarious! 😂

  8. Incredable embarrassing all of you at NBC! How could you??? Tim Russet is turning himself in the grave… Embarrassing! Period!

  9. What a first guess!
    Whoever will make a traitor her first guess for an inaugural endeavor, must have been a traitor all along. Poor mindset attracts poor mindset. It wasn’t Meet the Press, it was meet the traitors. One , traitor to the country, the other traitor to journalism.

  10. Kristen, you're a corporate HACK! We can all see the direction NBC is going, playing both sides so you have an edge if the fascists take over.

  11. The criticism is justified. Kristen Walker is obviously on the Trump train. She just can’t force herself to say something bad about Trump. She even struggles to use the word former when referring to him.

  12. Why does the media keep giving a platform to this sadistic pathological liar?

  13. Antisocial Personality Disordered people don't "think" or "plan". They are compulsive in their responses. He NEVER thinks ahead. Reporters are unqualified to interview an Antisocial Personality Disordered person.


  15. Failure by prostituted supplication….shame.

  16. Of course they always focus on the facts Trump is wrong about and never concede the things he is right about. That's the problem with most media and politics, you are either totally evil or totally good.

  17. The emotional tole on Biden – oh boohoo – that type of talk just reinforces the idea that they were going easy on Hunter for the sake of Biden.

  18. NBC is the bulldozer or maybe the bull spreading bs all over the place

  19. Republicans carry out the inhuman act of legislating the denial of health care for women specifically to let you know you (men women children infants grandparents) do not deserve any health care, or any recognition of your humanity.
    First they come for….
    When you need the health care all of humanity requires and you find there is none or that you pay twice as much as all other advanced countries for the worst health care in the world….
    First they come for…
    The wealthy collectively bribe the collective legislators, judges, justices, prosecutors to work against the American people. Refusing the American people the same rights they weaponize against Americans by refusing the human right of the collective bargaining representation of unions.
    First they come for…
    Republicans weaponized a lethal novel virus as a dispersal of a biological weapon that every terrorist organization and enemy state of America noticed. America has been made vulnerable by the Republicans petulant refusal to accept reality and stop attacking America with their prolonged intense propaganda campaign designed to destroy America from within.
    Then they come for you….

  20. Trump is the same age. 2 years is no difference. I can see how different Trump is. He has had more walking problems than Biden.
    You guys are giving energy to Biden Old and not equally or more so to Trump Old.
    These kind of things, tho subtle, pump the GOP in comparison. Capiche?

  21. Garbage…. NBC is the new voice of modern day fascist. You shouldn’t try to pass this off as journalism. I follow you no more.

  22. MSNBC is going to double down on loosing the narrative

  23. Trump has lied over 30 000 times during his term, is criminally indicted under 91 counts and tried to reverse your last election. He just spews nonsense that idiots believe, because he (sometimes) can use a "normal" tone.
    I thoughr Mrs. Welker did a very poor job.

  24. Voted blue before now voting red because of Biden. Everything has gotten so much more expensive under Biden.

  25. President Trump batted Welker around the room like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. President Trump successfully managed to show Welker to be overly combattive and overtly partisan while being able to put forth complex opinions, strategies and to frame them as both coherent and positive. He consistently advanced the narrative that his current legal difficulties are purely political in nature, instigated by "Banana Republic" Biden and his partisan DOJ, that the current administration is "sick," or "insane," and that he has done nothing illegal or unethical. If Former Vice-President Biden had to undergo such an adversarial interrogation, his handlers would have called it off in thirty seconds. Given that they have only allowed the Weather Network to interview him since June, such an event is clearly unlikely, anyway. — meowMeowmeow(tabernac).

  26. Hes still president Constitutionally.
    Do some researxh
    You guys are liers!