Full Panel: ‘Trump Is On The Ballot This Year’

Stephen Hayes, Susan Page, Symone Sanders-Townsend and Julio Vaqueiro join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss shifting midterm messages and the NBC News/Telemundo survey of Latino voters.

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  1. It OK for president Biden to forget or misspeak sometimes, we all know that is what happens when we start getting older or old no need for criticism the same thing is going to happen to everyone who get old or older but still we young folks know what was meant to be said

  2. We are being threatened with nuclear weapons, the world is on fire, and our economy is in ruins. Yet MSNBC feels President Trump and Republicans are the problem. It's all about propping up democrats and tearing down Republicans rather than reporting on important issues that affect all of us. That's why CNN and MSNBC are known as the democrat propaganda media.

  3. So you Don't like Biden? Until the GOP denounces disgraced former president trump and his minions – Democrats will rule this country – The GOP needs to Stop nominating Election Denying morons and Stop preaching the Big Lie.

  4. He invited

    He incited

    They rioted

    Then he denied it

    Even though he'd implied it

    Now he must be indicted

  5. Biden is on the ballot😂

  6. I had an idea, man could do an NBC television lottery benefit solve for 1 euro or dollar that los.mann could ask gm whether they add blarzer or equinox to provide Florida with donations from the benefits game.agk DTS Thüringen

  7. Gas prices did not go down in Seattle is 6 bucks

  8. No one's talking about the surpreme court leave anymore. Very shady

  9. So if somebody has money my votes don't matter ?

  10. Never understand the gas math . It was 2.25 when Biden and Chuckles took office . It reached over 4.85 , now still 3.50 .. how’s that lower ?

  11. Republicans love his criminality

  12. Democrat Party has had several victories since they've been in office, let's put American first. 😇

  13. Trump World, Trump Legal, and Truth Social are propaganda filled pits of lies. This is Trump artfully fleecing his flock squeezing millions from poor and rich alike. A sick cash grabbing evangelism of hate led by a sinning psychopathic criminal. Millions have been brainwashed into the for profit and sinful Trump cult. Fox, NewsMax and Trump legal are all sworn to a charlatan and do his bidding. Trump is the prophet of evil and sin. Get help for the sake of your God who your Cult and your evil leader Trump defiles, for your country and for your families.

  14. Pshh gas has shot right back up over 5 bucks what the heck they talkin about


  16. Inflation Inflation inflation: The Democrats will try to distract, deflect, avoid the economy for 30 days//Too bad America won't and will destroy the Democrat monsters, and it won't just be by Republicans

  17. "It's the economy, stupid" I can't believe I quoted Bill Clinton..butt

  18. It's pretty sad that a rise in crime is a help to the Republicans. Trump world just bagan.

  19. Once Joe Biden realized that he screwed up, I guarantee you that he began to cry. Probably inconsolable for a time. He called up the family and apologized profusely.
    You will never see any of that. Ever.