Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Full Panel: Trump Reverses Decision To Hold G7 At Doral | Meet The Press | NBC News

Dan Balz, Joshua Johnson, Danielle Pletka, Betsy Woodruff Swan join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the president’s support in Washington and his reversal over where to hold the G7 summit.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: Trump Reverses Decision To Hold G7 At Doral | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Why is this an MSNBC thing? Glazing over Bernie. It’s common on most shows that he’s not included as a front runner when he clearly is.

  2. No free meals G7 trump trump don,t want the free leaders in his house

  3. ….you Democrat’s are adorably enraged. Don’t pull a muscle taking another swing at the 2nd term of Trump.


  5. Trump has you talking about nothing.

  6. Pope Francis said that a candidate should not be elected based on one campaign promise alone. Many voted for djt bc of his views on abortion. What about the kids in cages at the border?

  7. If the Trump regime is able to pull off their "let's move on" scenario past the Kurd betrayal & the quid pro quo issues it won't matter what his Senate feels, He indeed will become political Teflon.

  8. Trum boasts and brags himdelf into taking actions without benefit of the thiught process

  9. The G7 announcement by Mulvaney was not the reason for the news conference, it was an opening act in one the presidents typical shock and awe campaigns against the things we see and hear. He was trying to get ahead of a story, but the story is a tidal wave of open corruption and it gobbled him up easily. This is so sad for our country! Moderate Republicans should leave the alt right tea party before the rule of law becomes severely weakened by it's enabling of such blatant corruption.

  10. How easily people forget that Trump was ordered by Putin to weaken American democracy at the start of his term, 01/20/17.

    Like a dutiful stooge, Trump has from day one created a constant state of chaos, confusion, lies, deception, the promulgation of conspiracy theories, xenophobic rants, acts, Executive Orders, e.g., Muslim bans; 2,000-miles-long wall, etc.

    Putin has been expanding his global influence by weakening democracies all over Europe. One of his most successful attacks was the interference into the 2016 presidential election that helped get his puppet installed.

    It is a fact that Trump has never dared to criticize Putin. In fact, all of the actions he has taken and the latest debacle involving Ukraine was also done to benefit Russia alone. Trump and his band of misfits were trying to frame Ukrainians by pressuring the new Ukranian president, Zelensky to "investigate" who really interfered in the 2016 election.

    Putin wants the blame shifted to Ukraine, so that the U.S. would have to lift heavy financial sanctions placed on them for past misdeeds, e.g., invasion of Crimea and parts of Eastern Ukraine. Trump was more than willing to engage the State Department (Mike Pompeo), the Justice Department (William Barr) and his goofy, so-called personal attorney Rudy Guiliani in this scheme.

    Trump is in constant communication with Putin who gives him all his orders. Trump is beholding to Putin because Putin invested heavily in his presidential campaign, as well as directing the massive cyber-attack on the DNC and on all of our social media sites.

    I believe the media is NOT doing a good job to keep the public focused on who the real enemy is, Vladimir V. Putin. Instead, they constantly engaged in following the "shiny objects" Trump hurls on a daily basis. The media engages in the same useless banter, e.g., Why is Trump acting in this matter? Is he getting better, worse, etc?

    Trump is on a mission to render the Constitution, our democracy, all Federal Departments, and all branches of the government inert and incapable of functioning within the parameters of the Rule of Law, because he has the powerful support of his aiders and abettors, THE REPUBLICANS.

    Maybe I should go on these shows and straighten out the disconnect between the media and the public by refocusing their attention to our real enemy the Dictator for Life of Russia, VLADIMIR V. PUTIN

  11. Trump did great job 🇺🇸 Democrats of course did not want to admit – fake news

  12. Fake news, thank u for reelecting trump!

  13. NBC the laughing stock of news

  14. trump has always been unraveling: he is the great unraveling, he has never been anything else.

  15. People are ashamed of the Main Stream media, and the bios against their president. Try doing some good, and stop using such blasphemous slander against our President. Most is just hype and pure Gossip. Using bandwagon advertising to sell your snake oil. The good people of America, are not buying what your selling? You are preaching hate to the world.

  16. Chuck turd and his bullshnitz

  17. Ridiculous earrings😁

  18. Come on your minds are bright enough to shine light on the fact that The dt Whitehouse has been caught on multiple malfeasances , it follows that djt will go out of his way to get what he can before the cops arrive.

  19. Totally agree..trump is no different now than when he was elected…trump is a corrupt, treasonous, inept president..SHAME on the ENABLERS!

  20. Should have let the G7 get bed bugs! Corruption on display for the world. Republican Party is afraid of Bully Twitter Troll tRump!

  21. Four leftist democrats and a Never Trumper republican! Chuck Todd is a leftist democrat fraud.😊😊😊😊

    Hire me to talk about what Trump is doing right and watch your ratings go up!

  23. How will he double down from here? They need to get ahead of him and keep the momentum away.

  24. These people are crazy! No matter what he does, they will find fault. They will not succeed! They have the hatred of the loosers!

  25. tRump is an american disaster for us and the world. Someone needs to stop this insanity and talk him into resigning or go 25th amendment

  26. Trump will trounce Pocahontas in 2020‼️


  27. Night, night! Let Trump’s bed bugs BITE- him.

  28. I am just hoping this get at least 4 to 5 Republican Senators unelected in 2020. Trump would lose his sh*t.

  29. Dan Balz is a clear hater

  30. This guy is so dumb. Ppl need to stop associating money (especially daddies) with intelligence.

  31. It's a cut and dry case. trump is guilty, the evidence is overwhelming and they should impeach and remove him for breaking the law/s. We're either a country of laws or we're a third world corrupt sh-thole. Americans need to think about that. before they vote, as it might be their last time voting.

  32. That Shaved mohawk fade tho' I see you Joshua.

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