Full Panel: Trump’s call for protests has an ‘eerie echo’ to Jan. 6th

Asma Khalid, Maria Teresa Kumar and Doug Heye join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable to discuss the Republican reaction to former President Trump’s call for protests and President Biden’s first veto.

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  3. I onder how many unarmed women will be murdered by racist cops over this?

  4. I'm voting straight REPUBLICAN. Trump 2024

  5. Only stupid republicans committed crimes wake up

  6. Another "staged" insurrection put on by Ray Epps and other FBI agents? Getting ahead of the narrative again? 🤔

  7. Trump knows the date of his arrest. He has a spy in the prosecutor’s team.
    Republican politics have changed so much with Trump’s appearance in politics. Suddenly I see Republicans as idiots.

  8. Reality Check: How many billionaires can you recall who were ever tried, convicted and incarcerated?
    Given that reality, what do you think the odds are anything happens?

  9. Protest! Protest! Protest!….✊️

  10. IQ45: All I want is 11780 MAGAs arrested

  11. Judge, in concert with prosecutors’ recommendations, needs to put guardrails and restrictions around the defendant's social media posts as a condition of his bail. He and his posts pose a danger to society, law enforcement, and prosecutors. He and his rabid fan base are a clear and present danger to the country.

  12. From my understanding as an Aussie of New York is that Trump fncked over New York one too many times & the ripping the taxpayers off with his nefariously corrupt financial interactions with New York.,
    With that in mind & from my understanding of New Yorkers, any attempt by maga morons to interfere in what is essentially:
    'New York vs a serious criminal'.,… will only end very, very bigly badly for maga morons.,…
    My understanding of New Yorkers & the "burroughs" is that maga morons would have better luck getting blood from a stone than attempt to interfere in the justice demanded by New York.!
    (Am I correct in that assumption & hope.?)

  13. So it’s not ok for people to protest if it’s about this, but it was perfectly fine to burn down cities when democrats called for unrest in 2020? Oh the hypocrisy.

  14. Stop telling people lie. Stop taking garbage . Let the justice work . Fake

  15. NBC sucks. This is supposed to be a huge honest news organization. It feels like I’m watching a left wing YouTube channel

  16. I get that feeling when I see Videos of our great cities in ruination, drugs, gangs, illegals in luxury hotels, Lawlessness is the norm. Also my family has been in America since 1700, don,t stereotype me as one of those republicans, I,m a neutral minded republican, your panel is told the theme of what to say , que cards.

  17. Yeah, but Jan 6th was a peaceful protest… NOT
    Nor will this be because of TRE45ONS anti-American, inbred domestic terrorist rhetoric.
    "Lock him up" and throw away the key!

  18. Interesting that 3 to 1 women debating politics. Same on news more women than men. About time boys.

  19. I wonder why Trump is not asking all his children's and his wife to go on the street and protest 🤔………

  20. It is a witchhunt I don’t know why you people can’t see it

  21. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he'd implied it
    Now he MUST be indicted!

  22. DeSantis is another authoritarian-fascist leaning, Putin wanna be. Just look at what he’s been doing to Florida. He’s not really that good a Governor. Just a lot of GOP voters, who do what they’ve always done… vote outside of their own best interests. The GOP is off the rails, just like a derailed toxic train in Ohio. #GQPIrony #MAGACult

  23. How about all the calls to protest in 2020…blm riots and all. Hypocrites

  24. Im going to rally against this towel head bahhabaha she aint american! She is against america just like everyone in this video

  25. I’ll believe it, till he’s arrested

  26. Trojan Maga doesn't vote maga


  28. Please do and fill the jail cells