Monday , November 23 2020
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Full Panel: War In Syria As U.S. Pulls Back Troops | Meet The Press | NBC News

Peggy Noonan, Cornell Belcher, Ashley Parker and Michael Schmidt join the Meet the Press roundtable to talk about Turkey’s incursion into Syria and reports of U.S. withdrawals.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: War In Syria As U.S. Pulls Back Troops | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. A four-person panel speaking with one mind. Everyone sitting around smiling at and agreeing with everyone else. Why didn't NBC save some cash and have only one of these people on? Peggy Noonan can fill 7 minutes and 46 seconds all by herself (I've seen her do it.) This is why NBC has been having to layoff employees. They could use a little culling of their panel invitees, too, if I may offer a money saving tip.

  2. He is a waste of human skin! Wonder what his grand kids will think of him when their old enough to comprehend what went on between 2015 and 2019? My Dad is not a Patriot and he is a wimp! The truth is never go to war on behalf of America like the Kurds because Americans will stab you in the back. My father fought in World War 2 and he HAD A SAYING – WOULD YOU GO TO WAR WITH THE GUY STANDING NEXT TO YOU LIKE AMERICA? THAT IS THE QUESTION THE OTHER SIX MEMBERS OF THE G7 ARE ASKING THEMSELVES? CAN YOU TRUST AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, MEMBERS OF THE US MILITARY AND THEIR BELOVED LEADER TRUMP WHEN IT COUNTS? NOT! AMERICANS HAVE CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED THAT THEY ARE A WASTE OF HUMAN SKIN. THEIR SO CALLED BROTHER IN ARMS THE KURDS LOST 10,000 FIGHTERS IN THE WAR WITH ISIS AND SYRIA. TRUMP HAS GIVEN THE GO AHEAD FOR TURKEY TO SLAUGHTER THEIR CIVILIAN POPULATION. AS OF TODAY THERE ARE 100,000 KURDS DISPLACED LOOKING FOR A SAFE HAVEN. WHERE IS THAT JOKE OF A COUNTRY AMERICA? Running away from the fight! That is becoming the typical American mantra. It will be interesting as the Kurdish death toll rises and what the dumb arrogant Americans say. You are right the world would be better off with less America!!!

  3. Donald J. Trump: murderer of American allies, the Kurds. How is this not aiding and abetting the enemy: by definition treason — for which the penalty is death.

  4. Sanctions waste of time after a green light to abandoning the Kurds! At the root of all this is putin's russian playbook. More evidence trump and his cronies are doing putin's bidding…GOP included! SHAME

  5. If Mattis wants be the consummate Marine then he never should have gone into politics…

  6. First a 19 minute interview with a retired defense secretary who says absolutely nothing of substance followed by a panel of bland analysts headlined by the useless fossil Peggy Noonan. What is the purpose of this show?

  7. Next ally to be thrown away and abandon will be…… Ukraine.

  8. We're not "bringing the troops home". This is the biggest lie in politics. We have more bases in the middle east than anywhere else in the world (Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey). What happened in Syria last week was simply moving a few pawns around.

  9. I guess media now is our leadership and they k ow better how to run the White House
    Ok find ban us leader and we ban fake news
    Happy birthday bad news media

  10. Many people will Die but they all need to fight it out sometimes it better just to pullout and watch people fight for there country mmmm
    Me I would say it could led to Russia saves the day maybe Russia is better

  11. Why 1 sided ?
    Didn’t the Turks support everything from Korea to Afghanistan including soldiers on the ground
    Didn’t the Turks give all bases US asked for including listening posts / airbases etc
    Didn’t the USA & allies accept PKK as being terrorists and their other arm as pyd ???
    Why would you sell out Turkey for riff raff terrorists who are Lennon Marxist who switch sides more than anything

  12. The second time a Republican President abandon the Kurds.

  13. Trump is probably scared of Erdogon and Putin. Bullies have their own bullies too.

  14. Look how much the US troops and US military power is respected. 1,000 US troops prevented this new war and invasion of Syria.

  15. Trump did the right thing in Syria. This has been a long time in the makings. We didn't leave, we moved just the troops that are in harm's way. The president did have the FBI involved in the Ukrainian phone call as he mentioned working with Bill Barr. After all that has happened, why would he fully trust the FBI with this investigation? The DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA had years to look at this and no one did. He trusts Rudy. Rudy was asked by the State Department to get involved. Part of the President's job is to look into the corruption and Joe Biden and his son opened the door on that. This show is all about kissing the DNC's @ss!

  16. Another Sunday hit job on a President that has done more for trade imbalances, border security, our military, the VA Medical System, Black men incarcerated for petty crimes, personal wealth increases. Lowest unemployment in 59 years, 401K velocity, our famers in middle America, and generating renewed respect of this country and what we contribute to the globe (monetary and otherwise) with world leaders. The left is sickened by his accomplishments, when in fact they should be applauded. It kills them to see his success. People aren’t stupid. The same people that the left wrote off as dummies and insignificant will send this great president back the the White House for 4 more years and there is nothing the whiny left can do about it.

  17. The black dude sounded high and drunk…the Kurds are not my ally…neither is Ukraine unless they dig up the dirt on Biden.

  18. Christian Zionist Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel 😜 it's better for the Zionist Evangelical backing to allow Trump to sacrifice the Kurds for personal gain than take a chance at losing grip on the American taxpayers blood and treasure to continue to fight Israeli Zionist wars in the middle East 🙊 🙉🙈 🤫🤑🤫

  19. Trump is trying to facilitate another 9-11, then he can declare martial law.

  20. Peggy Noonan was the only one to hit the nail on the head. On the other hand the dude with the bad hair day to say "it was brilliant" has lost his mind. mattis found a way to criticize Obama twice, but would not sat anything about Trump. Typical marine general who are just as worst a marines sneaking immigrants across the boarder.

  21. Here's a poll question: how many Voters for Trump regret their vote now? How about: How many Americans think our country is for sale now?

  22. Build the middle class. Not the middle east!

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