Friday , January 21 2022
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Full Panel: 'We Are All Struggling To Find The Right Words' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Kasie Hunt, Pat McCrory, Eliana Johnson and Eddie Glaude Jr. join the Meet the Press roundtable in the aftermath of deadly mass shootings and rising domestic terrorism.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: ‘We Are All Struggling To Find The Right Words’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Eddie Gaude is an absolute libtard savant. What a crazy nutter no legitimate arguments just fluffy words and emotions. 'No human is illegal'. Lol

  2. This is MSNBC muddying the water. Sure have an opposing view but at least have a rational one. And Kasie and Chuck pushing back is strictly theater. This guy can't answer why no current sitting Republican lawmakers won't speak out against Trump. He's not in office so of course he's going to at least say White Nationalism is a thing but is disingenuous by shouting out Antifa, like there's an equivalency there. If we are keeping score, which is something Tool Todd could be doing, (Dems have) 1)James Hodgkinson, 2)the attack on journalist Andy Ngo, 3)a teenager had his MAGA hat swiped off his head at a Wataburger, 4) Antifa violence at UC Berkeley to protest Milo Yiannopoulos, people venting at public figures like Scott Pruitt, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Jeff Flake, and have the guy that did something to McCory's car a few years back. (Repubs) Geezus, where do I start. Trump encouraging his crowds as a start. Charles Rispoli, Angelo Varisco, Facebook group I'm 10-15, Christopher Hasson, Nick Sandmann and his ilk from Covington Catholic High School, James Fields Jr., Robert Gregory Bowers, Cesar Cyoc, Dylan Roof, etc and One more thing. What also should be included in the discussion is in 2006 the FBI published a bulletin warning of an alarming number of white supremacists in and joining law enforcement. Mr. Glaude stuck on a panel of white privilege and he's still a gentlemen.

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  5. the governor thinks like a republican. makes it up

  6. Find the right words quickly NBC. It's 2 words I want to here. One starts with T, and the other S. Say the 2 words together and struggle no longer.

  7. The Governor should accept that Donald Trump has soft corner for the white supremacist and neo Nazis because he feels and knows they in fact are his staunch supporters- the so called "Base". And not to forget that he is a racist himself and so to rebuke or condemn them is like hurting himself. First of all the respected news hosts and panelists should stop arguing who is what or not and dwell more on how to prevent chronic liars and false claimers to occupy the sacred chair. The health and survival of America as the one and only powerful leader lie with this one person.

  8. The Dayton shooter was a Elizabeth Warren supporter…I wonder why that shooting isn't being covered???

  9. Total bunch of biased NBC BS led by Mr. Bias himself Chuck Todd

  10. I couldn't listen this crap beyond about 3 minutes. NBC = National Biased Company

  11. Words are powerful and do mean something! Local, state and federal public officials are role models in society, whether or not he or she fully understands that. So, what they do and what they say, does matter!

    Human beings are human beings. Illegal immigrants are human beings. So, to call them "illegal aliens" is a 20th century phrase which may dehumanize them. I agree that they should no longer be labeled like that. They are illegal immigrants. They came into the US and broke immigration rules. They still need to be treated as human beings.

    However, this does not mean that we should not have any borders and that anybody should be allowed to come on in, with absolutely no background checks etc. To do that would be like a bank having no security, no locks, no doors, etc. making themselves totally vulnerable to bad elements like thieves, burglars, crooks, thugs, gangs, white collar criminals, identity thieves, cyber terrorists, hackers, etc. Criminals and terrorists… would then love to come on into the USA and cause chaos and mayhem… Then, there is no more law and order,… and no more country! An extremist will always go wrong. This is why the Silent Majority has always sought common sense moderates and not extremism to the left or to the right.

  12. The DON is quite brilliant  

    He has the  North Koreans  surrounded 

    He has Iran surrounded  

    He has NATO  surrounded 

    He has Negroes surrounded 

    He has the states surrounded 

    He has SCOTUS  surrounded  

    He  has the  Senate  and judges in his hand 

    He has China surrounded  

    And he has the  Democrats surrounded  

    And the Dims are  very nervous and lying when ever they can 

    And Russia  is watching  and they are nervous as well ????

  13. My c0ck is an assault weapon, you ninis.


  15. Did I miss something… Have there been NO mass shootings during Democratic administrations…. Gaudet is becoming what Sharpton used to be….just another dishonest academic…

  16. Until the 70s, NC governors only served one term each. And Pat McCrory is the first to ever LOSE his reelection bid because he's a sleazy POS and we don't like him in NC. Republican voters flipped for the gubernatorial race

  17. Ain't that tagline the truth

  18. I love how MSNBC can take an epidemic of institutional racism validated through socio-economics and capitalism as a theme only to still create time to jab Bernie Sanders, through labeling supporters. This country has no remorse for how they test Blacks; and indigenous peoples, and would readily use discrimination as a pathway to keep the illusion of privilege.

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