Full Parlatore: Alleged voice memos about classified docs are ‘not at all’ damning for Trump

As Special Counsel investigations into former President Trump approach a potential indictment, “irreconcilable conflicts” led attorney Timothy Parlatore to leave the Trump legal defense team. He discusses the cases Trump faces thus far on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

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  1. He traded his self that it was he wanted people to believe it now he's got what he wanted Donald Trump is going to have to pay for his crimes and all the crimes he committed against his country the people of this country he has got to pay and all that b***** everybody hollering all he don't want it either they don't want to prosecutor because of whatever do what did he do to this country by him doing what he done this country hasn't been right since the day he had in the rain to run for president because he is not nothing but a liar and a piece of s***anybody this educated enough to be an attorney should have at least some more but the more I look around I think Donald Trump's got all the immoral immoral nonmoral lawyers in his lawyer count Donald Trump don't want advice from a lawyer he wants to tell the lawyer what he wants to get done and they're supposed to do

  2. Does that series of events that you're talkin about does that mean that y'all was hiding them from one spot to another trying to keep up one step ahead of jacksmith investigation that's what your whole lawyer team was doing was trying to hide evidence trying to steal evidence and Trump wants to holler old he not he done nothing anybody else except Donald Trump broke the law at every turn he never done nothing right he's done his whole life he's push people around he's took him to court every time he has a grievance they take somebody Court full basket don't have nothing but he wants to take that from him somebody order to take the orange right out of his skin

  3. Dude it does make Trump look bad, and you know this!

  4. Tim is still on the Trump payroll 😂

  5. Chuck refers to Trump as " the president " not the ex president .

  6. Bruh you u saving face and I understand why it's called self-preservation is mankind's number one instinct… But your client has exposed himself and you

  7. Why doesn’t this station talk about the corrupt president we currently have in office instead of the one that’s unemployed!!

  8. Can they asked those same questions about potato?I mean come on medias?why so scared to find out the truth from both sides.trump did this and that but did potato did worst than trump?.

  9. I have zero respect for this lawyer – he just blowing smoke – he is still a trump stooge and just as revolting – how much has Trump promised pay for this but won’t. He is the kind of lawyer that gives lawyers a bad name.

  10. All of trumps businesses have been failing for years, what better way to make money than steal military documents and sell them to our enemies,,..since he was impeached for withholding military aid to Ukraine, he has been praising Putin and Kim like they are tight relatives..


  12. Alright, he's had his 5 minutes of fame, now we can forget about him unless he takes on Guiliani as a client.

  13. It'll be EZ for the DOJ to prove that Trumpty knew that the election was NOT stolen, because Trump paid a company $800K to investigate the entire election process and their report found that there was no election fraud in 2020. Parlatore is lying and trying to make Trump's public statements about it all look good before he is indicted. ABHORRENT

  14. He's a Trump legal lobbyist. Trump can commit crimes because Hilary did. What the actual f***? He's apparently a lawyer. Excuse me while i die laughing.

  15. Parlatore is lying about Trump not knowing what he should do with the documents and saying that he was not hiding them from the FEDS, especially when Evan Corcoran said that Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he stole the documents.

  16. Most audio and video tapes are very damaging to anyone who is facing criminal charges, , so how can it NOT be damning for Traitor Trump and his cohorts?

  17. You guys have the name wrong. BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU SAY!

  18. Hillary Clinton wasn't prosecuted because she didn't steal and sell secrets. Trump did. To compare them is false equivalence.

  19. Don't ask one of Trump's former lawyers because there's still a client lawyer privilege

  20. Pfft! Why do I get the feeling this guy is STILL working for Trump?

  21. Didn't Chuckle Todd Get Chucked off of Meet the Press 🤔