Thursday , December 3 2020
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Full Paul: 'Turkey Was Coming In [To Syria] One Way Or Another' | Meet The Press | NBC News

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about Turkey’s attack on Kurds in Syria and the impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s involvement in Ukraine.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Paul: ‘Turkey Was Coming In [To Syria] One Way Or Another’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. haha chuck todd is such a weasel

  2. No 'nation building', sure enough no supporting communist Kurds' war with Turkey.

    Validate your /Second Amendment Right

  3. Now Russia and it's allies control all of Syria which is why Putin commanded Trump to remove troops from Syria at the meeting in Helsynki. The United States loses yet another part of the planet to Putin via Trump! Trump announced we are pulling out of Syria right after Helsinki despite the opinion of the military and the troops on the ground. Everyone was surprised at the time and were angry. Trump made this obvious agreement with Putin. Putin's orders superseed the safety of American citizens.

  4. Fake News and the democrat satanist would have no problem with Obama or Biden withdrawing from Syria, except it is Trump is doing it.

  5. If the Kurds want a Homeland they must develop that themselves . We can't be the military protector of everyone. We do our job in removing isis cause they're affect is worldwide but the Kurds is not our problem to their sovereignty. They must decide to either become part of Iraq or work ir out themselves . People must represent themselves and take action to implement their survival.

  6. All goes back to Israeli plo solution. Our allegiance to Israel is not unified. To this day Israel will have to defend itself as a nation on its own. We can't pick sides or else were endangers ourselves to our own unraveling which is going happen anyways considering the immigration problems here and the economics of our impending collapse

  7. Another step closer to the battle of armaggadeoon

  8. Syiria is the Tennant from the old Assyrian Empire which included the land of Babylon or Iraq. A lot of the people the Kurds are the nomads keeping the Reformation of this region which represents a threat to the kingdom of Israel. Israels best interests are to not allow the Syrians to accomplish their goal of what world war one and two did was to divide the region of the once eventually became the ottoman empire including turkey. The Kurds stand in the way and it's our best interest s that we protect the Kurds Trump withdrawing from syris to battle ISIS is bad for world security. When Trump wanted to defund NATO sets a bad precedent and makes his allegiance to Russia and putin more obvious. Remember though Hitler trued to keep at peace with Stalin but then he made the mistake of invading. Don't understestimate that Trump is not withdrawing or concerned about Sryria especially when he's building up for Iran an ally of Syria. But I don't believe Trump's interests are in Israel but is Russia and that's why we need him removed from power immediately.

  9. At least the Kurds have some claim to the land unlike the fake )oos in Israel who have no claim to the land what so ever

  10. Rand paul is not his father. I like ron better.

  11. @ 7:15 Paul is complete in misleading folks from truth . Sept. 27/ 2019 – POLITIFACT "Trump said Democrat Senators threatened Ukraine, That's misleading". Rand Paul is echoing trump's lie abot Ukraine, money and "investigations on both sides".

  12. Sounds like R. Paul likes the thought of moving Kurds away from there homes, to a place in Iraq. Sounds alot like… move them to a "reservation". Hm-m-m….think about that.

  13. I don’t Agree what he said but at least
    He is Honest what he said … that’s was Turkish and Erdogan prediction on Obama … Obama possibly promise independence to ypg sdf to use them …
    Erdogan was begging to Obama as nato Turkey will fight isis don’t use ypg but Obama use ypg … cause behind door Obama with not talking to Congress and try to give Kurds homelands … that’s why it’s fails …. Obama was didn’t know Turkey will never let happen… yes if USA do bring topics for Kurds homeland … and they declare war to Turkey … woooow

    That’s why usa Obama didn’t sale (give ) patriots defense system to Turkey….

    Turkey knew only reason they not given cause of that they may need attack Turkey at future…. that’s why Erdogan bought s-400 from Russia….

  14. We gonna capture Damascus to and take down Bashar.

  15. Remember WW2 when US Army had honor and betraying its partners was never an option. And look at it now, it is a joke.

  16. Sorry for American people wasting their tax money to fund terrorists pkk ypg and now they destroyed by turks hahah

  17. Chuck, you are arrogant and disgusting. What a pig.

  18. Finally a clever American politician. He is right on ME problems.

  19. Senator Paul, you are too perfect for this world. I am definitely buying your book to get myself familiar with more of your ideas.

  20. New khalifa is striking again.!

  21. 3:50 EXACTLY!!! STOP SENDING OUR SOLDIERS TO DIE FIGHTS WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH. Funny how the left said this for years and when Trump does it he is "helping ISIS"

  22. This man is the honest politician in white house.


  24. I voted for Ron Paul and will keep writing him in until he's elected

  25. Thank you for standing up for Freedom and Liberty Dr. Paul.

  26. Full Paul cant fool us.
    We know the zioplan.

  27. Turkey and Russia have advanced..not just usual trump is doing putin's playbook, along with GOP..SHAME

  28. No rand
    You never send our soldiers anywhere to die
    You send them there to make the enemy die

  29. Thank you Senator Rand Paul!

  30. Who decides who is terrorists from who isn't?

  31. Question. If Turkey and Russian- Syrian troops clash do we help Turkey? NATO ally

  32. Chuck Todd is trying to win the World Gaslight Championship Belt from Rachel Maddow apparently.

  33. Moron Chuck Todd will find himself wearing a straight jacket in a rubber room. He is clearly breaking down. Same as his neighbor in the adjoining rubber room, Shep Smith.

  34. Chuck got triggered at the end

  35. Hey Chuck, your a HACK plain and simple. The yeah yeah at the end of the interview says you don't want to hear the facts.

  36. I love Rand such a humble honest dude

  37. Yes, not all Kurds are the same! Thank you sir!

  38. Rand Paul forgot about the dem motto. "Rules for thee, not for me." At least Chuck accodently admitted what the dems did to Ukraine was also wrong when he asked if two wrongs make a right. Lol

  39. So easy to clamor for war from an air conditioned studio in Manhattan, isn't it?

  40. If you want to give the “Kurds” a home how about you give them California or Oregon ? Yh exactly didnt think so why do you always think of drawing more lines on other countries you have to remember this so called brutal dictator as you call him was keeping Christians and other ancient groups who spoke the same language Jesus spoke alive Jews and other minorities were safe Until you guys came up with this lets support these “rebels”

  41. Ron paul is another russian asset .

  42. America is sending their sons and daughters to die around the world what is the difference …why America is digging in in Saudi Arabia…its all about money lying politicians….

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