Saturday , January 16 2021
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Full Romney Interview: Trump Should Be 'Careful' In His Next Steps | Meet The Press | NBC News

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) talks to Chuck Todd about his takeaways from the 2020 election, how he’d like to see President Trump handle the final days of his administration, and what it might be like to work with President-elect Joe Biden, during an interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Romney Interview: Trump Should Be ‘Careful’ In His Next Steps | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Mitt Romney is part of the Evil Deep State and getting his kickbacks, he's got a LARGE bank account like the traitors to USA on both sides!!!

  2. Mitt. You. Better. Be. Carefull you. Mutt

  3. Romney is a deepstate swamp creature

  4. President Trump to you two buffoons. Basement Joe will never be President.

  5. Hey Mitt there is no honor among thieves right Mitt. You are a phony and a fraud not to mention one egotistical arrogant puffed up POS. You give Utah and the LDS Church a bad name.

  6. He's the 900 pound orangutan!

  7. Romney, America rejected you even when you fooled them into the idea that you’re conservative. Now they hate you. And so does your own party. And so do the hosts of these programs you go on. Can’t believe I made phone calls for you. You’re so disgusting and pathetic.

  8. We want all those changes! Imagine him saying the opposite! Honor and respect! You all gave that up four years ago!

  9. Bernie Sanders took Utah , the primary. Mr. Romney, so please you don't know what you are talking about

  10. Yes. People want Medicare for all. Mitt Romney cannot be trusted.

  11. The Georgia is very much about character

  12. The right wing extremist wont to destroy the country and the constitution

  13. When did Americans say "we don't want affordable or free healthcare" get real

  14. Mitt, Biden wants to sniff your wife's hair… Utah needs to reelect one of Trumps guys

  15. Fake "news" hosting a Fake "Rep." Senator… Mutt Romney is now and has been for years, a RINO. Pres. Trump, , continue to "Drain the Swamp!"
    Those that can, do. Those that can't, talk about those that can.

  16. Mitt I had an idea that you were a reasonable person with a focus on the future for your country instead I see a man who is so right wing Republican that you have not the guts to really be counted hedging your bets for possible 2024 elections is sick it shows that actually you have nothing in your head other than your future don’t give a fig for the real world of younger people who do believe in the green new deal & a future in a world that you will not be part of.
    Time these old men with outdated ideas gave way to the generation who are going to most impacted & give them a chance to forge the future world they want to live in.

  17. Mitt your statement the more the people will not vote for you…

  18. We who cares for the People Love Trumps and what he has done..

  19. His of character, your a democrat not a republican only you separate your ways, People of the world love Pres. Donald Trump…

  20. Mitt is the fool that should be careful

  21. Shame on you Romney you are part of swamps

  22. Both of you two are a disgrace to America, Chuck and Mitt!

  23. I just hope we have better candidates in the future and more trust to give them a chance after all this must say I wasn't a fan of Mitt Romney however I have to admit he has gain a lot more respect from me in the last few months

  24. you are a chump, a fraud, a rhino, and corrupt mit romney. you know it and so does the Lord…He's coming

  25. Only reason (TODD-toady) is on this show is that they killed the real journalist for asking skull & bones questions.

  26. One can't say Trump is a man of character because he simply is not a man.

  27. But Trump will not win his law suits too bad Biden won



  29. Yeah he should, for some reason he was dumb enough to let the RINO Romneys keep control of the RNC. Mitt wants Sniffy in asap to get the wars going again.

  30. Romney wears magic underwear so his judgment is obviously flawed

  31. As an american let me learn ya a few things mitt. Yes we do want affordable health care. Yes we do need to cut down on coal and oil, but with those workers being trained on renewable energy.

  32. He is most pathetic and traitorous person alive, not principled, always sitting on the wall, gotton cheated in 2016 by dems and still betraying his party for dems. He needs a backbone implant indeed.

  33. Rare sighting of a sane and honest Republican. Croikey!

  34. screw you mitt romney. you would never be a senator without president trump's endorsment. efffff you traitor

  35. Dear Mitt, Your dad was a great gov in Michigan. Brought science and a huge number of industries, and GREAT schools in the 1960's. Mitt, please make your party set up PPE & PPP. Demand OUR manufacturing of PPE in this country using the National Defense Production Act. Azaria lied about preparations, and his military speaker couldn't get his tenses straight after reading the prepared speech written for him. His responses indicated future wishes to make plans, with NO NATIONAL DISTRIB IT TION PLAN MADE YET!
    Thank you for your 50% supportive vote on behalf of Impeachment with bravos and respect from my family to you for having the integrity to speak up when wrong wasstepping on proper actions. Personal integrity is what we need in government, whether from a D or an R.

  36. Mitt Romney is nothing more than a RINO, rich and not in touch with the everyday man or woman in the United States. He supports the socialist democrats more than the everyday person.

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