Friday , January 21 2022
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Full Speech: Biden Condemns Trump’s Rhetoric And White Nationalism | NBC News

Watch former Vice President Biden’s full speech in Burlington, Iowa as he criticizes President Trump’s handling of the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas and denounces white nationalism.
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Full Speech: Biden Condemns Trump’s Rhetoric And White Nationalism | NBC News


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  1. The most striking difference between Jefferson's constitution and any of the ratified constitutions is another clause in that same Article 4:       "No person hereafter coming into this country shall be held within the same in slavery under any pretext whatever."                  Slavery was much on Jefferson's mind in 1776. In an early draft of the Declaration he added to his list of George III's crimes that "he has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither." This passage had influential supporters: John Adams, for instance, considered it the best part of the document. But Adams and Jefferson did not have the votes, and the newly independent United States had no policy banning slavery.

  2. You don’t know what you had until it’s gone. Obama was one of the best. Now that we know who trump is, let’s figure out a way hard working people don’t carry the full load of the tax benefit from trump to the upper class which was essentially a carry over from bush, Clinton and Obama.

  3. The Truth about White Nationalism and Democrat Party Propaganda

    White Nationalism the Real 411

    So the Democrats have failed to prove Trump guilty of anything, and especially Russian Collusion, so now they are charging him with White Nationalism. I'm part Jewish, but most of my DNA is of the English/Irish/Scot mix and a mix of "Other Western European." I know by my ancestors that is Italian. Anyway even a small bit of Jewish DNA would make me ineligible for some of the White Nationalist groups. The thing is I'm a white man, and I am an American born & bred! Nationalism to me equates to Loyalty to USA! Therefore I am white and an American Nationalist.

    Of course! This is America. In other countries that have people with ancestry that sometimes goes back thousands of years the concept of nationalism is far more acceptable. The Chinese, Russians, some Middle East Countries, even the UK, Ireland and many other countries can achieve some degree of nationalism based on their family ancestry that can be sometimes traced back thousands of years. In USA the American Indians are the only group that can claim some degree of Nationalism that is linked by millennium's or thousands of years. Yet- Here we are having this discussion on whites with a love of country that they claim as their own. Manifest Destiny or whatever justification we exist in America has found some amount or form of Nationalism. My father fought in Italy and France in World War 2, my ancestors have served USA since the 1600's. And that is from only one faction of my ancestry. Many fellow Americans see Love of USA or Nationalism as something we 'Take for Granted.' It's fundamental to be nationalistic, even for newly arrived immigrants there are many who immediately bond and feel some love for this country.

    This new propaganda tactic the Democrats have embraced, that is their claim that Republicans and especially Trump Republicans are White Nationalists will fall flat like their Russian Collusion did. These alleged white nationalist groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis number in ridiculously low numbers. They are dinosaurs near extinction. We know this because whenever they are filmed by mainstream media we don't see tens to hundreds of thousands in the streets. Most of the time it's a dozen or so protesting and that means they are not a true & factual threat to America as the Leftists are selling. However lumping all these so called 'Far Right' groups under a title name of 'White Nationalists' is a Democrat con job because being White and being a Nationalist by the truest form definition, that being "One who Loves USA" is ignoring White Jewish Americans and anybody else that is white and loves America. Leave it to the real Nazi's aka the Democrat Party that has members in Congress & Senate that have openly supported Socialist Slavery to create more lies. Again I say the Democrats and their control of Mainstream Media is performing a New Kind of Blitzkrieg Propaganda Campaign, just like the real Nazis did in World War 2. Do the right thing and vote Trump/Pence 2020!

    +++ White Nationalism is a generic term to link all Far Right groups under one banner. However I am part Jewish, and I am white and I am a born & bred American with ancestry that goes back to the 1600's. So to me Nationalism is really just normal people that love USA and are Loyal Americans. We want to protect our country first and foremost. Granted I am not eligible for membership in 'some' of these misappropriated white nationalist groups. KKK & Neo-Nazis of course! However nationalism is so very much acceptable on the global market. Chinese who can trace their ancestry back over 2 thousand years love and are loyal to China first. Same applies to many other "Old Countries." In the old world nationalism is very acceptable. Brown or Black Nationalists are not linked to other hate groups like the Black 12 Tribes of Israel or Mexican Mafia MS-13 but white nationalists are being falsely linked to hate. BOTTOM LINE: Black Nationalists would be black Americans who love and want the best for America first- that is what nationalism is. But black Americans who are nationalists or loyalists to USA are not being linked to the Black 12 Tribes of Israel nor the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam, but white nationalists are being falsely associated with other hate groups. Double Standards again from Democrats!!!



  6. So creapy joe was buddys of the kkk grand wizard along with hillary and obama gave a speach how grate he was so whos the real racist here

  7. Racists hate hierarchy-jew-blacks-asians-latinos-slavs-the white american worker.racists are always defeat able forces. That was the all time history of them. Let us unite .

  8. That is how a president should speak. While trump's is of ordinary one.

  9. 16:45 "America is an Idea." Keep thinking that way and you'll get us all killed.

  10. Ok Joe now that you tried to talk go crawl under a rock and die you POS. Your whole family is a bunch of crooks.

  11. Oh you Americans are not pathetic you’re not garbage but you really are the biggest idiots in the world!

  12. /G with tears in my eyes brother there making my profession harder please help US .

  13. Joe talks about how bad the "clan" was. The KKK was founded by the Democrat party, and the majority of its members were Democrats. Look it up!

  14. "we are committing genocide against the white race…*cough* Jews are committing genocide against the white race."

    Little Freudian slip there Joe?

  15. Great speech Vice President Biden. You are a much needed Band-Aid in America. We love you and God Bless America!

  16. oh gosh, I really miss having a president who brings this nation together. Someone with compassion and wisdom. Someone who can speak from a good heart. Who knows our history.

  17. Can't wait for Trump/ Biden debate. Joe will take Trump to bits with this fire and rational arguments!

  18. Biden is part of an administration that bombed and killed thousands of innocent people in seven wars throughout the world. He is a warmonger. Tulsi 2020.

  19. Speaking of White stuff….I had a great day today with my privilege. I started the day at Raceway with free coffee and 10 gallons of gas. Im so thankful because without it, I wouldnt have been able to make it to the "pay in person" location at the electric company. When I got there, I was running behind because I made a quick stop at Great Clips (free haircuts with your white card) and needed mayonnaise for the potato salad my wife Heather is making for dinner. So I arrived to the electric company and there was a huge line. Of course, I was asked to proceed to the counter right away because there were only Mexican Americans in front of me. I guess they assumed my white card was up to date. It is, I just had it renewed at the local sub station. As expected, they waived my past due amounts and not only paid me up to date but gave me enough credits to get me through the end of the year. I went ahead and went back home and found a "denial of credit" in my email inbox! I was furious! My 426 credit score is a front and a joke but sometimes someone denies me before checking my white card. When I called the special "white" hot line, I found they had made the mistake of thinking I was Asian! Boy, I straightened them out and they immediately reversed their decision. The bank paid off my house and bought me a second home in Boca Vista as an apology for the mistake and inconvenience. I told them that if this ever happened again, I would go somewhere else with my white card! This entire thing is getting ridiculous! Pretty soon, my white card isnt going to be worth renewing. I mean why bother. I know some blacks dont believe in the white card. I understand that. Its hard to swallow. Ask yourself how all those white people afford Mercedes and big houses? White people dont "work", lol. Good God, that will be the day! All this white nationalism and fights over illegal immigration are just a distraction.

    …so ask yourself, whats the point of this?

  20. I’ll take white supremacy then.
    Keep making the case for it you mental patients.

  21. I just wish you’re policies were as good as this speech.😞

  22. this guy needs to be locked up right next to larry nassar.

  23. What a real man sounds like in public just in case you have forgotten.

  24. John McCain would be proud of his friend Joe.

  25. Impressed. I just donated. I believe he can lead the country to progress and unity. We need to help him push the haters back and give them a chance to change to be a unified U.S.A.

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