Saturday , October 16 2021
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Full Surgeon General: 'We Have To Use Every Lever' in Covid Fight

Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General, joins Meet the Press to talk about the White House’s proposed vaccine mandates. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Surgeon General: ‘We Have To Use Every Lever’ in Covid Fight


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  1. From Italy – To explain the growing vaccination fury of our government and other European governments, the following reasons must also be taken into account:

    These governments have spent hundreds of millions of euros to buy vaccines from pharmaceutical companies, with the hope of reaching enough vaccinees that they won't be left with unused stocks. However, many have understood that these vaccines are not only ineffective, but also harmful to the body, and the vaccine rush has come to a halt prematurely, with the consequence that large quantities of vaccine really risk being left unused.

    Therefore, since this eventuality constitutes an enormously serious TAX DAMAGE, they are now forced to use any means, legal and illegal, to inoculate all the residual vaccines in our bodies, if possible down to the last vial.

  2. George Sorros directly paid for Vivek Murthy's rise to the Surgeon General postion. He directly paid for Murthy's education and Murthy has been a long-time member of Open Societies organization. These anti-American Sorros plants have infected the US Govt and are to blame for COVID, for Mandates, and for the media scaring people and spreading lies. They envision China being our world leader, so if it seems like communism is settling into the US…these Sorros folks are the reason AND any news channel hosting these people are in league with Sorros and China.

  3. C 19 would disappear once the mainstream media does.

  4. Before Biden took office in December 2020, he vowed to say : I m against vaccination and I will never ask for it.

  5. How are the Un-vaccinated a threat to the Vaccinated

  6. Why would I not be surprised if the Surgeon General owns a bunch of hotels somewhere? I think the country you're thinking of doctor is China, maybe India, but here in America we don't mandate things like that.

  7. our enemy is NOT the virus. Lunatic sell outs like you are the virus. Nature knows how to deal with real viruses. this creature with no authority will be dealt with accordingly

  8. Hit. Em back in pocket books
    Like they did all of us
    Hospital denying unvaxxed , therefore unvaxxed are exempt from paying for healthcare…since service denied..

  9. The man made pandemic? You realize you are committing an act of war on the US population?

  10. New symptoms of covid I'm valuable for study

  11. Over 2.6 million adverse reactions in the EU USA AND UK alone. The last vaccine pulled from market had only 25 deaths. Sars II vaccine in 2005. Yet over 2600 deaths per the vaers report. Yet not pulled from market. I’m curious When did we think 2600 plus deaths and counting was acceptable?

  12. No vaccines for HIV after 30yrs of trials and testing…..but we MANDATE you to take the experimental rushed covid-19 vaccines or lose your jobs and housing……💉💉

  13. How to defeat the PLANdemic: TURN OFF YOUR TV

  14. Another infomercial for the plannedemic. The world is being played like a fiddle(:

  15. Is this guy freaking crazy!?!?

  16. After the trials all traitors to humanity will face the punishment that befits treason.

  17. What about natural immunity after recovering? No way I'm injecting more of that crap inside me.

  18. Vaccines create variances so this will NEVER end. Look at Israel's cases. This is a Big Pharma scam!!!

    Death to the NEW-SOVIET !!!

  20. Nowhere is anybody blaming China because some certain doctor had a big part in it and the Democrats are hiding it

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