Sunday , January 23 2022
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Full Weld & McIntosh: Debate Over Four More Years Of President Trump | Meet The Press

Presidential Candidate, Fmr. Gov. Bill Weld (R-Mass.) and David McIntosh, Club for Growth President, join Meet the Press for an exclusive joint interview to talk about the current administration, the ongoing trade war and Republicans standing up to Trump.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Weld & McIntosh: Debate Over Four More Years Of President Trump | Meet The Press


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  1. 你们这种垃圾公司赶紧倒闭吧,被中共收买的杂种,报道不实的新闻

  2. Macintosh is do dumb-does he really think that tariffs on trade help American business or the consumer? And the economy is doing a lot less well than he claims.

  3. Most dishonest person in New York, in the World
    Sorry people of the world from the other side of the vote

  4. Why is no one talking about the fact that the jobs added number for the past year plus was wrong? They just did a correction and there are 700,000 jobs less than what was thought and it could be higher. It also does't take into the account how many are part time jobs. What is it, almost 45% of the public work two jobs to make rent? How is the economy working for the majority of Americans?

  5. Chuck Todd is the most pathetic host, no good questions. Give me 15 questions with McIntosh and I will destroy him.

  6. Chuck, the question you have to ask Mcintosh is how can you support 2-3% growth with a 6% deficit. Why is it not a -3% growth?

  7. The United States will be the final legacy of Donald Trump's path to bankrupt everything he gets his hands on. Four more years? Hmm he might not even need to be re elected

  8. Weld claims to be a Republican,

    but he sounds more like a typical LibTard.

  9. this guy is another don the con butt kisser..disgusting/ makintosh

  10. Republican Logic: " I'm going to vote for Pennywise the Clown in the next election. Sure he eats children, but look at my bank account though! "

  11. Macintosh is 100% delusional… I wish Weld called him out

  12. We need more "R" words said the tired Democrat.
    Russia ,racism and recession aren't working.

  13. 5.5 more years of democrat funded entertainment.
    With your Ringmaster.
    Donald J Trump

  14. You notice he studdered as he talked as if he is unsure or nervous about what he is saying to cover Trump. L

  15. Mexico will pay, China will pay, No, The Farmers are Losing and Americans are Losing by paying more for products. Meanwhile, Brazil Slash and Burns for Chinese Soy Beans. NAFTA only name changed phonetics to USMCA. Threatening France with Tariffs while Cuddling up with Russia 's Reentry to G7. Something France and Germany opposed. TV Game Show Occupant of the WH, needs to be fired, ratings are plummeting. He and Republicans will Pay and Americans will reap the rewards of Victory.

  16. So McIntosh's support is based on a 22-year old book that Trump didn't even write by himself? Did I hear that right?

  17. So no Russia anything ? Over ? Hmmm .

  18. Weld is honest at least. If the country survives Trump and that is a big IF the Republican party is screwed for a generation. All the youth see what liars the Trump sychophants have become. That TPP would have hurt China more than a trade war.

  19. If I could choose to meet any living person, I would honestly choose to meet Governor William Weld. Weld 2020!

  20. We don’t want another politician..go sit down Weld…

  21. If these two globalist are against President Trump, that tells me he is definitely putting Americans first.

  22. More than 50% of the budget every year is spent on military. Republican often make up numbers that are not true. Republicans have increased the national debt more than the democrats since and including Ronald Reagan . Reagan gave tax cuts and tripled the national debt. George Bush/Chenney presidency had two wars. unchecked homeland security spending. Huge increases to military spending, more than was requested. Medicare Part-D, and Tax Cuts. Not one of these programs and policies were paid for by tax increases, or spending cuts. Obama inherited these spending programs and policies, and the financial crisis which started under George Bush/Chenney presidency. Trumpo and the Republicans gave tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy. The National Debt is now at twenty two and a half trillion dollars and will be twenty three trillion by years end, up from 20 trillion dollars. The deficit is at 1.2 trillion dollars per year for as far as can be projected. Republicans have lied about their fiscal conservancy since Reagan.
    As of August 11 the Washington post Fact Checker has cataloged 12,019 times Trumpo The Aryan Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.
    Watch CNN anchor list the baseless conspiracies Trump Has pushed.
    Watch PBS News Hour: Why skyrocketing federal debt will mean the next recession is harder to overcome.

  23. Trump will be kissing up to Chinese President Xi because they're our banker investing and buying our bonds, credit card debt, our food, and can put 500,000 million to 1 billion people on the battle field! Currently, China is not buying our farm goods and they are winning the Tariff War! The $12 billion dollar farm bailout won't last! Trumpers are against Socialism, but the bailout is Socialism!

  24. lol "It's working." Trump inherits Obama's recovering economy, then gives a tax break to the rich driving up the debt, and sending us into a recession with his trade wars. And, of course, never mind that Trump is racist, flat out insane, and an all around pig on two legs.

  25. Obviously, McIntosh is a trump-sucker with a big mouth. He's a pathetic clown that talks about The Art of the Dealer (co-written by someone else) every five seconds. What an embarrassing beta male.

  26. The 🇺🇸 needs to vote Blue in 2020 & remove him from his presidential 💺 !

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