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Funeral service for Civil Rights icon C.T. Vivian held today | USA TODAY

A private funeral service is held for American civil rights leader Rev C.T. Vivian in Atlanta, Georgia. Vivian – a key adviser to the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who throughout his life organized pivotal civil rights campaigns and spent decades advocating for justice and racial equality – died Friday at the age of 95.


Vivian’s casket was then taken in a processional to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park. King, whom Vivian closely advised, once described Vivian as “the greatest preacher to ever live.” In 2013, President Barack Obama honored Vivian, who had continued to promote racial equality in recent years, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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  2. What a Celebration & Tributes from his children! Reminds me of 8 years ago when one sister did Dad's Eulogy & another one sang just like he wanted and we participated in the many faucets as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is well…It is well……..Reverend C.T. Vivian……I, we, so humbly thank you for your fearless fight of dedication, commitment, and loyalty to the Civil Rights movement and beyond…..Well done our faithful servant.


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  6. One of my favorite memories of Rev. C.T. Vivian: During one of the sit-ins by the Freedom Riders. The police were putting the arrested riders into a paddy wagon and were about to close the door. Then C.T. Vivian came from behind and asked the police officer, with a hearty smile, if he could climb into the wagon too. The police officer signaled him to get in fast. That was a special moment for me to see him.

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  9. He was a kind man. Thank you

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  11. Yes, I was blessed to meet and talk with Rev. C.T., when he spoke at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. A great man of the world!

  12. I’m honor to have been one who live in the earthly of these service to humanity and rights for justice.

  13. Servant leader is Dr Damon P Williams he didn’t use an aid to wipe and clean after each speaker he was that served

  14. my condolences. ( but why are all the healthy people wearing facial covering? phobic)

  15. RIP! AMEN! AMEN! 🙏🙏🙏🌹


  17. Condolences to his families, the National, Congress, and his States

  18. I am honored for the time my sister and I spent with C,T. when he was in Sedalia, Missouri. I have been told that uncle Gene and our dad were brothers.

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