Tuesday , November 24 2020
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G-7 summit will not be held at Trump's Doral resort

Democrats signaled plans to investigate, while foreign leaders and Republicans expressed reservations.


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  1. Why wouldn't you say Mulvaney denied what we all saw him say. This is the problem with the media, you let these fools spew their lies and aren't tough when they keep lying. He didn't have to say quid pro quo because he described it.

  2. As a life long republican and conservative, I'm ashamed at my fellow republicans' lack of integrity and for their tacit endorsement of this fraudster.
    … Is something no republican is saying, cause they have no moral compass or integrity.

  3. Yay we win we beat Trump !!!!!

  4. Why does it matter where it's at my god trump could go to McDonald and the left would loose their shit

  5. Wow ABC moved from fake news to very fake news to corrupt news

  6. At the end of the day, he should have been a used car salesman.

  7. What's it going to take for this horrible man to get taken out of the white house? Talk about impeachment over and over but no real action.

  8. I’m not political but honestly who cares if it’s held there. Democrats and Republicans have made this country garbage the rich get richer and the poor get poorer the middle class is disappearing in America and growing in China and America is the greater country laughable both parties are controlled by corporate interest once people understand that and stop believing all media you’d be in a better place

  9. So which (Trump Owned) property is it then🤦🏼‍♀️ What a F***ing ManChild Moron😒 #RacistTraitorPOTUS

    🇺🇸TrumpPence 4 Prison 2019🇺🇸

  10. Hes trying to sell these around the world. Actually, its gangster. I do not…. DO NOT LIKE donald trump; how he did this was the greatest heist ever. We all watched. World domination.

  11. Nor should it be held there and not only because of the bed bugs either.

  12. TRUMP doing what Trump does.
    I remember him say ing if I got to do this myself I will.And so far he has.DAILY!!!!!
    TRUMP 2020 🔒'd!!!


  14. Well he did it, the world is laughing at us.

  15. Donald Trump: "I will be signing an important piece of legislation on Tuesday.
    Donald Trump: "I will not be signing an important piece of legislation on Tuesday."

  16. I bet it will be at Comet Ping Pong now.

  17. I guess we’ll just pay more for it to be held somewhere else then. Thanks lefties.

  18. Really funny to me that Trumpanzees are still screaming HILLARY HILLARY when you point out the horrifically ignorant shit this 40 iq president does. Like she’s irrelevant. She lost and it has NOTHING to do with this maniac. But I guess it makes them feel better. Knuckle dragged republicans.

  19. At cost my butt. Even if the summit was held there for free, it's still ends up having a positive affect on his personal business, which is still illegal. And even if it not illegal, definitely unfair, and all to obvious.
    "No guid pro quo. I never said there was." No, not in Latin. You saId it in plain easy to understand, English. Dummy . . .

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