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GA Dem Senate candidate discusses runoff elections, Trump | ABC News

Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff is interviewed on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. #Boycottgeorgia no republican can trust the georgia runoff. Boycott this election to send a message you will not take part in the corrupt system

  2. Dems are for the people! Vote the scumbag Republicans out! They do not care about the American people!

  3. Democrats need to produce an overshoot bill that is basically perfect for Georgia and something Mitch will never agree to.

    That way you can put georgia against republicans

  4. Horse 💩. I voted against tRump not really for Biden. Flavor Flav could have gotten my vote if tRump was on the ballot.

  5. ATTENTION GEORGIANS – Please make sure you VOTE for the 2 DEM SENATE CANDIDATES!! Please make sure you vote. It is so important! Do not be complacent. Vote like your life depended on it! Lets get the Senate into DEM/BIDEN hands and bring order back from chaos!

  6. Georgian folks let's help ossof and warnonck to be elected

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  8. There is only one party, the Democrats, who have openly discussed cheating in the runoff elections. They have requested people to break the law, come to GA temporarily, in order to skew the senatorial runoff voting. Proving they have no respect for the law, or shame in breaking it. The ONLY people who should be voting in the runoff are those who were registered in GA prior to 03Nov. It was, and still is, THEIR election. Not anyone who wants power using any means possible.

  9. The only way left for Trump to win now is for all true patriots to stop the steal by writing in Trump in the Georgia senate runoffs.

  10. Just divide the country north and south again.

  11. Hey Brother its not just "The Black Voter" whos crying out for those very things.

  12. The Science proves Biden and Harris cheated Americans on the Election!!!

  13. The Science proves Biden and Harris cheated Americans on the Election!

  14. I'm from Georgia, and I'm a democrat but i hope the Senate remains republican. Because, what ever goes wrong, Biden can blame the Senate, and what ever goes right, Biden can take credit for, from his executive orders. If the Dems have all three branches, then any little thing goes wrong, Biden will get all the blame.

  15. Vote for Loefeller and Perdue in the runoffs! Don't let the Democraps destroy our institutions, add D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, and end the filibuster!

  16. ABC news, please stop running groundless negative ads during prime time news!

  17. Georgia if you want the possibility to have better jobs, better health care, the senate is in your hands. The republicans will block anything that is good for your state. They don’t want so called socialism. That’s funny. Government jobs are social programs. School district, military, bank loans, housing, hospitals are funded with social government monies. You pay taxes get something back for your money. Republicans will take from you.

  18. Democrat when are stop Whining about everythings. Now you get what you want , what else you want ? You want to gasoline so you can burn the AMERICA.

  19. Georgia vote your pocket books this time not perdue.

  20. We don't he'll need are so he'll you idiot we need results please Trump gave us results pansy

  21. Democrats are the one shutting down you cannot beat a virus idiot

  22. Yeah we don't want your agenda Democrats you're too radical anti-gun

  23. Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in battle be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil may God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou oh Prince of the heavenly host by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and the other evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls. Amen. Glory to you Lord Jesus Christ

  24. The Georgia Senate run-offs shouldn't even be a thing. They will be costly, it is estimated that up to a billion dollars could be spent, and the candidates will campaign when they should be governing. Implementing ranked choice voting would ensure that candidates could get a majority of votes without needing a run-off.

  25. I fake moved to GA (just registered a fake address) and am voting twice. I also registered my deceased father (died this year so I don't think they will notice) and my dog who is named 'George' (it'll look like a person). So I get 3 votes! When the Dominion machine counts them, it will automatically flip 3 other trump presidential votes into dem senate votes. I hope Fox News doesn't find out about my plan and that no one sends this to trump on twitter! – Привет из Москвы!

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