Monday , January 25 2021
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GA Gov. Will Formalize Election Results, Raises Concerns About Voting Irregularities | NBC News Now

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said state law requires his office to formalize the election certification, which names Joe Biden as the presidential winner. However, he also raised numerous concerns about how the election was handled and urged a “thorough investigation” into any voting irregularities discovered during the audit.
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GA Gov. Will Formalize Election Results, Raises Concerns About Voting Irregularities | NBC News Now


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  1. Bad mistake. Many sworn witness testimonies of compromised voting machines in Georgia…

  2. Vote blue Georgia….you have to finish what you started. Vote blue and you will be 100 times better off.
    Republicans are killing Americans. Cutting off any help from federal government…
    Moscow Mitch is Trumps right hand man. He is a thief and a Traitor hurting our government and all Americans…..
    VOTE BLUE or Republicans will continue to choke all Americans to help trump and Putin…

  3. This dude will go to jail soon. I would love to see sign language for jail time.

  4. It's time to stop prancing around the obvious. Trump won.

    Trumps support was clear to see every where across the country. The number of attendees at his rallies compared to Bidens. 10's of thoousand showed up at Trumps 3 rallies in AZ. Not one person showed up at Biden's in Phoenix. The MAGA drags and boat flotillas for Trump. Biden didn't have anything like it. 96 mile MAGA Drag in AZ. Even in my small town of 1000 people, nearly 200 people showed up to show support for Trump. Biden had 4 counter protestors. Trump had 30m followers on Facebook. Biden had 2m. The right has the silent majority, not the left. The right came out to vote in massive numbers.

    Trump received the most votes in any presidential election. Biden received more? The left had to cheat to give Biden more votes. The vote data from the NY Times/Edison proves it!!!

    In PA, MI, WI, GA and NY there were huge spikes of votes for Biden that appeared in the middle of the night. NY's data showed 360,000 votes going to Biden and at the same time 3300 votes were subtracted from Trump. EVIDENCE IS IN THE DATA!!! Xx

  5. In order to require ID, you would have to make it free. Not a drivers license… A photo ID.

  6. I'm from California and never pay attention to Georgia politics, and I've never heard this guy talk before. I have no facts. But my gut reaction is: this smells fishy

  7. GA vote DEMOCRATIC the Republicians Senator's will not do anything to assist your families they have already said it vote DEMOCRATIC and they will help your families I promise

  8. This is how they're now trying to suppress black votes now

  9. No one Believe you that they found that many that was not counted and you are trying to say they were for trump alie don't care who tell it.

  10. Brian Kemp you are disgusting for flat out lying 🤥 the voting was fare
    America 🇺🇸 People Voted
    (Trump loss )help him to move on
    (Truth Integrity humanity)

    Please Donate and Share to Help My Disabled Son Who Has Been Diagnosed with Severe Non Verbal Autism / Mental Retardation our Family has been Horribly Affected by COVID 19 anything helps God Bless!

  12. If there are concerns why we turn our eyes away from that? Are we all American citizens in the land of the free? IF we don't do it now we will not be done. We don't accept this government in Ga who sees wrong but under the pressure of the left to make a very unconscience decision.

  13. This criticism of the election process in his own state is REALLY hard to swallow coming from this reprobate. – This is the _ _ _ that rejected Federal assistance and funding in 2018 to overhaul and strengthen the GA State electronic election system, and help develop a new, secure, back-up paper voting ballot system. This is that guy…just two years ago…same guy. This was part of the Federal response to election interference from Russia and other entities in the 2016 election. And he said, "thanks, but no thanks." The gull and hypocrisy of these people knows absolutely no bounds! Now, he talks of how "the people of GA deserve better." – They do deserve better – a better Governor!

  14. Santa Clause on the side throwin up gang symbols

  15. I don’t remember Georgia legislature being as concerned about recounting the vote in 2016 when the Messiah for MAGA Morons won the state of Georgia

  16. Georgia legislators need to impeach this bum. This is the person that said, in April, he had just learned asymptomatic people could spread the virus when it had already been known for months.
    Georgia needs to vote blue come January 5th. Perdue and Loeffler are securities fraudsters. Perdue is a coward that refuses to debate.
    Kemp, Perdue and Loeffler are disgraces and need to go.

  17. they learned alot by abrams losing with their cheat in place. . . now it has been found. what else could they find out by these cheats in the machines.

  18. And perhaps a photo ID requirement is needed for mail in ballots…….Would you explain how that works? The state already has everything it needs in the DMV….drivers liscense photo, signature, address…..Mr Governor

  19. Can't the Georgia people get rid of this a$$?

  20. That governor is the king of voter fraud!

  21. The Georgia Secretary of State, an avowed Republican and Trump supporter who has never voted for a Democrat, plus 159 county elections supervisors, mostly Republican I suspect, certified the election without noting voting irregularities… and the Governor has doubts? so much for having faith in your administration and that of the counties. If he has information why hasn't he revealed it?

  22. Lock it down cuz it's government don't care why they won't give people help right now businesses need money to survive and the American people need money to survive where is our government oops I forgot they took the weed off wow

  23. All the irregularities have been investigated and deemed inconsequential. Look at the facts and evidence people. The courts have decided. No widespread fraud and republicans were in the room while counting ballots. If you say otherwise you've never worked a poll.

  24. Recall Kemp. He’s still not talking about a true audit. He knows envelopes have been shredded.

    What a total traitor and he does not have to certify.

  25. Politicians are just slimy salesmen. Mail in ballots were ok in 2016🙄 Stop fanning the flames. Trump lost!

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