Sunday , October 24 2021
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Gabby Petito Case: Federal Arrest Warrant Issued For Brian Laundrie

A federal arrest warrant has been issued for Brian Laundrie after a grand jury indictment related to his activities following Gabby Petito’s death, the FBI says. Investigators are now five days into a massive search for him, as questions grow over what direction authorities will go next.
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  1. He's most likely dead. Quit w all the conspiracies. Just read he left without wallet and phone and his parents are "worried" about him. Pretty sure guy did himself in.

  2. He truly looks psycho though if u look at his eyes.

  3. Hasn't Brain's friend stated that Brain has lived off the grid before

  4. What if they don't find him..are there realistically any place's left that people can go and live without being found…

  5. Looks like he used Gabby's debit card to get a couple of grand but still this indictment DOES NOT say it was Gabby's. interesting

  6. Does anyone believe he is innocent ?

  7. He's going to run into somebody.
    They're going to sit on him and call the cops. There's nowhere to hide.




  9. I wouldn't be surprised if he's in another country. Regardless, I sure do hope someone sees him and immediately notifies the authorities.

  10. Laundrie has the kind of personality that will stay in hiding for a while.

  11. He’s probably in California or Mexico

  12. I don't know how their attorney sleeps at night.

  13. There is something about his mother that gives me the creeps. I don't know why yet but I feel it really strong! Does anyone else get that vibe from her?


  15. Him and his parents should be charged for her murder. His parents are helping hide him. Shame shame we know your name

  16. Jason Landry/Brian Laundrie/The Laundry Mat encounter 😮? Do Angels have wings? Gabby apparently has them now….I'm not sure which pair she's wearing, she tried on two sets in their photos/ travels posted on a TikTok video.
    Now Miranda Baker and her bf encountered Brian in the Teton park, stating she recognized him from TIKTOK….. So what keeps them from being recognized by others who were camping in the Teton Park?

  17. What if it is a dual suicide pact, but you can go through with it but she did it would explain the whole laundry family's acrions after that

  18. Either his parents has no love for their son as they are so calm for a missing child if it's my child ill be out looking for him 24 hours but the obvious is his parents are hiding him thats why they so calm only a cold hearted parent won't worry about a missing child

  19. Oh BS, eluding the Feds is no big deal. Need I list those who have?

  20. Breaking news, Brian hiding due to swollen testicles , will come out of swamp when the swelling goes down !!

  21. What for now?
    I wonder if he left the country.
    It will take months to get a reliable lead.

  22. I feel as if the “best friend” is involved! Some of her insta post and that interview are off! Especially the interview!

  23. Brian is hoping the news pivots to something else, while he’s out there!
    Perhaps back to race and COVID-19.

    The news need to keep direct focus on this specific case!

  24. Shannon Baker/Miranda Baker/Baker County Florida….. 🤔 That is just over the edge of Coincidence. So is ….. "lost Phone Service in Yosemite Park!" The Hotel Handy Man 😳?

  25. Real piece of work. Using her card after he left her dead in Wyoming. What a POS.

  26. JUST A SPECULATION. For me something looks weird in this case. What if Brian drove to Carlton wildlife reserve and simply changed the car there? He might have known Police would search for weeks to find a body in this area. He is already in Mexico and he drove or is driving further on to a country where you will not be send back to the US. He has drawn 1000 Dollar from his or his parants account. His parents definitely knew his plans. How cruel is it especially thinking of Gabbies family?

  27. There ya go. Now the BOLOs will be issued. He won't last now. His family could be next if the authorities think they are hiding information about his whereabouts. This changes everything. Long overdue but finally!
    He has either killed himself or he will be tracked down pretty quickly.

  28. The more I watched about this case the more I become neutral in my eyes. That woman seem a drama queen which sometimes a gentle man can't tolerate emotionally w/ crying, anxiety partner etc..

  29. If Brian fled to Mexico, I hope the Cartels caught him

  30. What are these people going to blame the police for her boyfriend killing her. They didn't know what was going to happen. I don't know why they would investigate the police. As far as I'm concerned they did nothing wrong. Now someone explain to me how they could be held responsible.

  31. She cheated on him, he killed her. Typical common crime.,,,,

  32. Where is John Wick when we need him!

  33. Seems like they do not have evidence yet to charge with murder, warrant is for other accused crimes

  34. i know gabby is gone, but the dirty laundry family must have always been morally bankrupt. no feelings or emotions at all. surely gabby petito must have seen how these people behaved. she lived in their household.the way they lived, that's the way they taught their dirty son. they are a pathetic excuse for a family… shame on them all…

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