Wednesday , August 10 2022

Game night: Fake News or Florida

‘Kennedy’ guests decide if news stories are fake or if they only happened in the Sunshine State. #foxbusiness #kennedy

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  1. For gods sake lady please put some clothes on.

  2. How much money from Congress allowed for one thing like covid then has been redirected by corrupt biden policies to relocate illegal's? Mid terms should result in many impeachment hearings, for abuse of power, breaking laws of the land, vote them out, corrupt democrats don't care about anything except their own power,self enrichment.

  3. Fox News is fake news you guys are bunch of morons

  4. What is up with girls and magic Markers?? My wife lovs em 🤔

  5. Fake news is fox

  6. We are nutty and we love it

  7. This is awesome show everybody's laughing having a good time and I'll tell you it really really makes you forget about all the bad things happening in this country so I really appreciate tuning into Kennedy and Fox News in general

  8. Man I always laugh my butt off when I watch Kennedy's show she is very funny very smart very pretty very classy all in one she's like great gutfelt on steroids sorry Greg LOL

  9. Your all exceptional and i enjoyed the show.

  10. In all fairness ,the world had gotten do strange it is hard to tell what's real and not

  11. It's who COUNTS the votes!!!!

  12. Lol, FLORIDUH. The entire world laughs at your psycopathic state of morons.

  13. Even as a Floridian, it's sometimes hard to believe the weird stuff that happens here. Folks like to google their birth date followed by "in Florida" to see the crazy *hit that happened that day.

  14. Fox is a joke..soo..this makes sense

  15. 4 Loco , we know what college she went to .

  16. Hilarious. I thought I was watching a parady skit on SNL.

  17. Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC are stuck covering FOX News as their "news" stories while CNN and MSNBC ratings continue to tank. Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Her glasses are soooooo dope.

  19. We don't want fake news !we want people that actually do research and tell the truth!

  20. hope my uncle is doing ok in Florida.



  23. Don't blame Florida, the rest of the country is moving here.

  24. all news is fake or altered

  25. The karaoke in this segment sent me lmao

  26. What is this? Why is FOX attacking Florida, which is one of the last bastions for true Conservativism left in America today…I hated watching this.

  27. Republicans voted for gun control in Senate :

    Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, John Cornyn, Ray Blunt, Richard Burr, Shelly Moore, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, Tom Tillis & Todd Young.

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