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GameStop: The ‘little guys’ vs. Wall Street, who really won?

‘The Antisocial Network’ author Ben Mezrich on his new book and the revolutionary moment a Reddit group realized they had ‘an enormous amount of power’ in the stock market. #FOXBusiness

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  1. GameStop I refuse to shop at they don't take of the games and overprice everything

  2. the battle is far from over

  3. Wallstreet always wins. But Xbox with their crap… over advertising with underdelivering… makes them scat.. doesnt help game stop. I hope Playstation isn't as dumb as Xbox. However.. in the end… Wallstreet always wins.

  4. Nobody is sticking together. We are all individual investors who like the stock. Pushing the narrative that retail is moving in a coordinated effort is not fair for individual investors.

    If you want to discuss coordinated efforts, then discuss the numerous banks, investment arms hedge funds and other subsidiaries that ARE making concerted moves to naked short an American company in the effort to cellar box them using covid as a cover to crush a business into bankruptcy.

  5. haha ohhh boy, they have no idea… The script is not finished yet sir… gme about to burst

  6. The people using their stimulus checks on this shouldn't have got a stimulus check in the first place, they obviously had money already, More Joe Biden Administration Waste

  7. Look at the stock price the little guy is still winning!!!

  8. Our president joe biden won that’s who

  9. AMC will take us to the moon 🌝

  10. That's Capitalism! Gotta love this American Story.

  11. 'People sitting in their couches and betting their stimulus checks…' that kinds of elitist thinking is why it's keep happening. Varny stays quiet because he agrees. You're all being played.

  12. Next big big “GameStop “ the “Silver “.

  13. Wizzrobes are at the end gentlemen. Zelda and their Ilk need to sent to re-education camps or back to Eastern Russia their actual promise land Stalin gave them

  14. Just another prime example of tyranny. If you bend the knee they walk all over you. If you all stand at once it's hard to ignore us.

  15. January 8th 2021 Forbes. Biden is quoted as saying Socialist Bernie Sanders and he are working closely together on their joint agenda !!

  16. Gme 🚀 8 months later and way higher than all the naysayers thought we'd be after Feb. This situation is real it that hasn't been proven by now there's no hope for you.

  17. How’s China’s crack down going to effect the gaming industry? I’m sure Biden will want to control that soon. He’s already following China’s footsteps in mandatory vaccinations

  18. A revolution in deed. Wealth is flowing in other directions now… Glad to be a part of history.

  19. I hope to sand me sam mone to etng

  20. who else will NEVER take the vaccine

  21. Who else thinks the Biden presidency should be terminated immediately?

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