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Gen. Milley should resign in 'absolute disgrace': Combat veteran

Bryan Suits reacts to the Joint Chiefs chairman potentially breaking protocol on ‘Kennedy’ #Fox Business
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  2. Well dems, elections have consequences. Bet you didn't think your guy was this nuts.

  3. No he ( General Milley) don't need to resign,he need to be brought up on charges of treason,court marshaled,,busted down to the rank of private then jailed.

  4. A whole US Navy family was sent to prison for selling secrets to the Chinese. And this General is going to warn the enemy? Guess he forgot that.

  5. This guy is acting like the old Russian sleepers who were activated when the time was right. If he has a special relationship with a Chinese General , how long has it been going on? All of his finances should be looked at. Biden is an idiot. So because Miley did it to Trump makes it ok? Any General who did it to any of our Presidents should be tried for treason. And this same General gave a speech about protecting the constitution? Follow the money and cuff him.

  6. Resign? He should be court-martial for treason

  7. Don't let him off so easy! Court-martial the traitor, give him a bad conduct discharge and bust him down to 2LT. Let the WOKE traitor live on that amount of retired pay. I am sure he get a good consulting job, but he will lose his security clearance, so no DOD jobs for him. And this traitor's example will put the fear of the Constitution in all the other WOKESTERS in the military.

  8. For the good of our Country and the safety of our Nation immediately place General Milley under arrest and held incommunicado…at least until we can find out what other National Secrets he has passed on to the Communist Chinese..

  9. Bryan Suits is full of crap (thank you for your service by the way). There is a reason Milley is a 4-Star General and Suits is a veteran. These military folks, mostly on Fox, should know better, including Suits, Senator Cotton, and many others. Retired General Jack Keane is just one on Fox so far who has it right – not all are ignorant.

  10. Nancy Pelosi needs to be fired before she destroys everybody.. She is crazy and influential and threatning. Do as I say not what I do.

  11. Milley was part of the SILENT COUP AGAINST TRUMP..

  12. Pelosi to jail!…. milley to jail!

  13. Milley is a Chinese Communist Party Spy.

  14. Get this wind sock, spineless, moron out of the government/DOD. He can find a job with the illegals raising fence around the White House and capital building. What a turd.

  15. Resign?!?
    He should be dishonorably discharged and thrown in jail

  16. I agree with him 100%. I actual said something very similar weeks ago. NANCY PELOSI is the ring leader.

  17. How can america trust this traitor or for that matter this whole corrupt, lying Biden Harris communist regime. We are losing our country and all that seems to be happening is talk, talk and more talk. No action. Does anyone in swampland really care???? It's shameful what's happening to our country

  18. Who is to say CCP would not do a nuclear strike, just at that nano second, when they knew Milley and Trump were separated, not on the same team. The block headed logic that justifies this or allowed this to happen is unbelievable. Idiocracy now at the Joint Chiefs level? Exonerate if appropriate. If not?

  19. Milley, shouldn't be allowed to resign. He should be arrested and tried. In my opinion milley and Pelosi were planning a cou, if the Democrats couldn't steal the election.

  20. they placed crooks in then the White House then the cooks placed crooks in the military no surprise ! looks like they care more about CHINA than America !

  21. Just to be clear. BACK CHANNEL communications prevent international incidents and misunderstandings, especially during tumultuous times.

    45 had back channel communications with Russia, North Korea and others to warn of the U.S. strike in the Middle East. And on a domestic level, 45 had back channel communications with State of Georgia politicians during their U.S. Senate election.

    Bottom Line: Back channel communications is BUSINESS AS USUAL. Seriously, where does one think FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE comes from?

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