George Santos expelled from Congress after House vote

New York Rep. George Santos became the sixth member in history to be expelled from the House of Representatives. Santos was facing many accusations including using campaign funds to buy luxury items. NBC News’ Ryan Nobles has more details.

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  1. Джордж Сантос это ФБР.

  2. He looks like some kid's wad of gum.


  4. He will be fine! With a resume like his he will find a job anywhere! I mean a former volleyball star, broadway writer, former Goldman sach employee!! He will get a job anywhere!

  5. Confederate states of America. 1860 to 1861 to 1865.

  6. FAIR? My A**! Expelling Santos(R), but NOT Bowman(D) OR Menendez(D)! ?politics!

  7. I'm glad this sets a precedence for removing the rest of Congress.😅. I'm sure that's why it took so long to remove him because everybody is terrified of what might be exposed of them. The irony is striking. Crook removed by other crooks. There are honest people in Congress but it takes them forever to get anything done because of all the crooks.

  8. That took way too long. And I can't believe he even made his way into office. Where are the safeguards and the fact checkers? How could this even happen?

  9. Took long enough & now you have 112 Republicans who aren’t to be trusted as they backed a red faced evil liar who was caught red handed. Now what about jail for Santos & lawsuits!!!! Sick politics.

  10. Those locks was to easy to change 😅

  11. The
    PUBLISHING Houses must be standing in the Q not forgetting the Reality Fraternity in Hollywood.
    He won't have to Worry about paying Bill's, should get Alan Dershowitz to bring an action against the SENATE, how could he fail.

  12. THE
    Only surprise is that theirs not 1/2 EXPELLED every week.
    AMERICA Is a Strange Country full of Ethnic Groups from the 4 Corners of the Globe.
    That Totally wiped out the Native American & Pontificate now to the rest of the World on Standards that they have No understanding of.
    Just look at their BACKING for ISRAEL who have been Terrorising/Murdering the Men,Women, & Children of Palestine for Generations & still doing so.
    With Joe Biden & His Government backing what can only be described as Total GENOCIDE.
    So much for the Land of Hope & GLORY=NOT.

  13. The people who voted for Santos to stay are thieves too.

  14. Most of Congress deserves to be expelled, for the way it has divided the American people for political gain, for the way it has handled our border crisis, for our terrible debt, for all the hardships it has forced upon the American people and for putting our country on the path to another world war. Santos was unfit to serve, but the same is true for the majority of Congress.

  15. PARIS, Nov 27 (Reuters) – Six teenagers of Palestinian descent go on trial behind closed doors on Monday in decapitation with the beheading of French history teacher Samuel Paty in 2020, a murder that shocked the country.

  16. as though they are all not jerkey offers. and most of them amongst themselves, take bribes, money, and everything else. just like judges, law, seated officials, presidents, its more meaningful to be corrupt then itself.

  17. Imagine what it would be like for the person interviewing him for his next job. What would his resume say? He's America's 2nd biggest liar and everyone knows him. 🤷

  18. How about the guy who was hiding gold bars in his house?

  19. What a sad day for American democracy. It took Santos own party years to finally buckle under public criticism, the whole time all they cared about was his vote and nothing more. Its the suit not the person, as long as it sorta fits your good!

  20. must be not only Santos in Congress

  21. …and remember that you voted for them…don't complain…

  22. Run again Santos, remember who your idol is the mango Mussolini 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. It would've preferred they propelled Santos from Congress.

  24. trump does the same thing !

  25. Bizarre stuff man bizarre stuff

  26. They keep him knowing he don't deserve to seet in the government, but they close their eyes to use him

  27. They hurriedly changed the locks on his office door because they didnt want him carrying out the office furniture 😂

  28. Stop Another None Truthful Office Seeker act