George Santos expelled from congress

GOP representatives have removed one of their own after evidence of a falsified resume and numerous other allegations were made. He is now the sixth person ousted by the House.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This guy has lied more times than Satan!😅

  2. Who is the African American always with Santos. Who is he.

  3. No offense intended , I had a gay brother, as per personal experience I know the facts that most gays are pathological liar , emotional needy, con artists and a drama queen .

  4. Santos should have been disqualified when his misdeeds were uncovered in the first place !!
    Republicans are deceitful and spineless !!…..🤥🤥🤥

  5. They are all scammers in the U.S. every last one of them.

  6. Pelosi should have been gone years ago for worst things. She's filthy rich on a representative's wage.

  7. No body ever saw him as the future of the party

  8. He should've been gone…
    Or better still, he should never have even been in Congress. Now, we know why our nation is in the shape it is.

  9. George Santas was…. FABULOUS!!!!!!1

  10. I’ll be happy to see this in jail he is a disgrace

  11. He will probably flee to another country

  12. Wow he killed his own mother due to 9/11 complications


  14. Santos is A Fraud creep. Any politicians who defend Santos are also creeps. Who need to be ousted.

  15. I don’t understand. Seems like the perfect Republican. Was elected because the former President did the same. Lie. Lie. Lie. Not claim wrong. Not take responsibility. Claim a victim of the media or whatever. And be supported by Republicans with bizarre reasoning. What's the problem?

  16. Why didn't he run as a democrat? He would have been protected instead of being expelled.

  17. His 15 minutes of fame is ovah ! Pls stop putting him on the news.

  18. Only half of republicans voted

  19. 124 members of congress actually voted for keeping santos in office, despite all the factual information and criminal charges that is in the public domain, seriously, those people should also be fkn removed from office. Politicians dont like to prosecute their own simply because they themselves dont want to be prosecuted when they are finally caught in their corrupt practices. bloody political misfits.

  20. Funny thing is that he managed to fool the GOP and so many rich folks with his blatant lies! A tiny bit of due diligence before his nomination would have saved a lot of shame, pain and money!

  21. Former President Donald Trump is being prosecuted for decades old financial crimes in NY State by NYS Attorney General James. Today is December 4, 2023, and James like former NYS Attorney Generals Elliot Spitzer, and Andrew Cuomo have refused my 20 years plea and demand for justice for NYS Assistant Attorney General Michael Russo's crimes of perjury and subordination of perjury.

    Two female United States Justice Department attorneys confirmed that Mike Russo's and several declarations that I emailed to them contained perjury.

    I filled my Civil Rights Act 1964, Title VIi lawsuit on October 15, 1997. I appealed my the errorous decision of my case to United States Supreme Court.
    I was able to petition the Court after the late Justice Ginsburg granted me an extinction to file my Writ.

    NYS Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Buffalo Michael Russo has never been held accountable for his perjury crimes.

    New York State brilliant female Governor Hochul and Attorney General James can make me whole today.
    James can take actions and/or recommendations that I be given the 3 million dollars demand plus interest that I sought in my lawsuit.

    I currently receive $358.20 monthly NYS retirement check. Governor Kathy Hochul can sign an Executive Order that gives me entitled retroactive Disability Retirement that I was denied.

  22. On the ABC News site the headline "GOP Had New Yorkers Lead The Way" . That headline is so misleading. The GOP leaders in the House of Reps voted AGAINST expulsion! The GOP is morally bankrupt! The fact that he was even allowed to take the oath of office is a slap in the face to every law abiding citizen. It was the democrats and independents who voted overwhelmingly to have him removed not the GOP.

  23. He’s expelled along with Michael Myers..,😂😂seriously his Us citizenship could be counterfeited. he may not be a legit Us citizen.

  24. When that first lie came out he should have been expelled it took too long to expel him!!! When he lied on his resume he should have been put out of the office!!!

  25. I hear his only fans now has nudity and naked stuffed animals doing unspeakable things to his nether regions.

  26. They just worried about repubs losing votes

  27. The lying part wasn't good, but most politicians do lie while in office. I think it is good that Santos is finally out as he is also a crook if the charges are all true. However now that Santos is expelled, maybe we can see Menendez removed from the Senate due to his Egyptian business ties.

  28. Or do you think it's December or do you think the environment indifference in ember

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  31. lol😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  32. To all of those who blatantly voted for George Santos solely because he has the letter "R" next to his name, this is all your mess, and you've been duped. Next time, do your researches of your candidates before you vote.

  33. A total disgrace to Hispanics, in prison is where he belongs.

  34. Expel him from that stuffy closet he's hiding in smdh

  35. The job isn't done. He's going to trial and jail. Unless, he pleads guilty, and goes to jail..

  36. If he testified to all that under oath WTF how he is not in jail someone explain because we can't do all that lying under oath

  37. This criminal freak should be in prison.

  38. is trump the biological father of george santos? they are so alike, they lie all the time, cant tell the truth about money. surely they have to be related ?

  39. I wonder why he claimed 2 b jewish when he is clearly hispanic. Oh well next stop, prison.🎉🥳🎉

  40. Come on what do you mean rare is Ben the sixth