George Santos under FBI investigation for GoFundMe l GMA charity scheme

The FBI is investigating whether the freshman congressman was involved in an alleged animal charity scam. Santos has denied wrongdoing. READ MORE: #abcnews #georgesantos #gofundme #veteran #servicedog

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. The man is a sociopath who doesn't have a conscience. I wonder how many people he's cheated. There is so much we don't know about this man, and I'm guessing none of it is positive.

  3. Not sure why he's not allowed to lie when Biden and all his administration lie each and every minute of every day. He should just switch over to demo and all would be well.

  4. The difference between the lies and corruption of Santos and Biden is that Republicans are calling for Santos to step down because of his lies and alleged corruption. While the democrats do all they can to cover-up for President Biden’s repeated lies about the border, the economy, Ukraine, Covid, classified documents and his family.

  5. George Santos will go to jail for wire fraud and mail fraud.

  6. He lives the American dream. If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

  7. This is HORRIBLE!! We need to put someone in there we can trust. Someone who always tells the truth. Someone who has never told a lie for personal or political gain. Someone like.. mmm… .Joe Biden..uh…Nancy Pelosi…mm.. Hunter Biden….hmm…hold on.. I'm thinking….

  8. As long as Santos is loyal to Trump, Republicans will stand by him. It is a very sick cult.

  9. I hope this is one of many things that brings him down. What a scumbag.

  10. Lol what a clown! Can’t believe his lies weren’t uncovered during his campaign 😮


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  12. Santos had a pet charity?!

  13. “I never met him”??!!?? The veteran has text messages exchanges to prove. Seria liar!!!

  14. My 9 year old faces more consequences for not doing her homework and she could tell you about 3 crimes this fucker has committed…meanwhile this guy will probably serve a full term in the U.S. Government…our world is upside down

  15. The more I see his face, the more that I hate him……

  16. What a conman! This guy just gets more criminal by the minute . He truly is a sociopath

  17. In today’s Republican Party, he’s next in line for speaker.

  18. Con artist. He needs to be deported.

  19. Please… I would be happier to hear when this skunk will be thrown in prison

  20. If that "Categorically False" was a person, he/she/they/it would have punched you in the face.

  21. George Santos always avoids journalists

  22. Republicans don’t care. As long as he votes the way they tell him to.

  23. greatest country in the world huh?

  24. Got you self ready Santos, you in big trouble now !

  25. Not sorry !! He deserves it and much more, because of all his fraud and lies !!

  26. George santos is a scum bag just like trump and the rest of the republicans.

  27. Santos is a mini Trump…both are pathological LIARS, both wear bad makeup & both defrauded Veterans!

  28. Man you guys sure know how to pick em gd!! Where’d you dig up turds like this? Are u fishing for candidates in port-o-potty’s? God bless America and idiot voters.

  29. It's time this POS Scum Republican stops using this planets oxygen

  30. Santos-Satan, he has most letters of
    Satan in his name. We know Satan was a liar from the beginning. Santos is just following his daddy's lead.


  32. I have a feeling that’s not the only scam he did on gofundme.

  33. It was Anthony Devolver who met Oshoff, not Georgef


  35. Gives Go Fund Me a bad name.

  36. To commemorate the latest gun massacre Santos is wearing an AR15 lapel pin. ONE SICK SOB

  37. It will be very satisfying to watch this one crash and burn.
    Coming soon!

  38. Maybe he is also a serial killer 😂

  39. As an Irishman i say get him to out of there pronto.

  40. I feel that if they should get him for anything,it should be this. They probably didn’t know how to find him before he was elected and put into the spotlight for lying so much that even trump is impressed.

  41. He reminds me of Frank Abagnale. That he works in our government and may have access to anything secret should worry all of us.

  42. It's now easy for people to make up whatever allegation they want against Santos, something that is completely crap, and there is nothing he can do about it. No one will believe him.