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George Takei on how his childhood imprisonment affected his activism today | Nightline

Takei spoke about being forcibly imprisoned with his family in an internment camp for Japanese Americans during WWII and how history matters with immigrants now detained at the southern border.

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  1. Really should be taught more in schools. This book should be required reading as well.

  2. A man imprisoned as a child by dem party regime a reg Democrat IDIOT

  3. He looks like a plastic crypt keeper. Didn't he sexually harass a young man?.

  4. Is there any proof of Georges imprison in a camp? I mean liberals are notorious for lying about things like this.

  5. It was war with no declaration, we were sneak attacked. This guy needs to shut up already. He was treated MUCH BETTER than those murdered in the SNEAK attack.

  6. this is a gross story a white man marries a japanese man after an excutive was placed for the bombing, where is the boundaries

  7. George Takei is one of my life long heroes. Since the 1960's. In the 1990's when I was studying the Holocaust and studying the American concentration camps as well. As a Jewish/native American person I was intensely concerned and deeply interested in the Japanese American experience during the second WW, I read everything I could. I read, studied, the Alaska Native experience, the Japanese American experience, in America as well. The Aeut Alaskan Native American peoples were also put into concentration camps as well. And Died, the Aleut people died, from starvation, disease and mistreatment in those camps during WWII, many never returned to their native lands after the war. It's a horrific story. We ignore, are blind…

  8. TRUMP 2020 USA KING.. DEM RATS DID THAT GEORGE..!!!! George I still love Star Trek.. You must remember Y'ALL( 🇯🇵) BOMBED USA this was a learning experience not to be repeated.. What's happening NOW is an invasion of 900.000+ 45million HERE SO did you take in any Migrants George?? Get your DEM RATS PARTY TO CHANGE LAWS this will all stop and you know they aren't ALL GOOD POOR PEOPLE LOOK AT THE CRIME SERGE USA LET'S IN 1.000.000 IMMIGRANTS A YEAR!!!!

  9. Preach George Preach!! God Bless You!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  10. "Democracy Is Only As Strong As The People Who Take Part In It." –Mr. Takei (George Takei's Father)

  11. He should run for president.

  12. Scott Brunton is a whore. Probably fucking killed himself too. Serves him right for trying to acting against this angel of a man.

  13. He's not an activist, he's an Anti-Trump. There's a big difference.

  14. Takei is an idiot. Time he was beamed up.

  15. I love this guy. He is an eloquent speaker and thinker.

  16. Only criminals getting detained. We then rescue and take care of the kids the traffickers are smuggling.

  17. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Sorry liberals you are not taking my AR-15 or my 2nd Amendment. #NRA #GOA

  19. "inhuman" seamless a severe and sinister characterization ww.w been big,. It said something about Takei which doesn't really speak well for him. As the victim of such an incendiary language, and given the way he presents himself as somebody acting in order to bring Justice to society, the use of that word represents a belligerent that should not be there and can only be counterproductive to his goals is an

  20. I did not know George Takei had so many layers, hes lived quite a life.

  21. Takei is a Great American.
    Trump is Pure Satanic Evil.

  22. This horrifying treatment of American Citizens has been buried in our history. As a student in the 1960s I was appalled that this pimple in our history had been left out of my history books.

  23. Trump is corrupt racist con businessman from Queens NY.
    George is a true example of being educated, humane and compassionate good human being.

  24. Just die, you piece of garbage .

  25. maybe it was a blessing in disguise at that time cos probably more would have died thru heated conflicts on the streets 😕


  27. There are churches that want to go down to help those kids but the government won't let them. They are using those children and as pawns for political gain. Each side is blaming each other and getting nothing done.
    Bridge of Hope Update from America's Southern Border – Monday, August 19, 2019

  28. Go search up what they are doing to muslims in China. Literally taking their children away from them so they don't grow up muslims and taking the parents to camps were they are forced to be brainwashed.

  29. People are dumb. This is propaganda.

  30. Is he still pissed at Shatner?

  31. We're actually paying attention to an individual who attempted to promote an election in 2018 that didn't exist? Really? I don't care if he's George Takei or not he's full of Star Trek

  32. F'ld up…..agree. The problem is stop destroying countries

  33. It wasnt the same as a concentration camp and the illegal immigrants of today arent in one today either.

  34. this is fake news. japanese internment was was real for sure, but it's a long stretch to put Trump in that kind of category. something tells me that Takei is just bitter from the firing.

  35. While defending his Muslim ban, Trump actually cited the internment of Japanese Americans in order to justify it by using it as an example of desperate times calling for desperate measures. And when he was asked whether he would have made the same decision to forcibly incarcerate these innocent Japanese Americans because of their race alone, he wouldn't say no, instead he said he would have to be there. The man has no moral compass whatsoever, he's a fear mongering, narcissistic sociopath with authoritarian inclinations.

  36. I respect his opine but he came here legally, those he is referring about did not!

  37. Umm. He was paid reparations.

    So he can fuck off.

  38. Such a healthy looking man for 82💯👏

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