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Georgia election official on baseless fraud claims: ‘They continue to lie’

Gabriel Sterling, a Republican, tells Linsey Davis, “eventually, they’re gonna whip somebody into a frenzy…someone’s going to get hurt, shot and/or killed.”

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  1. Do the audit dumbass and it is all sorted out.

  2. well, if you hand recount fraudulent ballots the result will not change. If there is no problem then why not audit the signatures on mail-in ballots?

  3. I don't believe this because it originated from ABC News's politburo.

  4. Mr. Sterling – that didn't age well SIR. You can not run from your karma if you made a deal with the devil. Lying is only going to make it worse and worse for you all as you face treason.

  5. this is his fault for not taking this fraud seriously and trying to hide it. yes, there was a hand count, and included in that count were fraudulent ballots, so it doesnt matter if the numbers match up. The numbers are manipulated on the computer, then fake ballots are entered into the tabulators to match. this guy is the liar and just there to defend Dominion because he was likely bribed.

  6. A full hand count is baseless when you recount the fake ballots over and over..He really thinks we are that stupid.

  7. His facial expressions says it all..He is lying the entire time his lips are moving..Looking to the side, blinking continuously, closing his eyes while talking for too long are all signs of deception.

  8. Video evidence = baseless…🤣

  9. I bet your sweet ass somebody’s gonna get hurt and it’s going to be Democrats🤣🤣🤣

  10. YEAH! there should go to prison, especially the suitcase. This guy is a NOBODY.

  11. I wonder if he saw the SUITCASES!!!! IDIOT.

  12. BASELESS my Ass! It was flat out FRAUD! ON a HUGE SCALE! HUGE!

  13. They wrote a song about this; the night the crooked Democrats stole the election! The Democrats cry the hardest when they get caught!

  14. Damn. He forgot to switch off CCTV that night.

  15. Gabriel Sterling is a RINO never-Trumper who needs to be thrown out of office on his ass as soon as possible.

  16. Turn the sound off and watch his mouth. This man is literally lying through his teeth. His body
    language and facial movements are a dead give away.

  17. Interesting what Gabriel Sterling had to say to Linsey Davis. I understand that on Friday the boy friend of the Governor's daughter got killed in a so-called "car accident" . Any connection?

  18. Mr. Gabriel… Yup, Election fraud traitors should be Executed! Watch out the Krakens don't come for YOU! TRUMP2020 🇺🇸

  19. Hopefully this get waste of space goes to prison..

  20. Sorry, no, you don't hide ballots under a table and under a table cloth away from public view. That breaks the chain of custody all by itself.
    Multiple sworn affidavits say they were asked to leave and the blond braid lady is shown going up to people right before they promptly walk out.
    The most damning thing is the workers waiting for everyone to go before only counting ballots from under the table cloth and then only counting those ballots before leaving.
    The video shows the entire room, there was no observer present.
    I hope reporters like this are charged as assessories to the crime.

  21. Why is everyone so surprised as if you didn't expect him to lie through his teeth?

  22. 1:52 "hanged" you illiterate moron! Hung is if he is well-endowed.

  23. Why did they send the poll watchers away by lying about being done with the count. So what there was a democrat poll watcher there. Your lies do not cover the truth of fraud. What difference does having a democrat watch other democrats commit fraud. Media is complicit in this treasonous fraud, what do you gain from destroying America by ushering in a communist regime?

  24. Except…. STATE FARM FOOTAGE ….

  25. You will lose your job and this idiot is going to jail for fraud…wait til next month.

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