Georgia GOP Files Lawsuit Over Absentee Ballots | NBC News

NBC News’ Blayne Alexander reports that the Georgia GOP has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Trump campaign in Chatham County, Georgia, over whether an amount of late absentee ballots in the county were improperly added to a stack of ballots that had arrived on time.
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Georgia GOP Files Lawsuit Over Absentee Ballots | NBC News


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  1. No wonder they want to fill those four scotus seats…they expose themselves more everyday. Lawsuits galore are coming their way in the future.

  2. My vote was not counted in my state, none of my friends votes either. We checked. Guess who we voted for. That’s enough proof for me. We went through the whole ballot process and dropped them directly in the box.

  3. Mail in voting is for absentee or personnel physically unable to go to the voting booth. It’s not about voter suppression ITS ABOUT FRAUD!

  4. What idiots they're not even trying to stop HR1 that will make voter suppression a felony.

  5. We know trump won Georgia

    And the lress calls "Parler" an echo chamber… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Poll workers pulling out suitcases of ballots after they asked everyone else to leave. Thousands of votes.

  8. Crime does pay. Vote early and often. Dems ignore the overwhelming fraud. Long live Joe “Chavez” Biden.

  9. Google “Georgia missing ballots”. One site is titled 127,000 missing. Another says 27,000 missing but it was a worker mistake and only gave Trump under 1,000 net votes. This does not justify a new election and ultimately did not impact the final outcome. Biden still won. Put these people under oath and at best, it is, “ he said, she said”. No proof. Why didn’t these workers make a complaint as soon as they saw it? Answers: they would lose their job if it was frivolous. Also, after the fact, 1 million dollars from the Lt governor of Texas. Bribe to lie.

  10. You better start reporting all the signed affidavits of voting fraud, Dominion, etc. Trump was leading by 700k before they shut down in PA. Then all of a sudden, he was down when they opened …hmm. Sorry wannabes, take it to go.

  11. There is something odd about postal votes which MAGICALLY MATERIALISED IN PENNSYLVANIA, MICHIGAN, GEORGIA, and NEVADA for Joe Biden in the last 48 hours. It's called VOTER FRAUD

  12. Ballots being thrown away, see these PACKS of mail, possibly hundreds within each packet being tossed out. The poll worker is obviously looking around to see if anyone is watching:

  13. If we overdue the credit card, can we claim waiving the interests out? As it is just coming late?

  14. trump dun care people die in covid,and he can get the most expensive medical support,then you???

  15. And Biden took the lead because of absentee

  16. #BradHartliep has been warning America – for FIVE YEARS – that this is EXACTLY what Trump was going to do .. I have been accurately calling every single action of Trump for the last 4 years – I haven't been wrong one single time – I've been reading Donald Trump like a book since the day he declared his candidacy — and I've been warning the American People every single day .. Every signal that this was going to happen has been right in front of your eyes for 5 years ~ Vote #BradHartliep #President in 2024 ..

    — As the 48th President of the United States, I will order the immediate arrest and trial of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the Trump Administration, the Biden Administration, the #TrumpCrimeFamily, the #BidenCrimeFamily, and everyone in their respective Election Committees who has violated the Laws of the United States Constitution or threatened the National Security of the United States — Communism and Trumpism will both be outlawed in the United States of America, Trump and Biden will be erased forever from United States History and all future Presidents will be REQUIRED to obey the Constitution and protect and defend the Constitution or be removed from office IMMEDIATELY .. ~ Vote #BradHartliep2024, the ONLY candidate President protecting the Rights of the American People and defending the US Constitution from all invaders foreign and domestic, including Trump and including Biden ..

    * — #NeverBiden #NeverTrump #NeverBernie #NeverOcasioCortez #NeverHillary #NeverTheDemocraticParty #NeverTheTrumpParty .. Trumpism is no different than Communism – they are identical when it comes to lording one Demanding and Arrogant Dictator over the entire people of America. All laws and all decisions should be made by CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE, a VOTE BY THE PEOPLE, not by a single Tyrant sitting in the White House – which is exactly what Trump has been doing for 4 years and what Obama and Biden did for 8 years ..

  17. saw that too: "Breaking news, It's a Tie for Georgia. This has been Red State for nearly 30 years. There is a GA Republican Governor, and a Republican Secretary of State. No one is seeing them claim voter fraud as Trump wants to claim. The Judge in Georgia threw out Trump’s Lawsuits over counting ballots and producing zero evidence of fraud. The Elections Division Secretary of State runs a tight ship organizing and overseas all election activity such as: voter registration, municipal, state, county, and federal elections, certify election results as well as certify the qualification of candidates and preparation of ballots, election forms and materials. Further for each district there are two watchers for ballot counting within the rooms, and for each dependent and nonpartisan candidate running in the election, they can designate one watcher per district per candidate."

  18. Lemme guess… this state government, that's entirely run by Republicans, is in cahoots with the Democrat conspiracy to steal the election. It's like the GOP doesn't even want to appear credible….

  19. If I believed in karma, I’d say they’re getting what they get for the damage they did to others in the past….. including Stacy Abrams. Shame on the GOP. God is tired of their antics. Let the nation heal now.

  20. I think people have forgot, but US soldiers overseas can't drop everything they're doing, fly/sail back to the US, vote, and then go back and pick up where they left off. That's at least one reason why absentee ballots should be counted with as much value as an in-person ballot.

    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins!!

  22. They can count hundreds of times and each time it can say biden is the winner yet trump will not believe it hes an ego maniac nothing more

  23. A bunch of cry babies. If he was winning this wouldnt be an issue.

  24. I still believe Democrats should file a law suit as well not just here but at other states. You have to recall Trump's people are as mentally unstable as he, and lying seems to come second hand to them. Trump should gave the dignity to await the results like an adult.

  25. Mail-in ballots are a game-changer. Democrats figured this out ahead of the election and used this for their advantage. Genius!

  26. People commenting that no id proofs asked or can vote twice. Justice to every is re-election process. In person or online voting with questions related to identity to avoid voter fraud.

  27. So republicans feel that they could win or lose by 51 ballots? Interesting…

  28. Sounds like the GOP snowflakes are melting.

  29. Some dems in counting staff throw trump ballot in dust bin

  30. Take off that stupid mask

  31. It is absolutely ridiculous to have talking heads wearing masks .

  32. 53 ballots?? Wow..just wow. That's just petty. Is there no depth too low for trump and his republicons?

  33. Let's be clear,the the frivolous lawsuits are the actions of a desperate LOSER….he has been doing the same thing for years…..

  34. Let's get it done .The truth is undeniable

  35. See how efficient Democrat run states are days to count ballots.

  36. (Same OLD Fake-News from NBC) REAL – BREAKING NEWS: Doctors Speak Out against the ScamDemic LIE > DO This NOW > Please sign petition to hold Fauci and the so-called health experts accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity / Mass Murder (Don't forget to confirm your signature in your email) >>

  37. Trump is trying to undermine our country's democracy !
    Biden Harris 2020
    For Change

  38. Trump: a Big Sore Loser😷😷😷

  39. YAYYY!!!!. Trump you're fired !!!!!