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Georgia secretary of state gives an update on the 2020 election

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says “every legal vote will count.”

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Also added burning ballot,dumping ballots,ect.

  3. We should look for absentee ballot,unmatched signature ballots,postal nonbelievers ballots,loosing ballots,misreading ballot,cut out death ballot,false ballot,nonperson ballots,real register ballots,at first to receive post office total ballots that are not deliveries ballots,how many ballots hacking that's are put in ballots after all look into total real systems.Then after recount the will be recounting not single recounting.

  4. Who are done bad if they will recount and ckeck the vote result will be same because they all time want down republicans.They will little be checking not do properly checking actually what that happened.

  5. Trump up 104,000 and only 40,000 left to count and somehow Trump is now behind yea no fraud at all!!(sarcasm)

  6. Yes…..AUDIT!

    Because a re-count won’t enclose the full truth! You’re just re-counting the illegal ballot enclosed!

  7. Somebody is trying to cheat for the REPUBLICAN party in Georgia Vote him out of office I am not voting for any REPUBLICANS this year none

  8. Trump should have won this guy is part of the deep state you got that feeling when atlanta followed the other swing counties shutting down .

  9. Check out this TREMENDOUS SUPPORT for President Trump! You didn’t see this with Obama!

  10. Summarize USA 🇺🇸 Election 2020:
    A thief/cheater was Jogging along Pennsylvania Ave to Georgia Ave to California Ave near the White House. He was bitten by a “dog” or recently legalized Colorado pit bull who had appeared in Disney movie 🎥 Lady & the Tramp. This "Dog" had a long history of Harassing people on Camera. The thief obviously need to see a “Doctor” to sleep with back in Delaware! I will call this episode 🎥: A Doggone Camera Harassment resulted in “Doctor” for the Jog Bitten! Enjoy! Jordan 🇯🇴 Fan, Prophet of Environment.

  11. I've seen Roses Red
    And Georgia Blue
    I see people happy
    in Pennsylvania too.
    And I think to myself,
    Donald Trump is screwed.
    And I think to Myself ,
    Donald Trump is Doooom..
    Ooh, Yeaah….

  12. Being an independent, I like to do my own homework and research looking up information and what interests me most is truly the counting that's going on and if it is a matter of fact that in 2018 there was new blockchain technology, with a unique identifier for a legitimate ballot started specifically for corruption.
    If it's true and this went quiet, it will be interesting to see how this plays out with the recounts

  13. Presidente Trump 2020❤🇮🇹🇺🇸

  14. It is good to hear out loud that "judges are not legislators." Did you hear that president dumb as they come?!

  15. ✝️KJV Amos 4:2 "The Lord hath sworn by His holiness, that, lo, the days shall come upon you, that He will take you away with hooks, and your posterity with fishhooks."✝️…….continued.

  16. Biden just surpassed Trump in Georgia

  17. Fraud.
    Illegal ballots should not be counted.
    After polls adding of ballots to be counted are Illegal.
    Florida and Texas are battlegrounds but they counted theirs quick.
    The steal is real.
    Democrats have opened a Pandoras box that will make every future US Election a fiasco.
    Shameful performance from these Democratic battleground states.

  18. saw that too: "Breaking news, It's a Tie for Georgia. This has been Red State for nearly 30 years. There is a GA Republican Governor, and a Republican Secretary of State. No one is seeing them claim voter fraud as Trump wants to claim. The Judge in Georgia threw out Trump’s Lawsuits over counting ballots and producing zero evidence of fraud. The Elections Division Secretary of State runs a tight ship organizing and overseas all election activity such as: voter registration, municipal, state, county, and federal elections, certify election results as well as certify the qualification of candidates and preparation of ballots, election forms and materials. Further for each district there are two watchers for ballot counting within the rooms, and for each dependent and nonpartisan candidate running in the election, they can designate one watcher per district per candidate."

  19. God Bless President Trump???

  20. How can you be at 99% of votes in with 250 K ballots not returned?

  21. I went to bed last night 99% of vote reported in Georgia, Woke up this morning 94% of vote reported in Georgia?
    How does that happen?

  22. Voter Fraud. Having more votes than voters is fraud.
    Every voter must be verified now or this election will be declared valid. No matter how many nice sounding speeches are made by slick officials. The vote is disputed and the fraud will no longer be tolerated,

  23. It is the same as the illegal elections in Korea in April.
    As a result of the investigation, it was illegal elections that China directly intervened.
    This is evidence that China dominates all broadcasters outside the US Democratic Party and Fox News.

  24. All votes in contested states must be hand counted in a recount to be fair and put this to rest once and for all so Americans can see if there is voter rigging….

  25. We have to count every single ballot in Georgia but we haven’t counted a single ballot in NV in days.

  26. Thanks for democracy! Thanks for democracy! Thanks for democracy!,

  27. There are three type of voters. 1)those who vote because they like and dislike
    2)those who vote because this is what’s needed. 3)Those that don’t vote.

  28. The previous SOS manipulated the voting system to elevate himself into the position of Governor of Georgia.
    What office does this SOS have his heart set on?

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