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Georgia Senate runoff showdown

The Georgia elections next month will decide the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. "I'm not focused on that." Shabby answer. Not believable. Shame on you!

  2. Is she a robot? the woman has no soul, her delivery was cringe and painful to watch and i’m a diehard republican.

  3. Don't trust A Democrat look at what has become of California.

  4. President Trump won the election. 4 more years! yes!!

  5. $800 millionaire Kelly only cares about her money. Period. Vote her out. Martha Stewart went to jail for less

  6. You punks don't even play the video you do little sound bites and then fucking try to set the opinion God I hate fake news

  7. Trump didnt loose! 73million ppl said henis to stay in office…good girl.

  8. Biased news media again. Skewed point of view. Not answering yes/no = bad person. What a joke. Don’t MSM I’m voting in person

  9. Stop Vote fraud
    Stop communist

  10. Stop Vote Fraud
    Stop communist

  11. Stand up for truth
    Stand up for freedom
    Stop Vote fraud

  12. Stop Vote fraud
    Stop Communist

  13. Stop Vote fraud
    Stop Communist

  14. Battle for the Senate: liberal minister vs conservative robot

    May the humans win 🇺🇸

  15. La Kelly esa no por Buena Dios le dejo elojomalo

  16. Rub my hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun!

  17. Let's go! Vote blue Georgia !!

  18. Bitch u going to hell in a hand basket, ur describing trump administration

  19. Lying Left Eye Loeffler's
    earpiece was slow to respond to the questions .

  20. Everytime they say radical liberal , why can’t they hit back with “RADICAL FAR-RIGHT “

  21. Loeffler is a hideous robotic slug! No heart there! She’s full of it! A liar & she & Perdue both attacked Sec of State to step-down after he called the final election votes to Biden! Again after second & 3rd recount. He Certified the count to Biden! As it was accurate & not Farid detected. They threatened him to throw the election! Who’d want crooks like that in our Senate!! Big trouble!! We’re trying to weed out the crime in our government! Don’t put ghost two bimbos in!

  22. What kind of voting machines are going to be used in this shitshow??

  23. I'd vote for Warnok, wouldn't vote for Ossoff. Warnok seems far more genuine where's Ossoff just looks like your stereotypical, upper class Smug democrat. As of right now.. I'm towards Warnock and Loeffler. David Purdue, he's been My senator for years now and literally nothing has come from it that benefits me or my town. Loeffler gets the benefit of the doubt considering she was only a Junior Senator.

  24. when the news gives their opinions…

  25. so it was a tie in georgia? is this for the tiebreaker.


  27. Gaping assed abc reporters are pathetic!

  28. Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos 🔻

  29. Demo rats are ‘counting’ on Dominion voting machines to steal another one!

  30. Republicans and so-called conservatives should be reminded that concepts such as freedom, democracy, capitalism, property rights (the essential prerequisite for capitalism) are ALL liberal concepts!

  31. Deep faith lol. Yea that the SEC won't go after her.

  32. The 2 republican were & have been involved in insider trading trading for a long time! These crooks should be incarcerated!!!! Greetings from Australia

  33. Loeffler clearly lost but at least she had the balls to face her opponent in a debate. Perdeu did not even have that choosing instead to provide kneeling lip service to the soon to be dismissed IMPOTUS. So afraid to reveal more of himself to the public at this extremely fragile time. One month and Georgia votes for change or gridlock, 43 days and trump is excreted from the bowels of the white house never to return.

  34. When did the news media/AP make the decision who is the President?

    The Electoral decides.

    Anything but non-biased is FAKE NEWS.

    How and Why is YouTube putting this banner under anything TRUMP?

    Bias news is not true news. FIX IT!

  35. You are not a Christian there is not a once of Christian in you you are a liar says 1 John 4 : 20 – 21

  36. Kelly what`s that sent, fragrance de NAZI, or fragrance de KK KLAN …………………….

  37. What color is the sky?
    Leoffler-“radical leftist Marxist”..

  38. the left be all like im all for women being in power unless its a republican and she is running against a person of color

  39. Loeffler reminds of the aliens in Men In Black that hide in human skin

  40. ABC is communist propaganda. Screw the dem/communists.

  41. lol if you use the bible to justify abortion gtfo

  42. We all have hopes that these two Senate seats turn blue. And I say that based on the GOP non-performance during these GA Senate elections. It's not even a red or blue choice.

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